Top 20 Beautiful UK Countryside Destinations of 2023

If you have been wondering where to go on vacation, there are places that could blow your mind as regards their view and atmosphere. The UK countryside is some of the most stunning places in the world.

Some of the things the UK countryside possess that make them amazing for a visit are the atmosphere (a cool atmosphere mostly as a result of oceans very close to them), the wildlife is another factor that makes what It is.

Hills and valley also could make a place a good location for a tour, if you love adventure, rugged mountains are one thing you may fall in love with.

The street in some villages also has some interesting intricate of nature that’ll put you in awe. You find here in the UK countryside.

Most Beautiful Places in UK Countryside 2023

Here is our list of selected places in the United Kingdom where you can visit in your next vacation probably with your family or team member at work.

The Scottish highland

The Scottish highland

This highland in the UK has the full package of wildlife ecosystem, the birds and other beautiful animals move freely and are mostly friendly.

Mountains, hills, and valley also make the place more interesting, if you view the highland while on a mountain, you feel like you are on top of the world. Maybe you are!

The Mourne Mountain

The Mourne Mountain

If you should judge a book by its cover, you may be wrong. By the name “Mourne”, you may think this countryside in the United Kingdom is not lively.

Until you find your way here, this is when you know that it is really more appealing than you can ever imagine.

If you love exploring mountains, then this is where you belong. There are close to 15 peaks in the region of this mountain.

The Lake District

The Lake District

The Lake District is one amazing place in the UK countryside you should try to visit one day, especially if you are a fan of the lakes.

It is England’s most mountainous region, which has one of the highest climbs you will love to experience.

Its atmosphere is naturally cool, so be assured you are enjoying your voyage here.

The north pennies

This is one of the largest countrysides in the UK, it is beautified with valley and mountain landscape.

Also, an attractive waterfall makes it one of those places that the UK value, the landscape comprises of the valley, and also broad dales that are covered in greenery.

The Cotswold

A lot of natural heritage to discover, like mountains, hills. Cotswold is most of a market town.

Regardless of where you find yourself here, you are not so far from traditional restaurants.

The Gower peninsula

This countryside in the UK is located on the southwest coast of wales, not a popular village in England, yet a very best place to catch cruise with love ones

Yorkshire Dales

This countryside in the UK is one of the most notable and attractive places in the United Kingdom, most time you find it calm here during the evening.

This countryside is decorated with gasping stone, surrounded by beautiful villages and town


The countryside is located in the southeast region of the UK; it is known the southeast region in England is tag as a place for rural pleasure.

So while wanting to feel the rural nature of the United Kingdom, this countryside is a very good place to visit.


Naturally blessed with sandy part and beach, it is a better idea to involve yourself in the water activities if you travel to Cornwall.

Known for an amazing landscape and other wildlife packages.


This UK countryside holds the North West region of England, recognized in 1183.

So this is a better place for discoveries, you get to discover and hear ancient histories, very close to forests, so you can explore the wildlife here.


You may love fishing, and you have been looking for the perfect destination.

This countryside is well known for fishing, so when you have it in mind to go fish, come to Kenmore.


This is one of the silent countrysides in the United Kingdom, located in the south of the nation.

A perfect place to think more of creativity, so silent that it allows more inspiring thoughts.

Bronte country

A very beautiful place to stay.

Naturally, the Bronte country is a place that attracts both humans and animals, a lot of fun activities also available to engage yourself with.


Describing this countryside is kind of difficult unless you get there. Dorset is one of the outstanding beautiful places in England.


Cheshire has a very large number of famous villages around it; it is the best option while exploring the rural act in the United Kingdom.

Gardens around Cheshire are nicely blended and beautifully decorated; the street is a perfect place to examine romantic walk


When you want to visit a place with a cool village and amazing landscape, Essex in one of the UK countrysides that has what you want.

Fun activities you can engage yourself in include walking, cycling, and a lot more.

Corfe castle

This is one part of the UK countryside where you can find pleasure in visiting; it is one of those oldest settlements.

Documented that people have lived here for more than 8000 years, likely a better place to explore into historical heritage if you will mind.


Cambridge is a very small city in London, you can explore the whole of Cambridge in a few days.

Naturally equipped with places like the lakes, valley, and all sorts of wildlife ecosystems.

If you find yourself here, make sure you visit St. Mary church where you can ascend to a tower, there is where you can see the real beauty of the city.


This place has a calm nature especially at night, you get to figure out what natural surroundings speak in its calmness.

It is an ancient Roman settlement that still speaks about the long time world, it has a lot of incredible stories and heritage you will love to hear and see.


This is one of the UK countrysides that has all it takes to feel at home, it is a place ( both rural and urban).

A very comfortable place to find pleasure in visiting