16 Amazing Rural Places To Visit in England (2023)

I cherish every moment that I spend time with my dad driving around rural places in the country. The tranquility of going natural and in-depth, seeing new faces, and patronizing honest traders are acts of kindness every traveler should adopt.

So if you are in England, there are some rural areas you can visit. I’ve included them in this article. Some that I have not been to, I’ve read extensively about them and can tell you reasons why spending time in such places in England is worthwhile.

If you are new in England and you are looking for places with decent wildlife but not too far from the large city and town, then you may want to consider any of these rural places in this post.

As a lover of nature, you may have this book you want to read in a very tranquil environment. Not all books will be enjoyed and sank into the brain or imaginative mind if you stuck yourself in the library or your desk at home.

Most of these rural places I’m about to show you are well-preserved and looked after by the government and the people. This is to ensure that you can even choose any of these locations as a place to have quiet time with your significant other or friend.

Best Rural Places To Visit in England

You and your partner may want to play the role of Auther and Gweneiver by visiting a rural place in England to spend quality time together. These places I’m about to show you should be part of your consideration.

For the best family picnic ever, these locations in England offer the best environment. I’m sure you can’t wait to know about these rural places.

Formby point in Merseyside

Formby point in Merseyside

Not all parts of England are blessed with these wildlife resources as that of Sefton coast, yet you can still count on Formby’s point as a good place to catch the cruise, residing here is also part of the blessing.

There are little rare fern, moth, and even the famed liverwort in this part of England, even the beach there are with good fossils.

Formby has some stations which are not far away from the beach, these stations are namely Formby and Fresh field. So it is easy, you will be able to get here at ease via public transport.

There are free parking lots, come with your family to this site, and be ready to enjoy every minute of your walk. You are likely to spend about 35 minutes driving from Southport and about 50 minutes from Liverpool, in other words, the distance is not something to be worried about.

If you have Sciurophobia, you may not want to go near this area because this is where you will find lots of them squirrels. A few people move around this area and it’s a nice place to have a quiet time.

Squirrels are extremely intelligent creatures. They are known to put on elaborate bogus food burying displays to deceive onlookers. And it can be fun watching these natural activities at the  Formby point in Merseyside.

From the crested newt to the sand lizard and the toads, get ready to catch ’em fun at Formby!



Are you looking for the perfect place to be where you can enjoy the full beauty of the English countryside, then head to Cotswolds.

Experience nature at its beauty and the phenomenal, true picturesque countryside.

Get ready to stock your album photos with storytelling pictures of rolling hills, bustling market towns, and wildlife parks. You can also drive past peaceful stunning towns and villages.

At Cotswolds, there are endless walking routes where you can exercise your love for walking with someone.

Want to Have fun in a cozy, rural place in England? This is an ideal place.

Ashbury in Oxfordshire

Ashbury in Oxfordshire

When I talk about Ashbury, Oxford shire to anyone, I can’t resist mentioning how rural it is, but in a very helpful way.

Places in Oxfordshire such as Henley on the Thames, Wallingford, Ashbury, Abingdon, Burford, and Bampton make it a perfect area for a rural escape.

You can’t afford to miss chef Raymond Blanc special treat on your journey to Oxfordshire. Head to Le Manoir aux Quat’saisons and get a life, peeps!

Old sulfate in Northamptonshire

It can take you 20 minutes to drive. from Peterborough, and 55 minutes from Leicester, to get to old sulfate in Northamptonshire. And it is indeed a fancy trip looking at an oyster while heading to ancient woodland. This may sound ridiculous right?

But the old sulfate forest close to Northamptonshire holds a plethora of nature’s reserve that will leave memories. So as you drive in, you are welcome to the place where freshly seed grassy land is becoming a project for the future. I didn’t lead you there.

Flanders Moss in Stirlingshire

Some people think visiting these rural places will take a hell of a time to drive to. In 20 minutes from Stirling and 50 minutes from Glasgow, Enroute you get to Flanders Moss in Stirlingshire. What’s in for you here?

Flanders Moss is regarded as a large bog located in the hill of the upper forth, extended to the western part of Stirling.

If you are not a fan of the bogs, well, no hard feelings. You may want to consider other places we will cover in this post.

