Top 5 Fun Things To Do On Valentine’s Day 2022

fun things to do on valentines day

Either you are a male or female, there’s a huge responsibility placed automatically upon everyone to make this special day of love to feel so romantic and special indeed. So, in this post we’re going to cover the Top 5 fun things anyone can do on Valentine’s Day. Are you lost in ideas or got … Read more

Dana Flight From Abuja To Lagos 2022 Schedule & Price


Dana flight from Abuja to Lagos is one of the most travelled routes of the 2008 established airline. This airline is one of the major domestic airlines in the country that is committed to the provision of an efficient and memorable travelling experience to its customers. To know more about Dana flight and how to … Read more

Best Places To Live In Lagos, Nigeria (2022)

best place to live in Lagos

No doubt, this is a very common question amongst those planning to move their family to Lagos due to reasons best known to them, he or she may want a neighborhood where there is peace of mind, a neat environment, and friendly settlers no matter the cost. Are you in such a category in the … Read more

Cost Of Borehole Drilling In Nigeria (2022)

Cost of borehole in nigeria

In Nigeria, most homes and businesses consider water borehole as an investment. Water is life and has no enemy, also, having a borehole in your home is one of the reliable sources to get constant water supply, in this country. In this post, we want to cover the cost of Borehole in Nigeria as well … Read more

Tales Of A Typical Lagos Boy – Episode 3

Tales of typical lagos boy (2)

These days, being a young male adult living in Lagos means having to get used to the norm of being harassed by the Police at very random and unpredictable times mostly due to the appearance or weird instincts of these savage police officers! So many of us are now being forced to be very modest … Read more

Tales Of A Typical Lagos Boy – Episode 2

Tales Of A Typical Lagos Boy

  (New WhatsApp message) SHE: Who is this, please?  ME: It’s me… The guy who you gave your number to at the basketball pitch today… SHE: Ohh, Uhm… I gave my number to about seven or eight guys today. Which one of them are you? ME: 😳 Wow… Seems you are not the kind of … Read more

Tales Of A Typical Lagos Boy – Episode 1

Tales Of A Typical Lagos Boy

For me, there is nothing as exhilarating as being served a hot plate of Nkwobi at mama Choco place after a terrific day at work. The mainland is true, a hub of unending struggles. But mama Choco’s restaurant is where single, cool-headed guys like me settle to devour several wraps of Fufu and native soups. … Read more

10 Things To Do At The Airport While Waiting For Your Flight

things to do while waiting for your flight

When you experience unexpected flight delays, the boredom that comes with the time you’ll wait for your flight can seem unavoidable. It can even become so annoying that you begin to ask yourself what productive thing you can do to while away the time till your flight is ready to move.  This problem also applied … Read more

Best Places To Order Meals From For Valentine’s Day

best place to order meal for valentine's day

There is no other better cruise compared to spending intimate time with your significant other or spouse on Valentine’s day.  If you both are not the outing type, or you don’t want to be among those caught jostling to get tickets to a gateway, or perhaps, you both just decide to chill indoors, eat good … Read more

Top 10 Tips For Traveling With A Baby In 2022

Best Tips on How to Travel With a Baby

Traveling with a baby can be a very difficult task for mothers or even any adults. The super difficulty is when there are two or more. While babies can bring so much fun during travel, there are times that you just hope to have a mobile babysitter that will make them calm or subtle till … Read more

Cheap Car Rental Companies In Lagos, Nigeria

Car rental company in Lagos Nigeria

Just like some car tracking companies in Nigeria, there are really cheap car rental companies in Lagos, Nigeria. Car tracking is essential for a couple of reasons such as: getting the real-time location of your car, fuel management, and override lock e.t.c. Well, let’s skip that and talk about how to get really cheap cars … Read more

Top 5 Best Travel Agencies In Lagos 2022

travel agencies in Lagos

Find out the best travel agency in Lagos for your next trip abroad. Want to know the most reliable travel agencies that operate in Lagos? Jump in here to get details.  Traveling to different places is fun but it will become a memorable experience when you travel with the best and reliable board or agencies.  … Read more

Buy Hoodies In Lagos – Complete Guide For Beginners

buy hoodie in Lagos

My fellow Hoddie lovers, Howdy! No doubt, every perfect looking hoodie truly is a wonderful garment. It’s functional, comfortable and stylish in equal measures. And now, thanks to fashion’s ongoing steamy love affair with streetwear in Lagos right now, it’s also banging on-trend. “It’s difficult to think of any one item of clothing that has … Read more

Immigration Offices In Nigeria 2022 (With Addresses)

Immigration offices in Nigeria

Immigration offices in Nigeria Recently the Nigerian government came up with improvements in the process and form of international passports. Although the initiative is still in the early stages, especially considering the fees that citizens have to pay to get these passports, it difficult not to point at this development and say well done. Beginning … Read more

Lagos To Abuja Flights Price In Naira (2022 Costs)

Lagos to Abuja Flights Price in Naira

Lagos to Abuja Flights Price in Naira? Traveling by air is one of the fastest means of transportation, it is easier, faster and comfortable. Are you looking for Price of flights from Lagos to Federal Capital Territory? Are you finding it getting airlines in Nigeria that can provide you with the right service? Worry no … Read more

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