How To Apply For Travel Insurance Online in Nigeria

How to Apply for Travel Insurance Online in Nigeria 2023 easily.

In my previous articles, I Laid emphasis on what travel insurance standards for; to learn more about it,  kindly read this article: Travel Insurance from Nigeria to Europe. The article will elaborate more on what travel insurance is.

However, going by the new topic at hand, Let’s see how I can help, figure out, how to apply for travel insurance online. There are many means through which you can apply for it, but only one way to do so based on the scope of this article. What is that way itself? This is a question to answer.

The way is to search online. There are many reliable sources to apply for travel insurance online. Those of which I shall list, break down and then assemble for a better understanding for you and me.

Before I make mention of any reliable platform for you to apply for travel insurance online, let me quickly brush out some points concerning how you can arrange for it.

Travel insurance is established to provide individuals and organizations with insurance specific to medical and unforeseen events while traveling.

Travel insurance includes emergency medical care while on the journey, missing luggage, a trip cancellation, and a disastrous event that may occur.

The advantage of applying for travel insurance online is that it saves you time and money, however, you will go through some process of documentation and online application. One important thing you must do is to observe the policy of the insurance company you are intending to apply with. Determine the type of coverage that is in line with the type of travel you are embarking. Don’t forget to take your financial and personal security into consideration.

Getting Your Travel insurance Online 2023

The main topic, if carefully observed, can be paraphrased as this current subtopic, therefore, the impression should remain the same to you the readers.

The first thing to do, visit the website of your current provider if you are already a registered member, if you are applying for the first time, make research for one online or from friends who have applied previously. Try and find out if the type of your travel insurance is currently available. If not, don’t apply.

Some insurance companies offer their products with discounts, so you may be lucky if you have more than single insurance with the provider.

1. Who Is Traveling and Along with Who

It is advisable for you to provide the number of people that are traveling. This is an option online to help insurance providers serve you better. You need to specify if it were a minor that’s traveling, is she being accompanied by an adult?

It is important so that the insurance company will be well informed and this will equally serve as security in case the minor is seen with a strange adult later. The company will know what action to take.

2. Go Online to Search for a Reliable Source for Travel Insurance

Remember, insurance comes with lots of advantages ranging from medical insurance, life insurance, luggage insurance down to document insurance, therefore, it will be a very good idea to apply for insurance before taking off a trip.

We are highly encouraged to apply for insurance due to the risk involved when you are not insured while on a trip, especially on flight mode.

3. Determine the Cost of the Insurance, and the Destination You Are Heading To

This is important, and that’s one specific reason, why I will mention the sources of travel insurance based in Nigeria.

4.Read and Understand the Terms and Conditions Before Finalizing Your Application

This means you will have to understand the policy level of coverage and the kind of events that are covered.

For instance, there is some insurance company, that doesn’t cover treatment but attend to emergency care. Some companies cover wider incidents such as accidents, sudden illness, and many other event coverages.

5. What Is the Documentation Required for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Sometimes, you may encounter an insurance provider that will be required that you provide a current medical test to determine if some coverage will be abandoned due to your current medical conditions.

Since you are applying online, some insurance companies may ask you to mail your medical history, or treatment from your doctor to determine whether to finalize your coverage.

6. A Single Trip Coverage or Annual Coverage Is Advisable

An insurance company online may offer a single trip or annual coverage for their clients. If you apply for single trip / annual coverage, it will cover your travel insurance Inna year.

To be precise, annual coverage is an outstanding option, since you will be free to travel frequently for a job and personal purposes, while single coverage is best for 1 trip outside your country.

7.Ensure You Document the Entire Destination for Your Travel During Application

For security purposes, you are urged to include all the areas of your destination. This will equally ensure complete coverage for you, don’t be tempted to leave some space blank to save time, it is very important.

This will also help the company have your complete information should in case you are traveling next time, and this will help in determining another coverage.

8. Ensure the Server of the Company You Are Applying Is Secure

This is important so that your personal data will not be exposed to the public. You don’t want to endanger your life of course, so it is highly recommended that you ensure your insurance provider’s server is secure from cybercriminals who may gain access to your personal information, and then as a result harm you afterward.

9. Ensure the Type of Insurance You Are Purchasing

Is the Insurance specific for the specific travel you are about to do. You need to read through your journey instructions to understand the kind of coverage that is compulsory for your trip and the irrelevant ones.

What I mean right now, is that you should check the coverage that is important for your trip and skip what is not useful to your travel course.

10. Ensure that you receive a confirmation email from the insurance providers

1. A confirmation email is very important while applying for anything online, it should be for insurance only. Once you make your payment, make sure it confirms that the payment is successful.

