How Much is a Chinese Visa?

The cost of a Chinese Visa depends on a few factors, such as the applicant’s nationality, number of entries, visa type, the destination in China being applied to travel to, and the speed at which the applicant wishes to get the visa.

This explains why the China visa fee for United States (US) passport holders differs from that levied for Canadian, UK, Indian, or third-country passport holders.

Generally speaking, US Passport Holders are expected to pay $140 for all Chinese visas and single/double/multiple entry visas to China, while Canadian Passport Holders pay $100 (CAD) for the same. 

Whereas, the United Kingdom (UK) Passport Holders pay £85 as a China Visa application fee for all visa types, while visas with 5-year multiple entries cost £170. 

For Indian passport holders, the Single Entry China Visa fee is Rs3900, for Double Entry, Rs5850, and for Multiple Entries for 6 Months: Rs7800. In contradiction, resident applicants in third countries are charged $30 for a Single entry Chinese Visa and $45 for a Double entry.

If you read between the lines, you will realize that there is no straight jacket ballpark figure for the cost of china visa fees except if you specify the nationality from which you’re applying, the number of entries/duration of stay, type of Chinese visa and the destination you are headed.

For this reason, we have further explained the Chinese visa fee for different nationalities through the table below.

These fees are necessary for a China Visa Application unless you meet the China Visa Free Policy requirements.

China Visa Application Fees – Explained

Country Type of Visa Regular Issuance Express Issuance Rush Issuance
US Citizens Single Entry
Double Entries
Multiple Entries for 6 Months
Multiple Entries for 1 Year & above
$140 $165 $177
UK Citizens £85 £104
Canada Citizens Can$100 Can$135 Can$150
Others Citizens
(Australian, Nigerian…)
Single Entry $30 $55 $67
Double Entries $45 $70 $82
Multiple Entries for 6 Months $60 $85 $97
Multiple Entries for 1 Year & above $90 $115 $127


The Chinese Embassy charges these visa application fees at the local currency rate of the country you’re applying from. These fees may include visa processing charges and express and rush services, as illustrated in the table above.

The visa fees can be paid to either the China Visa Application Center in your country or the port of entry upon arrival in China, depending on your travel specifics.

What are the Chinese Visa Fees For Nigerian Applicants?

Again, Chinese visa fees for Nigerian passport holders are based on the number of entries, the validity period, and the type of visa being applied for. This table explains the kind of Chinese visas available for Nigerian passport holders and their respective application fees charged by the Chinese embassy in Nigeria.

Number of Entries Description Validity Period Fees in NGN
Single Entry visa Visa type to allow the applicant to enter China once Usually three(3) months N14, 000
Double Entry Visa Allows individuals to enter the People’s Republic of China twice Six (6) months N21, 000
The Multiple Entry visa The applicant is permitted to enter China as many times, provided the visa remains valid six months multiple entry visa and one-year multiple entry visa N28,000
– N42,000


Are There Extra Charges for Chinese Visa Fees?

There are no hidden fees to the standard visa fees for Chinese visa applications in Nigeria. However, applicants will be required to pay N11,200 in the event of visa Renewal.

There is also an extra charge when some documents for the application of certain visa types need authentication or notarization. The certification and legalization process of such papers will come at a price.

Similarly, authentication of civil documents while applying for a Chinese visa in Nigeria usually attracts around N4,800, separate from the standard visa fee.

Apart from all these, it is essential to admit that some visa processing centers will offer special application services that will attract specific fees abstract from the standard visa fees. Most of these services are required to hasten the processing of your visa, especially when it is urgent.

Applying For China Visa Requirements

The visa fee for a China visa application is just one of a few other requirements when processing your travel to China from your home country.

The required documentation to be submitted with your application depends on the visa type and the travel purpose. However, the most common is the tourist visa, and the requirements are 

  • a signed Passport with at least six months of validity
  • a correctly filled out visa Application form and a colored-Photo glued onto the paper
  • proof of legal residence (non-U.S citizens) and round trip or departing flight.

Other relevant documents for your application are proof of hotel reservation and documentation showcasing your itinerary plans for the travel.

Are Any Vaccines Required for China?

Apart from travelers arriving from Hong King and Macao, the Chinese government requires proof of yellow fever vaccination from new arrivals into the country following the surge of the global pandemic and to curtail the virus.

However, China does not currently enforce any other vaccination as a must to show proof before visitors can enter the country. Still, there are a few recommended vaccines that travelers are advised to observe before traveling at this time.

The Chinese government has spelled out its Covid-19 and visitor vaccination requirements on its official travel restriction page.

The latest information, however, is that China has relaxed its travel restrictions regarding tests, quarantine, and flights.

What is the Processing Time For a Chinese Visa?

It takes six to eight business days for a Chinese visa to be processed and issued (or rejected). This is the processing period for the standard processing time.

If you have the financial ability to get the Rush service, you can get your Chinese visa as soon as three days, whereas express service takes between 4 to 5 business days.

Is It Hard to Get a Chinese Visa?

YourYour visa application has to be accepted and approved by the local China Embassy or consulate office in your country of residence. Achieving this takes processes that are relatively easy to go through.

Generally speaking, the embassy requires a list of documents – some of which may appear challenging for applicants to gather, including proof of flights in and out of China, hotel booking confirmation, and proof of funds.

Travelers who apply for a Chinese visa of 30 days or less usually get their visa issued without problems.

Do Canadians Need Visas to go to China?

Citizens of Canada are not on the list of eligible individuals allowed to enter China without a visa. The Chinese government, till today, requires all Canadians to apply in person for their visas and pay the required visa application fee at the local Chinese visa office.

How Can I Enter China Without Visa?

Applying for a China visa is unnecessary if you are in transit through China by air. However, foreign citizens can only stay inside the airport for 24 hours with a valid connecting ticket on an international flight.

Aside from this, all entry into china for the United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, and other third countries must undergo the visa procedure.

Applying For Chinese Visa – Overview Guide

The first step to successfully applying for a Chinese Visa is finding out what kind of visa you need. This usually depends on your purpose of travel. For example, the Chinese China Tourist Visa (L Visa) is for visitors going to China for tourism, while the F Visa is for exchanges, study tours, or.

On the other hand, M Visa is for Business related travel like commercial and trade, while Student Visa (X Visa) is for studying in China.

After choosing the type of visa, you want to apply for, navigate to the official China Visa policy page to see the relevant requirement you must meet to submit your China Visa application at the Chinese Embassy or Diplomatic/Consular Missions.

As mentioned earlier, the processing time for your visa after submission differs from visa type, but you can expect it to take between 4 to 5 business days.

Bottom Line

Processing visa applications for traveling to China shouldn’t be rocket science. However, the reality is that the visa could be the only thing standing between you and your entry to one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

Now that you know the Chinese visa fee for application, you can avoid getting rejected or delaying approval due to improper fee payment.

But you must also take the other requirements and documents seriously, as explained in the above article.

If you have other areas of uncertainty about the Chinese Visa fees we might have left out in this article, feel free to share in the comments.

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