Top 5 African Waterfalls To Visit This Summer

Africa is a great continent and it is not just about the people but about the natural scenic places to visit. 

Africa in general holds myriads of adventurous places and wonder lust views that will entertain just any kind of tourist in the world. 

Today we shall look into the world of the marine in Africa and examine the 5 Best Waterfalls to visit this summer in Africa

A waterfall is a breathtaking sight that no tourist would love to miss. And it is true that we have a lot of them in Africa. Among other countries that are Blessed bountifully with these natural constructions in South Africa and Zambia. 

Looking into these places will make you agree that there are amazing physical features that shape this beautiful continent. 

Below are the five best African Waterfalls To Visit during summer, and I’m quite certain that you will include, at least, one of them to your bucket list. 

5 Best waterfalls in Africa to visit during summer

Victoria Falls

1.  Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the greatest attractions in Africa. If it is your first time visiting Africa and you have chosen to go into the Zambia country then you shouldn’t miss this view. 

Located at the Zambezi River, the fourth largest river in Africa, which is also defining the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, this waterfall has been renowned as one of the most famous waterfalls in the universe. 

One of the things that make Victoria Falls popular is that it is the only waterfall in the world with a length of more than a kilometer and a height of more than a hundred meters.

It is also referred to as the Smoke that thunders in the local dialect. You know why? 

All the way from 40 kilometers, the noise of the waterfalls can be heard. While the splash that erupts from the falling water rises to a height of more than 400 meters. These splashes can be seen from a distance of 50 kilometers. 

It is because of these outstanding views that the local tribes around the waterfall called it  Mosi-o-Tunya. 

If you have heard of a Scottish missionary and famous explorer of Africa David Livingstone (1813-1873), he was the one who discovered and named it after the queen of England as the smoke that thunders. 

 2. Lisbon falls

The South Africans acknowledged Lisbon falls as the highest in the country. Located in Mpumalanga, South Africa, the Lisbon waterfall is 94 meters (308 ft) high. It was named after the capital city of Portugal. Anyone who has been there can tell that it is indeed a sight to see.

Lisbon falls

 3.  Kalambo waterfall

If you have heard of the Kalambo River which is between Zambia and Tanzania, then you must have heard about the Kalambo waterfall. 

It is raised in high esteem by Africa as the oldest and important sites in Africa.  It is equally famous for producing a number of human activities for over two hundred and fifty thousand years now. 

Kalambo waterfall

Lying across two different countries, Tanzania and Zambia, it is ranked the second-highest free-falling Waterfalls in Africa at 235 METRES. If you are set to visit this place this summer, then you are set to have a memorable experience that you will never forget in a lifetime.

 4. Tugela Falls

What interests me about The Tugela Falls is that it drops 947 meters down the rock-face of the Amphitheatre in three free-leaping falls. It demands a loud OMG! 

Tugela Falls

If you want to trace the source of this waterfall, then be ready to go through several kilometers to meet the mount-aux-source. 

South Africa houses the Tugela falls and there is no better time to visit this place than during summer rainfall.

5. Lumangwe waterfall

Lastly on the list is the Lumangwe Falls. 

This is the tallest waterfall within Zambia that Africa can boast of. Unlike Kalambo Waterfalls which lies between Zambia and Tanzania, the inhabitants of Zambia can tell you more about this waterfall. It is located on the Kalungwishi River in northern Zambia

The Lumangwe falls has a height of 30-40 m and a width of 160 m, there is a bit similarity between the Victoria fall and the Lumangwe fall that makes people mistake it in photographs. 

But this is indeed an ideal waterfall to visit in Africa just like the others. 

FastLagos Safety Tips when Travelling to waterfalls

You will agree with me that Waterfalls can be dangerous places. Wet rocks can cause broken bones. Likewise, the  Fast currents which can cause drownings. And even high cliffs can do some brutal finishing. 

But there are a safety measure to put in place that can assure your safety even when you go beyond adventure 

  • The first thing is to keep dry. It is normal to get wet in a waterfall scene. But be sure that you bring along a spare pair of shoes and/or socks. And even an entire change of clothes. 
  • There are always slippery rocks around the waterfall. Do not make any attempt to climb the fall except you are very experienced. 
  • We advise that you only swim in the calm pools below the Waterfalls. You should know that strong currents and cold water can kill easily. So be careful when swimming. Do not swine above the waterfall. Very dangerous. 
  • When you go during winter, avoid walking on the ice. Well, you can only if you are sure it is solid rock. 
  • Take some water along. You can’t remove hiking from Waterfalls, so you can remove dehydration from hiking. Water is part of the equipment, just so you know. 

So, guys a visit to any of the above-stated African waterfalls will definitely make your summer worthwhile and memorable. Have you been to a waterfall in Africa? Do you want to share your experience with us? I’ll be in the comment section.