2. You are equally advised to print out the confirmation of your email, including the entire pages or images that may come with it. This will serve as proof of payment while you are present in the company physically.

Sources for Travel Insurance in Nigeria 2023

Let us go through the tour of some of the sources to applying for travel Insurance in Nigeria:

1. AIICO Insurance

AIICO Insurance Plc is based in Nigeria and has been active in providing insurance services in the life insurance business, non-life insurance business, financial services to both organizations and individuals, likewise deposit administration.

There are segments through which the organization operates which include, life insurance, consisting of the whole life, guarantee pension, terms assurance, pure endowment pension, mortgage endowment products, offers savings, protection products, as well as other long terms contacts.

These are the specialty insurance products available at AIICO; nonlife insurance that covers general insurance to individuals and businesses, Multishield which handles the health maintenance for both individuals and organizations.

Pension Manager is set to cover administration service, to private and public sector contributors. One of the insurance is known as AIICO Capital Limited, it is designed to offer portfolio management services, structured investment, and mutual funds for both individual and corporate bodies.

The Company is physically located at AIICO plaza, Plot PC, 12 Churchgate Street, Victoria Island 2577.

You can reach the Company through this phone number: +23472.442668228 or via the fax: +2341.2799800.

2. Leadway Insurance

This company has been in existence over 45 years ago and has been providing various insurance services for their clients. They have a good reputation, in terms of services and customer reliability.

The company offers travel insurance that covers medical insurance, life insurance, injury and all other loss that may occur during the journey. You can visit the website to learn how to apply for insurance.

3. Linkage Insurance

This insurance company accepts that a client or group contribute 2, 000 Naira monthly to enjoy a superior return which comes with free life cover

With a monthly contribution as low as N2,000 enjoy superior returns plus FREE Life Cover when you buy AXA Mansard Life Savings plan!

4. Mansard insurance

This insurance company is located here in Nigeria, and it provides cover for risks that are related to traveling for the time being from Nigeria to other countries.

The products for insurance as claimed by the company are: General travel protect the plan, Student Plan and Pilgrimage Protection. The cover also does not exclude medical expenses due to unforeseen events such as illness or accident during the course of the journey.

Mansard insurance provides worldwide coverage, provides cover for accidental demise, health and property.

It is not new that the company also provides 24 Hours assistance Services, makes group discounts available for customers, and then set the maximum insurable age standards to be 81 years and above.

What is the Travel Insurance for according to Axa Mansard

The same company, after a brief research on their website, lay some emphasis on what looks like these listed below):

  1. It covers Medical Expenses and hospitalization abroad during the journey at a specific time.
  2. It takes care of Emergency evaluation
  3. It provides unlimited transport or repatriation for a family that applied for it.
  4. There will be compensation for loss of flight and luggage.
  5. You will be compensated for a departure delay.
  6. If there is an incident of hijacking in means of public transport, you will be compensated.
  7. There will be compensation on trip cancellation expenses.
  8. In case of death of an insured trip, repatriation is involved.
  9. Terms and conditions are applied.

The Company also operates on a travel checklist. These are the information that will be contained in that checklist

1.The traveler’s Destination

2.The Name and the Surname of the traveler

3.The date of birth if the traveler

4. The departure date

5. The resident address of the traveler

6. The email address

7. Length of stay for the traveler

8. The data page of the international passport will be provided.

9. Lastly, the traveler’s Phone number will be documented too.

For more information, call +234 700 29262 67273.

Tips for applying for travel insurance online

1. Ensure that you are conversant with the insurance company’s policy, in order to guide you throughout the application.

2. Don’t give out your personal information to unreliable online providers since it may be used against you later in life.

3. You must always read the terms and conditions of your current insurance provider; it is possible there is a change in their policy.

4. Ensure you apply for the right coverage that will be in line with your type of trip

5. Fill the necessary information appropriately to avoid poor service from your provider.

6. Don’t ignore the spaces to fill your entire destination on the form given to you to fill

7. Go through my tips above to determine the reliable sources for buying insurance online

8. Insurance is very important while traveling due to the occurrence of unforeseen events that may take place.

9. Choose your insurance company wisely, for instance, some insurance companies don’t cover medical treatment, this is obvious and therefore should be avoided.

10. Ensure that you receive a confirmation email for any transaction done online.

11. Print out the confirmation email to serve as evidence of payment while you are in the company in person.

12. Ensure the server of the company You are applying safe and secure to avoid date leakage to the wrong hands.

13. If you are a new applicant, it is advisable to ask those who have done it before you. This will place at a safe hand. You will avoid unnecessary mistakes.