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cheap hotels in abuja

Cheap Hotels in Abuja

We have reviewed some of the best affordable hotels in the city of Abuja, Nigeria that has all the facilities that an ideal hotel should have and we think you would love them. Planning to visit Abuja for a vacation, business meeting, or ceremony and having no place to stay means you will be taking some…

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Restaurant in Abuja

The Best Restaurants in Abuja

The federal capital territory of Nigeria is not only blessed with breathtaking landmarks like the Zuma rock and the national mosque scene but also preserves some specific spot for foodies. Among the best restaurants in Nigeria posing as a flagship for the Nigerian culinary industry, some iconic restaurants located in Abuja holds a remarkable…

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Mauritius visa for Nigeria

Mauritius Visa for Nigeria Citizens

Ready for a memorable beach holiday experience? Think of Mauritius! Mauritius is a very interesting island to visit, and we want to help you make the journey a less stressful and memorable one by exposing you to the necessary travel document needed when processing a Mauritius visa as a Nigerian citizen. Located in the Indian Ocean about…

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hotels in Lekki

Top Hotels In Lekki, Lagos

I think by now, it is needless to say that Lekki Is a high brow area, home to the affluent and rich dwellers of Lagos. Situated to the east of Lagos state, Lekki remains a center for luxury, entertainment, and fun. Lekki and similar locations on the Lagos island have prestige for being some of the…

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hotels in oshodi

The Best Hotels in Oshodi, Lagos

Hotels in one of the busiest places in Lagos, Oshodi, would do anything to assure guests great comfort, convenience, and security. Oshodi, Lagos is well known as an area for thriving in the city. From the daily bustle and hustle of city life to the thrive for daily needs coupled with different kinds of people on…

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hotels in ibadan

The Best Hotels in Ibadan

"Omo ibadan kini so?" As strangers or visitors, That's a very popular question we ask Indigenes to get them interested in what we are about to say. When we think about the bright things of Ibadan, we can not help but appreciate God's natural endowment in that land. My first travel experience to Ibadan was to attend…

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