Top Study Abroad Scholarships 2023: Unleash Your Potential with These Awards

Most scholars aspire to study abroad due to the quality of education in developed nations. However, studying in a foreign country isn’t a walk in the park; it presents families with huge financial responsibilities. Luckily, students can seek help from the government or apply for loans or grants from private organizations to fund their studies. Getting a study abroad scholarship is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to help them gain exposure to the global economy and get an exceptional learning experience.

In this article, we have analyzed study abroad scholarships for individuals who wish to pursue their studies in foreign countries.

Top Study Abroad Scholarships for College and University Students in 2023

There are numerous national and international programs offering learners scholarships to study abroad in 2023. Check out our list of some of the best ones:

Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship

Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship was established in 2014 to support students pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA), although they shouldn’t have been previously enrolled in a similar program. Successful applicants get school fees amounting to 17, 668 US dollars annually for two years. However, they must demonstrate the ability, agility, and innovativeness to establish scalable and sustainable solutions to global social and economic challenges. The scholarship’s eligibility criteria include excellent academic achievement, strong leadership skills, and the ability to articulate your vision.

France Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence

This France-based scholarship was established by European countries to support bright students from developing countries to pursue Masters and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programs. If you are interested in this program, you should be on the lookout for the next application from 18th September to 10th January 2024. The award is open to students pursuing degrees in science and technology, humanities, and social sciences. However, the applications are only accepted through the French Higher Education Institutions.

World Bank Scholarship Program

This scholarship provides grants for students and young scholars, particularly for research. The program is funded by the Development Economics Vice Presidency, directed towards enabling the World Bank to achieve its goals of improving innovation and developing and sharing global knowledge. The main objective of this initiative is to improve access to education and enhance capacity building and human resource development. All students from developing countries are eligible for the funding.

GREAT Scholarship UK

This scholarship supports students from fourteen countries across the globe to pursue various post-graduate courses. Successful applicants receive up to 10,000 euros to cover their tuition fees for one year. 200 students are selected to study in forty-nine UK universities across North Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. Students from Kenya, China, Egypt, Ghana, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam are eligible for the scholarship. The program is funded by the GREAT Britain Campaign, the British Council, and the UK Higher Education Institutions.

Harvard University MBA Scholarship

Boustany MBA Harvard scholarships are awarded to eligible students every two years to enable them to pursue a two-year Master’s degree. The program covers seventy-five percent of the beneficiaries’ tuition fees, and travel and accommodation expenses during the internship period. Students from any country or continent are eligible for the offer, although the Lebanese are given first priority However, the applicants must be admitted to the Harvard MBA Programme. After acceptance, an individual must complete a two-month unpaid internship coordinated by the Boustany Foundation.

DAAD Scholarship

DAAD scholarship offers students from European countries, Africa, America, South America, Asia, East Asia, and Oceania a chance to pursue postgraduate studies in state-recognized universities in Germany. The program mainly targets individuals from developing and newly industrialized countries. Graduates from the listed countries are eligible for the funding, which ranges between twelve to forty-two years depending on the length of the course. The beneficiaries receive between 934 to 1200 euros per month. However, they must study and pass German language skills exams, have an undergraduate degree in their courses of interest, and have a minimum of two years of professional experience in their respective fields.

Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) Scholarships

This scholarship provides financial support to underprivileged students to study abroad. However, it is limited to US citizens. Other beneficiaries include individuals who have earned credit to study abroad. Each applicant must display academic excellence and strong interpersonal skills.

Tips to Help Students Identify the Best Scholarships for Study Abroad

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Looking for tips to help you get a scholarship to study abroad? We have prepared a comprehensive list of ideas to guide you in the process. Check them out:

  • Research how much it will cost you to study abroad and identify a program capable of supporting your goals

Studying abroad can be costly for students with limited financial support from their families. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have background information about the estimated amount of money needed to complete your studies, including tuition fees and accommodation. The details enhance easy planning, thus facilitating a smooth learning experience.

Scholarships for study abroad offer partial and full funding for tuition fees. So, you should know how much you need to finance your studies before applying for grants and any other kind of financial support.

  • Compare different programs and what they cover

Most study abroad scholarships cover full tuition and other direct educational expenses like textbooks, general school supplies, and uniforms for high school students while others only cater to beneficiaries’’ fees. So, you should research different programs and what they offer. In addition, be sure to analyze various scholarships’ terms and conditions to understand their disbursement procedures and when the funds are availed to students. The information is vital in facilitating effective planning.

Some scholarships award funds in installments throughout an academic year while others pay the entire amount in lump sum. Each organization has a defined procedure; therefore, you should collect every information about their operations to avoid any inconveniences.

  • Research different types of programs to identify one that aligns with your needs

Some students prefer working over the weekends, evenings, and summer holidays. That’s totally acceptable since it’s a way of complimenting your income. You’ll definitely get minimal support from your parents if you study abroad due to the high cost of living and tuition fees. So, it’s important to analyze different scholarship options and their eligibility requirements before sending your application.

Overall, winning a scholarship is easier with proper planning, dedication, and extensive research. So, you should collect adequate information and analyze your options critically.

Is It Worth it to Apply for Scholarships to Study Abroad?

Studying abroad enables students to realize their dreams. However, not everyone can afford high school or college fees to facilitate effective learning. Luckily, individuals from low-income families can benefit from partial or full scholarships meant to enhance holistic learning. Besides providing financial assistance to learners who wish to pursue their studies in foreign countries, these programs offer a personalized roadmap and survival tactics for each scholar aspiring to achieve exceptional academic achievements.

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