6 Best Therapy Service In Lagos

With the rapid embrace of internet-of-things, the best therapy services in a place like Lagos, Nigeria, is one that can deliver their services online, making it available 24/7 at any time needed and at reasonable charges (if any).

If you are in Lagos and looking for a therapist regarding relationships, divorce, academics, family, anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, or even OCD, then we have reviewed some of the best in this article.

Let’s get right into it.

List of the Best Therapy Services in Lagos

In case you’re in a hurry, here is a table highlighting our top therapy services you should consider when looking for a therapist in Lagos or any part of Nigeria.

I’d encourage you to read beyond the table to fully grasp what these services offer and their charges if any. Here:

1. MyTherapist.ng Best overall for affordability, privacy, professionalism, ease of use, and communication.
2. Dayo Ladi-Omotunde Best for a family counselor for married people, based on the majority of interviews with those that have tried the service
3. 360 Psyche Best in accessibility for physical sessions. It has more than 5 locations in Lagos.
4. PsychNG Best in adequate and prompt psychological evaluation for crime, mood swigs. Best place for consultancy.
5. Marriage Matters Best in intensive coaching and relationship training for married and unmarried people.
6. Seek “a” Counsel Mostly patronized by people suffering heartbreak torture and can’t speak out.


You’d notice that these top six therapy solutions are based in Lagos. Still, they also provide e-counseling by creating an online presence where Lagosians can access their services anywhere around the country.

Nevertheless, it is worth knowing what makes them the best among many other options.


MyTherapist.ng is our number #1 recommendation for the best therapy in Lagos for many reasons.

With the aid of the app, you can get matched in minutes with well-qualified therapists ready to guide you on your journey to recovery. The platform’s online therapy program offers various individual, couples, or teen therapy services.

To get started on this platform, you must register for free by creating an account and filling in your details. The user experience is so great.

Best therapy in Lagos

Afterward, it would be best if you funded your wallet to aid in booking sessions and finding a therapist that suits you. You can then schedule an appointment for a session, and you’re good to go. The platform also has a section on the app where merchandise that resonates with the service they offer is sold.

Founded in 2021, My therapist was established with the sole mission of strengthening the availability of Mental Health therapy, which seems not to be adequately addressed in the public health system.

The need for such innovation in the country became more palpable following the havoc wreaked by the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent October 2020 #EndSars turmoil.

Meanwhile, the factor of its novelty remains a point of consideration for many looking for therapy with a rich history of counseling success. Still, it is a promising platform, judging from the bio of the team members at the platform.


Dayo Ladi-Omotunde

Dayo is a Lagos-based experienced specialist in counseling and psychological therapy. Apart from physical sessions in his office, his firm also allows for interviews via electronic means like video and telephone calls, social media platforms, and emails.

Doubling as a motivational speaker, Mr. Dayo Omotunde has been featured on many TV and radio programs for years.

His firm is considered one of the best regarding therapy delivery, given his educational qualifications as a certified psychologist and family counselor for married people and other degrees from schools like the University of Lagos.

Mr. Dayo founded 23 24 counseling service and has strength in therapy, especially in marriage and relationships.


360 Psyche

360 Psyche is another therapy provider based in Lagos but targeted at Nigerians in general. They offer coaching and training services in Lagos, Nigeria, via online/offline service options.

Currently, 360 Psyche has five service locations in Lagos State – Surulere, Lekki, Ikota, Festac, and Ikeja. One good thing about the platform is that they have various plans to choose from, and their services are tailored to anonymous help – including options to help you without revealing your true identity.

Just like with the case of Mytherapist, you don’t necessarily have to visit the office, and it is stigma-free, simple to access, efficient, and effective.

The team is equipped with therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists who all possess the required qualifications and experience to provide the best services in the industry.



Located in Lagos, Nigeria, PsychNG is one of the city’s best therapy, focusing on forensic therapy using the in-depth psychological investigation to solve criminal issues. They are best when it comes to helping Autism patients adjust to society.

PsychNG may not be an ideal platform for every category of persons who need therapy, but it is highly recommended when you want mobile psychotherapy.

It is also a good place for those who need real-time consultancy while studying counseling courses.

This therapy provider offers adequate and prompt psychological evaluation.


Marriage Matters

Another excellent service worth patronizing as therapy in Lagos is Marriage Matters. It is a Lagos-based consulting firm that recognizes the need to bring intensive coaching and relationship training to married. But unmarried people aren’t left out.

Bose Fawehinmi founded the service. She is a certificate holder in Biblical Counselling from CCEF, Professional Counselling, and other studies locally and internationally.

She is a teacher and counselor in providing solutions to marriages.


Seek “a” Counsel

Lastly on our list of best therapy in Lagos is Seek “a” Counsel. This is the first therapy service provider that quickly embraced online booking of sessions and e-counseling, which platforms like My therapist is known for today.

Here, people affected by heartbreak torture who find it hard to speak can seek their service. It is ideal for those who can not speak out and are shy.

This is an excellent place to go if you need therapy but are scared of allowing your issue to become a public affair.

You can easily book an appointment online with any of their counselors.


How To Choose The Best Therapy in Lagos For You

To know the best one for you, you need to focus on the platform with competitive plans, plenty of helpful features, and good reviews from previous users in Lagos.

To put things into perspective, you should consider the flowing when choosing an online therapy platform in Lagos:

  • Privacy
  • Cost
  • Ease of use
  • Privacy


Privacy is essential when choosing a therapy platform, especially one that offers the service virtually. You need to know the fine print of what information your chosen service shares with whom.

We have reviewed some virtual therapy platforms that share information with Facebook and Google, which may only be good when the person is kept anonymous.

Thankfully, none of the best therapy in Lagos reviewed in this article is at fault for this.


If you are looking for therapy in Lagos, you must decide how much you want to spend on the service. With the help of reviews like this article, you can now compare the prices of different providers to see which sits well with your budget.

Giving online counseling isn’t child play. So you can expect the average price to be high. But is the cost worth it? Are there features attached to your plan, like unlimited instant messaging? Extra resources? Video calls?

Ease of use

If a therapy solution claims to offer services online, the platform is not the right place to start experiencing a bug or unpleasant user experience.

Luckily, we have tested the apps or read reviews of the therapy solutions listed in this article. A convincing percentage of Lagosians who have used these services feel good about it.

Final Thoughts

You must have noticed that many of the best therapy services in Lagos listed above have embraced the concept of online therapy delivery through virtual counseling.

The goal is to service those with time constraints in their schedules that don’t always have the time to go for therapy during office hours.

All and above, we’d recommend the Mytherapist.ng App for anyone looking for therapy services in Lagos and any other place in Nigeria.

They have the edge over most other virtual therapy solutions targeted at Nigerians, especially in cost, privacy, communication, helpful features, easy-to-use, and in-house professionals.

Have you ever received therapy in Lagos? Would you consider including the service among this list of best Therapy in Lagos? Share in the comments.

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