Fun Times in Zanzibar: Exploring, Blue Seas and Lots of Fun

Me and my friends went on a trip to Tanzania, Zanzibar to be specific. The arrival flight took us to Dar Es Salem from where we took a connecting flight of 12 mins (my shortest flight ever) over the ocean to Zanzibar. While it was fast, it was also very exciting flying on a low altitude over the ocean.

Zanzibar port at Stone Town

Le Mersenne Beach Resort

With friends at Le Mersenne beach Resorts

Benjamin Anyigor at Le Mersenne Beach Resort Zanzibar
On arrival at the airport, we stayed at “Le Mersenne Beach Resort,” which was about an hour’s cab ride from the Zanzibar airport. The beach resort is located at the shore of the Indian Ocean, and the view was very amazing!

Prison Island Adventure

Benjamin Anyigor at Prison Island
At Prison Island

Our Zanzibar exploration started at Le Mersenne, where the Indian Ocean created a stunning view. The very next day, we headed to Prison Island, a special place filled with giant turtles and a bunch of different animals. It was like a little zoo on an island!

Benjamin Anyigor with a Turtle at Prison Island
With a turtle at prison island

When we got there, we were greeted by enormous turtles, the largest I have ever seen in my life so far. We spent time taking photos with them turtles and even had the opportunity to feed some. The experience was really one of a kind. Those moments with the turtles were so joyful and special, like snapshots of happiness that we’ll carry with us.

Stone Town Adventures

After a yummy meal at a nearby restaurant in Stone town, we got all fueled up for a tour of Stone Town. This place was extra cool because had a chance to see the Freddie Mercury Museum, celebrating the famous singer.

Freddie Mercury Musuem

Later, we stumbled upon this fun waterfront playground. Local folks were there all having fun, and they welcomed us in a playful way. They’d ask for our names, say it and then jump into the water, holding up signs that said stuff like “Welcome to Zanzibar” or “Hakuna Matata.” It was super fun capturing that in a video and having to replay it – the memories and experience hits differently. We ended the tour for the day at Stone town before heading back to our hotel apartment.

With the locals at stone town

Parasailing Adventure in Kilindi

Preparing to Parasail

The following day, we were all ready for the next adventure, this time at an entirely different part of Zanzibar. We took off to Kilindi on the northwest coast of Zanzibar, and this is where things got super exciting! For the first time ever, I tried the parasailing. Picture this: In this adventure, you’re attached to a parachute, and a boat pulls you up into the sky while you’re flying over the Indian Ocean.

Benjamin Anyigor Parasailing at Zanzibar

Imagine feeling the wind in your face, looking down at the beautiful blue ocean below. It was like being in a movie or something! The whole experience was so cool that it left a big, unforgettable mark on our adventure. The thrill of being up there, high in the sky, and the awe of seeing everything from that view – it was definitely a highlight of the trip!

The feeling was a mix of being really, really excited and scared all at same thing. One moment you’re happy and the other you are really scared that the rope holding you to the bolt was making a funny sound.

Concluding Comments

Zanzibar was like a massive explosion of fun! The giant turtles, the exciting adventures in the sea, gave us memories that are gonna stay with us for a super long time. The only down side was really the journey from the beach resorts to the airport and to other parts where we toured, the distance and the journey was all tiring. If I have the opportunity, will I visit Zanzibar again? The answer is yes, anytime.

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