List of 6 Fun Things To Do In Leesburg Fl

Leesburg is a small city that can be found in the middle of Florida. It is a short drive from the famous city of Orlando and is very close to the state’s centre. The place is approximately halfway between the eastern and western coasts of the Florida Peninsula.

The city can be found in Lake County and is built between the picturesque banks of Lake Harris and Lake Griffin. It only complements many other lakes and waterways in the surrounding areas.

Leesburg is a city that offers a wide variety of opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy the great scenery. Tourists can enjoy the great open air in Florida while boating on the lakes, hiking through the nature preserves, and visiting the conservation areas.

Things to do in Leesburg, Florida

The list of the fun activities you can partake in when you visit Leesburg is unending; however, here are 6 of the most enjoyable things that can be done in Leesburg, Florida.

Pay A Visit To The Venetian Garden Park

The Venetian Garden Park is widely regarded as one of the best places you can visit in Leesburg and one of the city’s most frequented tourist destinations.

The gardens can be found on the water’s edge of the city and provide views of Lake Harris. It presents you with a quaint public space that is beautiful enough for a late-night walk and is just the perfect place to get in touch with nature.

The name “Venetian Garden Parks” comes from the fact that there is a collection of bridges that are exquisitely designed and can be found throughout the park, crossing over the various waterways which can also be found there. The numerous islands are linked together by the bridges, creating a scene that is more of a Venice reminiscent than of any location one can find in central Florida.

Location: 109 E Dixie Ave, Leesburg, FL 34748, United States



Watch A Baseball Game At Pat Thomas Stadium

Before it was converted into a venue for amateur baseball, the stadium used to be a home for teams at the Major League Level. It now houses approximately 2000 seats for baseball lovers to catch up with their favorite game.  

The park, the first lit baseball venue in the state, has hosted spring training camps for both minor and major league baseball teams. The stadium is located on the coast of Lake Harris, close to the Venetian Gardens, and hosts various sporting events. Pat Thomas Memorial Field got its current name on March 10, 1972, after Pat Thomas, who served as the City Manager of Leesburg in the past.

Location: 240 Ball Park Rd, Leesburg, FL 34748, United States



Explore The Howey Mansion

The historic Howey Mansion can be found with views of the placid waters of Lake Harris and currently hosts guided tours of its heritage rooms and surrounding gardens. The wealthy Howey family, who were responsible for purchasing a significant portion of the land in Lake County, constructed the home that dates back to the 1920s.

The mansion is a unique piece of architecture that is often used throughout the year as a setting for movies or wedding venues.

Location: 1001 Citrus Ave, Howey-In-The-Hills, FL 34737, United States



Get To Know More About The City’s History At The Leesburg Museum

The story told by the museum is very interesting. It includes divergent heritage buildings such as Leesburg Library, the Leesburg Chamber of Commerce, several different community organizations, and the Poinsettia Ball and the Leesburg High School Prom.

However, the museum tells the story of the town’s past from the era of the citrus kingdom and the renowned Watermelon Festival through the Leesburg Centennial in 1957 by displaying artifacts and items from its rich history. Also, note that every collection within the archives sheds light on the city’s history and the people who lived and worked there.

Location: 111 South Sixth Street, Leesburg, Florida


Explore The Wonders Of Lake Griffin

Lake Griffin can be found in the north of Leesburg, and the city’s suburbs extend to the water’s edge. It is another incredibly huge lake and is famous for its swampy marshes and distinct ecosystem. It also has a park named the Lake Griffin State Park.

The Lake Griffin State Park is a small protected area located on the lake’s southeastern shore and not too far from the city of Leesburg. This is the best place to begin your explorations of the lake. You will find places to camp here, as well as boat ramps and a spectacular nature trail that will lead you on a hike into a remote part of the wilderness.

You must be cautious when venturing into the marshes of Lake Griffin, as this is home to many wild animals like alligators. Incredibly, the trees in this area are also home to a diverse collection of bird species.

Location: 3089 U.S. Highway 441-27. Fruitland Park FL 34731



Mote-Morris House Should Also Be A Place To Go

Edward H. Mote, who later served as Mayor of Leesburg, was the one who built the Mote-Morris House, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. In 1918, John S. and May James Morris bought the property, and after that, it was owned by members of the Morris family for the next seven decades.

When the Morrison United Methodist Church purchased the house in August 1988, they immediately made it available to whoever was interested in relocating to it. The community’s generosity resulted in a donation of $95,000.00, which made it possible to open a new location in Leesburg.

The Mote-Morris House was moved from its previous location on Main Street to its current location on September 1, 1990.  After undergoing extensive renovations by KMF Architects and Evergreen Construction, the Mote-Morris House in Leesburg, Virginia, was reopened for tourists and visitors on the 21st of June, 2023.

Location: 1195 W Magnolia St, Leesburg, FL 34748, United States




Leesburg is unlike any other town in Florida because it has a strong connection to the state’s residents. In the past ten years, the city has undergone tremendous growth, and now, it has become an absolute must-see destination for all kinds of people, thanks to the exciting annual events and natural wonders that it hosts.

Don’t also forget to enjoy the wide open spaces of Florida while you go lake cruising, hiking through nature preserves, and visiting conservation areas in Leesburg.

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