Lekki Leisure Lake Review 2023 – Gate Fee & Price Lists

Lekki Leisure Lake Review

They say the real deal in Lagos is abundant on the island. Any typical Lagosian like me can be easily swayed by the notion that “the island is where things happen”. But this belief took another gear the day I decided to go wet. Chill, I don’t mean the guys wet…I mean water-like adventures.

It was more of a personal thing. I just needed to have fun alone. Weird, yeah? Only introverts could relate. So I asked Geeky about nice resorts on the island that one could visit. Many choices came to the mind, different amazing places all over the island. It is apparent that most investors have seen a profitable vacuum in establishing fun places in Lagos.

But as someone who was just recovering from a dramatic heartbreak (you don’t want to hear the story of that one), I needed an environment to engage in activities that will clear the mind with happiness. I needed to enjoy a fun ride on a pedal boat, I wanted to bask a pontoon boat, I had always fantasized the jet skiing and every pleasure in riding a wave boat.

Having all these wants in mind, I knew I’d need to have a swollen wallet. That wasn’t a problem. I just got paid and, of course, it was only me and myself.

Let me confess here that there is a unique power behind signboards in Lagos. It might have not gotten your attention before, but placing signboards on the highways is an effective way to create awareness in Nigeria. Either positively or negatively.

I quickly remembered some days ago while I was driving along the second roundabout at Lekki phase 1. My mind quickly jeered to the recall of the magnificent signboard of LEKKI LEISURE LAKE along the Lekki peninsula and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

I had remembered how my colleagues would discuss this place with so much excitement and how they spent their vacation with their girlfriends. I could recall Teju narrating how he proposed to his fiancée in an aquatic attraction in Lekki Leisure Lake. I’ve got niggas who have perfect proposal ideas.

Anyway, that was how I decided to visit LEKKI LEISURE LAKE

The good thing was that I ended up going with someone, Geeky. Since it was our first time there, we decided to coin out an interesting review of this place to enlightened anyone who plans to go to these aquatic attritions for the first time soonest.

It was a fun experience throughout and I must say. I may give details on how we explored there later but for now, here are the important things to know about Lekki leisure lake.

So then?

Where is Lekki Leisure Lake?

This is a tourist attraction located along Lekki Pennisula and overlooking the Atlantic ocean. It is an easy place to locate on the island.

It spreads its Land mass along the Lekki peninsula shoreline which offers the best of great outdoor and leisure activities.

It will come to sight once you get to the 2nd roundabout at Lekki Phase one, just on the left side of the road as you take a turn into the street.

It has been a tourist-attracting for many as there are a lot of exciting activities for anyone. These include jet skiing, banana floats, quad biking, zip-lining, Pedal Boat, Pontoon boat, and Wave Boat.

How To Get to Lekki Leisure Lake From Anywhere In Lagos

Truth be told, getting to any place like this in Lagos will be much easier when you make use of Taxi/cab or Uber or… What have you?

We didn’t go in a car. We used Uber.

Getting to the first roundabout, continue the ride until you get to the second roundabout and take a turn into Remi Oluwude Street, Lekki.

At the end of this street, take a turn at the roundabout and follow that road till you spot the next roundabout, take a turn and you need not anyone to tell you that you’ve arrived.

Gate Fees at Lekki leisure lake 2023


We bought a lot of things and paid for the many activities we had. Although, prices of things in this Lagos generally are not constant here is a price list of the cost you should expect. I took my time to ask about most of the things there so that I’ll get all the information you need.

The gate fee for adults is N1,000

The gate fee for children under the age of 10 is N500

Lekki leisure lake price list

Other prices are as follows:

The jet ski package is N3,000 and comes with a trainer ride with you. But we rode alone and made a deposit of N15,000 in case of any damage. But we collected it back after a successful ride.

If you are not that good at Jet skiing, please Don’t do ‘Sabi Sabi’. Just pay for the package that gives you a trainer ride.

The quad bikes also cost N2,000 for 15 minutes, you can share the ride with another person.

The Pedal Boat ride for 30 minutes cost N500 for both adults and kids.

The Pontoon Boat ride for a minimum of 5 people costs N1,000.

The Wave Boat ride cost N5,000.

Banana Floats cost N1,000

Finally, the Single and Double cost N2,000.

Opening Times At Lekki Leisure Lake

Due to the ongoing nationwide lockdown in accordance to the Lagos State government in order to curtail the speared of the novel coronavirus, all social gatherings in the state have been suspended. This has affected so many places like this.

But on a normal working day, Lekki Leisure Lake is open only on weekends and public holidays between 12 noon and 9 pm.

What Are The Exciting Things To Do At Lekki Leisure Lake?

1. Pedal Boats

Here is the perfect activity for friends and family fun time at the Lekki Leisure Lake — The pedal boat

It is perfect for at least 2 riders or 4 persons per ride. Both children and adults can enjoy a ride on the pedal boat. Feel relaxed with a fun ride on the pedal boat and explore the scenic lake.

2. Quad Bike

The Quad Bike is another great activity offered at the Lekki Leisure Lake that we tried. It travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the rider along with handlebars for steering control.

It was somewhat horrible but a hilarious one. The rider sits on and operates these vehicles like a motorcycle, but the extra wheels give more stability at slower speeds.

Quad bikes are perfect for persons over the age of twelve. So if your kid is below twelve, we don’t advise that it’s safe.

This is the exhilarating yet safe dirt track.

3. Pontoon Boat

You can enjoy these rides with your loved ones and bond with colleagues or new friends at the lake.

Riding along the serene water in a pontoon boat in Lekki Leisure Lake is both refreshing and exciting. The Pontoon Boat is a great leisure facility and boat with a large, flat deck that is mounted on top of two or more metal tubes called pontoons.

4. Jet Ski

Jet Ski is one of the top leisure activities you can enjoy and it offers a thrilling and refreshing experience.

A Jet Skis can accommodate at most 2 people.

The thrill of this activity is best experienced, an instructor is also available to help during the activity. Experience the thrill of a lifetime along the Lekki Lake and enjoy the Jet Ski with a fun partner.

5. Wave Boat

The Wave boat was designed to offer an unforgettable experience of adventure. The wave boat can accommodate about 6 people at a time comfortably. A ride on the wave boat promises to be fun and adventurous.

While there are other varieties of things to do at this aquatic attraction on the island, it is advised to go there during the dry season to enjoy your time there.

So have you visited Lekki leisure lake? Lekki Leisure Lake is fun and the LLL food is very delicious! I’d love to hear your experience in the comment section just as I have shared mine. More stories about my life in Lagos to come. Thanks for reading.