Low Tuition Universities in the USA

low tuition universities in the usa

The United States is home to many world-class universities and colleges. The reason behind this is not far-fetched. It has one of the best teaching environments, faculties, student facilities, and tutors, as well as some very cheap and affordable institutions with low tuition fees both for international students as well as the citizens. However, even … Read more

Safe Places to Live In Lagos (2022)

safe places to live in Lagos

Discover all of the safest places to live in Lagos and enjoy constant electricity. Lagos is a good place to live in Nigeria. If not the best place to live and enjoy 24 hours electricity. It is as well of one of the notorious states to live in Nigeria however there are really cool places … Read more

Top 5 Best Trekking Destination In Nepal 2022

trekking destination in nepal

Nepal is a beautiful and suitable destination for travelers all around the globe seeking adventure and fun. It is a small landlocked country with enriching landscapes, mighty mountains, beautiful hills, rivers, valleys, and alluvial plain lands. The trekking trails of Nepal attract lots of adventure enthusiasts. Challenging and venturesome trails satisfy your traveling thirst and … Read more

Countries With Visa Lottery for Africans 2022

countries with visa lottery

Immigration has become common in modern society. A lot of people strive for a chance to get visas into countries with greener pastures. The visa lottery program allows immigrants to acquire a visa randomly. Visa through lottery programs is only eligible to countries that send fewer immigrants to the US annually. However, this application program … Read more

European Countries with Visa Lottery

European countries with visa lottery

A Visa lottery gives visas to individuals or immigrants based on a computer lottery program. This program is usually done to offer visas to applicants or foreigners from different countries around the world. Lottery exercises are popular in countries like the United States of America and Canada. This exercise is done every year in order … Read more

Holland Visa Application 2022 & Requirements

holland visa application

Visa application in European countries such as Holland is easy. However, there are a few compulsory details you should know before applying. The application requirements vary with the type of visa. What purpose are you traveling for? How long do you wish to stay in Holland? The answer to these questions tells the type of … Read more

Poland Visa Application 2022 & Requirements

poland visa application

Travelling to European countries might require a visa application. The applications sometimes depend on the person’s country, the purpose of travel and so many other factors. If you require a visa to travel, then some other requirements will have to be met. Today’s article would be talking about the process involved in Poland Visa application … Read more

Cyprus Visa Application 2022 & Requirements

Cyprus visa application

Cyprus visa application is as easy as all other visa application processes. A visa is an official document showing a permit to legally enter a country. You can’t be allowed to enter a country without a visa. You are lucky to read this article because you are about to discover the easiest and fastest way … Read more

How to Apply for a UK Visa

How to apply for a UK visa

Getting to do a UK visa application in Nigeria only takes a few steps. If you are looking to travel to the UK and you do not know how to go about your visa application, this article will give you all the guides you need. Applying for a visa is dependent on the purpose of … Read more

Canada Visa Lottery Application 2022

Canada Visa lottery

Are you willing to apply for the 2022 Canada visa lottery? Do you want to apply for a visa to Canada this year? Then you are in the right place. Canada is one of the best places for immigrants and tourists. The weather is also amazing as the winter makes gives you a cool feeling … Read more

USA Visa Application 2022

usa visa in Nigeria

Do you want to apply for a US visa? Are having a hard time with the application process and requirements? Then this article is for you. The application for a US visa is not as difficult as it may seem; with a few guides and instructions, you will have an idea of how to apply … Read more

American Visa Lottery Application 2022

America visa lottery

The American visa lottery is a program administered by the Department of State to increase the diversity of Immigrants. Being an annual exercise, the 2022 American visa lottery application also promises to offer this opportunity to eligible individuals. This is also known as the Diversity visa lottery — as it gives chances to diverse immigrants … Read more

United Kingdom Student Visa Application 2022

uk student visa 2021

The UK student visa is one of the most sought-after types of visa among students in the World.  Studying in the UK is a great destination for a lot of Nigerians and people all over the World. The UK provides good education with world-class facilities that attract a lot of students globally. If you are … Read more

UK Visa Fees in Nigeria 2022 in Naira

uk visa fees in Nigeria

The United Kingdom is one of the most desirable destinations for Nigerians. A lot of Nigerians travel to the UK for work, study, and even on a permanent residency. In 2022, UK visa fees in Nigeria have not changed a lot compared to the last few years. Visa applications for different purposes are a key … Read more

Top 5 Fun Things To Do On Valentine’s Day 2022

fun things to do on valentines day

Either you are a male or female, there’s a huge responsibility placed automatically upon everyone to make this special day of love to feel so romantic and special indeed. So, in this post we’re going to cover the Top 5 fun things anyone can do on Valentine’s Day. Are you lost in ideas or got … Read more

Top 10 Remarkable Beach Resorts In Lagos Nigeria (2022)

Beach resorts in Lagos

These are the best beach resorts we have in Lagos and across Nigeria. See the list of private and public beach resorts worth visiting. The center of excellence, Lagos is blessed with a lot of private and holiday resorts especially on the highland where important businesses are established. If you’ve been wanting to visit a … Read more

American Deli Menu Prices 2022 (Fries, Wings & Combo)

american deli menu prices

American deli offers delicious and affordable sandwiches, salads, soups, and drinks to satisfy any taste. You can choose from over 350 types of deli meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables, plus prepared foods made just for you including pasta and salads. You can also get classic sandwiches like corned beef and cabbage or hot dogs served … Read more

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