Low Tuition Universities in the USA

low tuition universities in the usa

The United States is home to many world-class universities and colleges. The reason behind this is not far-fetched. It has one of the best teaching environments, faculties, student facilities, and tutors, as well as some very cheap and affordable institutions with low tuition fees both for international students as well as the citizens. However, even … Read more

Safe Places to Live In Lagos (2022)

safe places to live in Lagos

Discover all of the safest places to live in Lagos and enjoy constant electricity. Lagos is a good place to live in Nigeria. If not the best place to live and enjoy 24 hours electricity. It is as well of one of the notorious states to live in Nigeria however there are really cool places … Read more

List Of Best Hotels In Badagry Lagos (2022)

hotels in Badagry

Badagry is a very popular local government area in Lagos State. Most people know this area as Badagry but it is also called Gbagle. The coastal town shares borders with Lagos city and Benin at Seme. Badagry is prominent for its historical significance and how it houses most archeological structures that tell so much about … Read more

Top 5 Best Hotels In Apapa, Lagos (2022)

hotels in Apapa

Hey, I’ve compiled a list of the best hotels you can find in Apapa, Lagos. Lagos is drastically improving in infrastructures, luxury, and lifestyle. Most visitors in the state now lookout for the best hotels to lodge in throughout their stay. Being the main seaport in Nigeria, Apapa is located to the west of Lagos … Read more

Top 5 Best Hotels In Ikeja, Lagos 2022 With Prices

hotels in Ikeja

Discover some of the cheap best hotels in Ikeja and save yourself from expensive fees. Hotel and hospitality management in Lagos is one of the prominent places that any visitor would first think of. And thankfully, we have a number of these hotels that are really great. But it is quite unfortunate that some of … Read more

Top 5 Best Hotels In Surulere Lagos 2022

top hotels in Surulere

If you have ever been to Surulere in Lagos, Nigeria, then you should be aware that this is a very lively area with a Fascinating blend of upscale cocktail bars, pulsing clubs, prestigious hotels, and laid-back beer parlors on busy Ojuelegba Road.  Coming all the way from the airport, and looking for a very good … Read more

Cheap Hotels In Abuja And Prices (2022)

cheap hotels in abuja

We have reviewed some of the best affordable hotels in the city of Abuja, Nigeria that has all the facilities that an ideal hotel should have and we think you would love them. Planning to visit Abuja for a vacation, business meeting, or ceremony and having no place to stay means you will be taking … Read more

Top 5 Hotels In Ikorodu And Their Prices 2022

hotels in ikorodu

In recent years, There has been an astonishing growth in the economy and population of Ikorodu Town in Lagos State.  There are also claims that things are beginning to get more expensive as many Lagosians are buying land and moving to that part of town.  It has indeed metamorphosed into what I’ll call a pure … Read more

Top 6 Hotels In Victoria Island Lagos And Their Prices

Hotels in Victoria Island

An excellent representation of Lagos city is the Vitoria island as it is the most deluxe and luxurious area to live in Lagos and Nigeria at large. There are many amazing places to visit in Victoria Island, Lagos which makes it a perfect place to host foreign guests and business travelers. Spending a week or … Read more

Top 5 Best Hotels In Yaba, Lagos (2022 Review)

hotels in Yaba

Discover the top hotels in Yaba, Lagos, and save yourself from an expensive night stay. There was a time the popular comedian ‘Elenu’ made a very interesting and shocking joke on a particular show about his real-life experience in a hotel in Lagos.  If you were present in that particular edition of Ay live at … Read more

Top 10 Best Hotels In Lekki, Lagos (2022)

hotels in Lekki

I think by now, it is needless to say that Lekki Is a high brow area, home to the affluent and rich dwellers of Lagos. Situated to the east of Lagos state, Lekki remains a center for luxury, entertainment, and fun. Lekki and similar locations on the Lagos island have prestige for being some of … Read more

KLM Flight Booking Nigeria 2022 Review


When you are talking about KLM, you are talking about a royal Dutch airline that flies to more than 520 destinations in over 60 countries of the world, operating on 2100 flights per day. Plus their first-class jet is made up of McDonnel Douglass aircraft, Airbus, Boeing and Embraer aircraft. With this little information, it … Read more

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