Tales Of A Typical Lagos Boy – Episode 2

Tales Of A Typical Lagos Boy

  (New WhatsApp message) SHE: Who is this, please?  ME: It’s me… The guy who you gave your number to at the basketball pitch today… SHE: Ohh, Uhm… I gave my number to about seven or eight guys today. Which one of them are you? ME: 😳 Wow… Seems you are not the kind of … Read more

Tales Of A Typical Lagos Boy – Episode 1

Tales Of A Typical Lagos Boy

For me, there is nothing as exhilarating as being served a hot plate of Nkwobi at mama Choco place after a terrific day at work. The mainland is true, a hub of unending struggles. But mama Choco’s restaurant is where single, cool-headed guys like me settle to devour several wraps of Fufu and native soups. … Read more

How To Get An International Passport In Nigeria 2022

How to get an international passport in Nigeria

Two third of Nigerians have the dream of traveling out of the country or even relocating permanently. Due to the harsh economy and lesser job opportunities that have caused poverty, many Nigerians are seeking ways to find greener pastures, and they believe the only way is to travel out of the country to a better … Read more

Things To Know Before Moving To Work In Dubai 2022

things to know before working in Dubai

Packing your bags to live and work in Dubai is not a piece of cake, especially to most Nigerians. You need quality information on how to go about the traveling process.  If you have never been to Dubai before, this may appear as a very huge deal to finally relocate to Dubai. But I’ve spent … Read more

Top 10 Amazing Hotels In Lagos Under 20k Naira (2022)

hotels in Lagos under 20k

During our journey to Lekki leisure lake, we had it in mind that we would be spending two nights or more in that area. We also arranged to book two or more nights in any reputable hotel around. We love luxury, no doubt. But there are some situations that may require you to be limited … Read more

Best Hotels In Ojo Lagos And Their Prices (2022)

hotels in ojo

When you lodge in a hotel, one of the things that will make you remember your stay in that hotel is the quality service and top facilities enjoyed. I have taken ample time to research the best hotels around Ojo Lagos that visitors can visit.  Hotel management in recent times has gone beyond providing a … Read more

10 Things To Do At The Airport While Waiting For Your Flight

things to do while waiting for your flight

When you experience unexpected flight delays, the boredom that comes with the time you’ll wait for your flight can seem unavoidable. It can even become so annoying that you begin to ask yourself what productive thing you can do to while away the time till your flight is ready to move.  This problem also applied … Read more

Best Hotels In Oshodi, Lagos And Their Prices (2022)

hotels in oshodi

Hotels in one of the busiest places in Lagos, Oshodi, would do anything to assure guests great comfort, convenience, and security. Oshodi, Lagos is well known as an area for thriving in the city. From the daily bustle and hustle of city life to the thrive for daily needs coupled with different kinds of people … Read more

Best Hotels In Ibadan 2022 And Their Prices

hotels in ibadan

“Omo ibadan kini so?” As strangers or visitors, That’s a very popular question we ask Indigenes to get them interested in what we are about to say. When we think about the bright things of Ibadan, we can not help but appreciate God’s natural endowment in that land. My first travel experience to Ibadan was … Read more

Bahamian Embassy In Nigeria & How To Get Bahamas Visa

Bahamas Embassy in Nigeria

After the united states and Canada, Bahamas is considered one of the richest countries in the Americas. It receives a large number of tourist and runs an economy based finance. In this post, we want to go deeper into the details of getting a Bahamas visa in Nigeria either as a student, for business, or … Read more

Lekki Leisure Lake Review 2022 – Gate Fee & Price Lists

Lekki Leisure Lake

Lekki Leisure Lake Review They say the real deal in Lagos is abundant on the island. Any typical Lagosian like me can be easily swayed by the notion that “the island is where things happen”. But this belief took another gear the day I decided to go wet. Chill, I don’t mean the guys wet…I … Read more

Top 8 Best Restaurants In Abuja (2022)

Restaurant in Abuja

The federal capital territory of Nigeria is not only blessed with breathtaking landmarks like the Zuma rock and the national mosque scene but also preserves some specific spot for foodies. Among the best restaurants in Nigeria posing as a flagship for the Nigerian culinary industry, some iconic restaurants located in Abuja holds a remarkable position … Read more

Mauritius Visa For Nigerian Citizens 2022

Mauritius visa for Nigeria

Ready for a memorable beach holiday experience? Think of Mauritius! Mauritius is a very interesting island to visit, and we want to help you make the journey a less stressful and memorable one by exposing you to the necessary travel document needed when processing a Mauritius visa as a Nigerian citizen. Located in the Indian … Read more

Best Time To Book Your Airline Tickets In Nigeria

best time to book flight

One of the hugest bulks in your travel budget is buying a plane ticket. There are many things that will cause you to spend extra during a journey, if you do not spend on food, drink, and fun when you arrived at your destination, then you must have spent a lot in getting to that … Read more

Best Places To Order Meals From For Valentine’s Day

best place to order meal for valentine's day

There is no other better cruise compared to spending intimate time with your significant other or spouse on Valentine’s day.  If you both are not the outing type, or you don’t want to be among those caught jostling to get tickets to a gateway, or perhaps, you both just decide to chill indoors, eat good … Read more

Top 7 Best Hotels In Alimosho Lagos (2022)

hotels in Alimosho

Hotels in the largest local government in Lagos State, Alimosho, are set to offer great facilities that will make a guest feel at home In this article, we are going to expose you to the best hotels that can be found in the Alimosho area of Lagos State, Nigeria. Alimosho’s population is estimated at 1,288,714 … Read more

Top 5 Nigerian Destinations To Spend New Year’s Eve

Destinations to spend new year eve in Nigeria

Upon my recent post on the best destinations in Nigeria to Visit This December, we going to now look into the Top 5 Nigerian Destinations To Spend New Year’s Eve. The welcoming of a new year should involve visiting a nice location to clear the mind and refresh the memory for another new year. The … Read more

Top 10 Places To Visit In Nigeria This December

destinations in Nigeria

Whether you want it or not, the end of the year is gradually coming to knock at the door. The frenzy and catchy activities that envelops the atmosphere at the end of the year and welcoming of a new year celebration will soon begin to take its place across the country. Families who go out … Read more

Top 3 Restaurants To Eat Local Foods In Yaba 2022

restaurants in Yaba

I’m not really into criticizing or critically analyzing top restaurants near me at Yaba. I love details and even to my lowest picks, I will still be interested in knowing what my choice will be about.  If this is you and you are curious like me, then you will be interested in knowing the best … Read more

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