spots for indian food in Lagos

5 Top Spots For The Best Indian Food in Lagos

There are restaurants in Lagos that can boast of top-notch service when it comes to the preparation of intercontinental dishes. Hotels in Lagos Island, especially, are now interested in giving their customers a wonderful experience with the luxury of offering foreign dishes.  In this post, we want to look into […]

things to know before working in Dubai

10 Things to Know Before Packing Your Bags to Live and Work in Dubai

Packing your bags to live and work in Dubai is not a piece of cake, especially to most Nigerians. You need quality information on how to go about the traveling process.  If you have never been to Dubai before, this may appear as a very huge deal to finally relocate […]


Benefits Of Booking Flights & Hotels Online With Travelstart

When it comes to booking flights and hotels online, people will go for sites that are reliable and trustworthy. The quest to meet this demand, many online travel agencies will want to offer as many advantages that will draw customers closer. Today, I am going to show you one of […]

best time to book flight

Best Time to Book Your Airline Tickets

One of the hugest bulks in your travel budget is buying a plane ticket. There are many things that will cause you to spend extra during a journey, if you do not spend on food, drink, and fun when you arrived at your destination, then you must have spent a […]

hotels in Lagos under 20k

On A Budget? Here Are Top 10 Amazing Hotels in Lagos Under 20k

During our journey to Lekki leisure lake, we had it in mind that we would be spending two nights or more in that area. We also arranged to book two or more nights in any reputable hotel around. We love luxury, no doubt. But there are some situations that may […]

best place to order meal for valentine's day

Best Places to Order Meals from for Valentine’s Day

There is no other better cruise compared to spending intimate time with your significant other or spouse on Valentine’s day.  If you both are not the outing type, or you don’t want to be among those caught jostling to get tickets to a gateway, or perhaps, you both just decide […]

Lekki Leisure Lake

How I Finally Visited Lekki Leisure Lake in Lagos

Lekki Leisure Lake Review Last Updated: Saturday, June 20, 2020 They say the real deal in Lagos is abundant on the island. Any typical Lagosian like me can be easily swayed by the notion that “the island is where things happen”. But this belief took another gear the day I […]

top spa in Lagos

Top 10 Spas In Lagos For Relaxing Massage

Fast Lagos Top Spas in Ikeja, Lagos We all deserve to be pampered after going through the bustle and hustle of the normal city life in Lagos. When you think of where to relieve from the rigors of surviving in Lagos – the most competitive city in the country, then […]

imax cinema lekki

IMAX Cinemas Lekki – All You Need To Know

Imax Cinema Lekki Review As a movie lover like you, we have encountered bad cinema experiences several times that we’d like to forget. Getting quality movie viewing in Lagos these days that will return your money’s value has become another city hassle itself. This is the major reason why we […]

Car rental company in Lagos Nigeria

Cheap Car Rental Companies in Lagos, Nigeria

Just like some car tracking companies in Nigeria, there are really cheap car rental companies in Lagos, Nigeria. Car tracking is essential for a couple of reasons such as: getting the real-time location of your car, fuel management, and override lock e.t.c. Well, let’s skip that and talk about how […]

Local flights are resuming in Nigeria

You Don Hear? Local Flights Are Resuming

Allow me to remind you that we’re halfway into 2020 already? Interesting how time flies like flights, right? I was on Facebook this morning and someone was saying, ” imagine if 2020 is a trailer of 2021″. That’ll be so bad. I don’t pray for that as well because I […]

Best Tips on How to Travel With a Baby

Best Tips on How to Travel With a Baby

Traveling with a baby can be a very difficult task for mothers or even any adults. The super difficulty is when there are two or more. While babies can bring so much fun during travel, there are times that you just hope to have a mobile babysitter that will make […]