But I’ll tell you something. Here is a precious place that is endlessly blessed with a wildlife ecosystem coupled with a peaceful atmosphere where you can breathe fresh air that you won’t find in the city. This is good for your health, not just sightseeing. Trust me.

During summer, the bogs are distinguished places for all such tamed flies like the damselflies and the dragonflies; it is one of the stations in the south in the northern part of Britain.


Who is in for grinding cats and cheese? Wellhead to Cheshire and feel like a visitor who is new to everything!

I also learned something about Cheshire recently that it is James Bond’s star, Daniel Craig’s birthplace. Now you know, and now you’ll be interested in seeing more of this place.

Enjoy the delightful and serene gardens. It’s simply colorful and looks like heaven on earth. You also don’t want to miss exploring the cozy country inns and ‘The Castle on the Rock’

You also don’t want to miss visiting Beeston Castle and Woodland Park that are set on a hill in this Cheshire.

Wareham Quay in Dorset

Come and explore the area where about 5% of England’s protected ancient monuments are located. You also don’t want to miss some major landmarks in Dorset which includes the Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, and the Cerne Abbas Giant.

I also love the hill forts like the Maiden Castle. You don’t want to miss any of these sites if you have chosen to travel to Dorset.

Wareham Quay, Dorset is regarded as one of the best rural places to visit in the English countryside and now you know why.

South Gower cliffs in Glamorgan

From the city of Swansea, you will spend 40 minutes driving to South Gower cliffs in Glamorgan. It may be unimaginable to reason the treasures of this place but I tell you what, South Gower cliffs are bellies with beaches around.

The area is not far from the Rhossili village and you will love the sight of the golden-like sand around. There is no other better time to visit South Gower cliffs than a sunny day where you will appreciate the presence of the beach.


The rolling landscapes you find in Essex is not of this world. The rural area is surrounded by inspiring villages and you are likely to fall in love with the spectacular gardens around.

If you enjoy walking in the evenings, then there are about 3,500 miles of byways and public rights of way.

You can also come along with your bike for a sweet cycling experience. You also want to take the best bike for byways along with you.

Erewash Meadow in Nottinghamshire

Erewash can be compared to a drifting boggy river; this means the area is not mostly crossable. Even when you manage to pass, you have to be careful!

You can get to Erawash in 30 minutes from anywhere in Nottingham and Derby.

It is a well-conserved wildlife region you should visit, there is an approximated amount of 200 species of bird that has been recorded there.

If you love to explore birds, then this is the right place for you to be.

Cornwall, England

If there is anything that will pull you to Cornwall in England, the seaside scenery and wild upland landscapes will be part of them.

You will also love to be present at the serene beaches and partake in a wide variety of water activities.

For those who love nature, this is among the perfect spot in England. You can also take walks around the countryside.

Haworth, Bronte Country

Have you tried to research on the most beautiful place in Haworth, and 3ven Britain in the extension? It is time to join the family of Emily Bronte’s fans. You don’t have to be a book lover to visit this place.

You can also explore the ruined farmhouse and Haworth Moor, they are indeed a nice place to spend time.

Kenmore, Perthshire

When was the last time you had a wonderful fishing experience? Or you want to go for some sailing activities?

Then think of no other place in England than Perthshire. You don’t want to miss the special lochside beach located in this area.

Sheepless in surrey

Get ready to grace the “finest piece of botanical land within 30 miles of London” as said by a scientist years ago.

Comin tog fo4om London, it will take you about 50-minute to journey Sheepleas in surrey.

It is an important place to be if you are a lover of nature as well.

Hadrian’s Wall

Have you been to Roman Army Museum, or sorry, have you ever been to Hadrian’s Wall Country at all?

This is the best place where you can easily teleport yourself back to ancient with lots of artifacts and pictures.

Do not forget to spend time at the Roman castle as it is also among the lovely place and why most visitors love to spend time at the Hadrian’s Wall Country.

Lake District

Lake District

Lastly on this exclusive list of the best rural places to visit in England is The Lake District.

If you are up for some outdoor activities, there is no other better place in the English countryside to see unruffled landscapes and fascinating mountains.

Enjoy nature’s beauty at lake districts as you spend time around beautiful lakes. You can also mix with popular towns and villages in the  Lake District. These villages include Keswick and many more.

These places are top choices for you to explore in your quest to visit the best rural areas in England. There is no other better time to visit any of these places if you are presently in England.