How Much Is Oman Visa?

The cost of an Oman Visa is determined by two main factors: the processing time you select during the Oman application process and the visa type. This article expresses everything you should know about Oman Visa fees thoroughly.

To begin with, only six states are visa-exempt for travel to Oman. Suppose your nationality requires you to get a Visa before entering the Arabian Peninsula. In that case, you need to know how much the processing fees will cost you in your local currency.

Before we dive into the different Oman Visa fees, it is essential to stress the need for you first to check your eligibility for an electronic visa before you plan your trip.

While some nationalities are visa-exempt, others can apply online from the comfort of their home.

So before you probe into the various Oman Visa fees, first answer the question of whether or not you need a visa to visit Oman, as it depends on your nationality. You can check your eligibility for the Oman eVisa through the Oman Ministry of Foreign affairs page or use any available Visa Checker online.

So What Is The Oman Visa Cost For Foreign Nationals?

As mentioned earlier, the processing speed and visa type will ultimately determine how much you will have to pay for an Oman visa.

Suppose you are utilizing the help of a visa processing service to obtain your Oman visa. In that case, there is a standard time processing, Rush, and Super rush options for applicants, all of which come at different price points.

Oman Visa Standard Processing Fee

The Standard processing fee for Oman visas is the slowest option and ideal for those not in a hurry to enter the Rubʿ al-Khali. The visa application takes four business days to be processed by the local Oman embassy in your country. The Oman visa fee at Standard processing time is $185 for 1 year, Multiple Entry eVisa.

Oman Visa Rush processing fee

The following speed option is the rush processing for Oman visa, which takes only two business days to be processed and for your permit to be issued. As you’d expect, the Oman Visa fees at Rush processing are relatively higher than the standard processing time. It costs applicants $227 per person for a 1year, Multiple Entry eVisa.

Oman Visa Super rush processing fee

This is the fastest alternative for getting an Oman Visa and is primarily patronized by people who need to catch the next flight to Oman. It would take around one business day to process and get your visa ready. The Oman visa fee at super rush processing costs around $273 per applicant for 1year, Multiple Entry eVisa.

Take note that these prices can further slightly vary depending on the specific visa type being applied for. Hence, let’s look at the various kinds of Oman visas available for foreign passport holders.

Oman Visa Types for Foreign Nationals

Foreign passport holders can apply for an Oman visa based on their purpose of travel. The Golf state offers tourist visas, family joining/resident visas, investor resident, employment visas, transit visas, relative/friend visit visas, and student resident visas.  

These various visa types can be issued as either single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry visas with a validity period of up to 90 days in periods of 180 days.

Here are the details of the various Oman Visa types:

The Oman Type C (Short-term Stay) Visa

This is the type of visa that applicants intent on spending not more than 90 days in the Asian country can apply for.

Oman Type D (Long-term Stay) Visa

The Oman long-term visa has a validity period of 90 days and beyond. It encompasses a Student visa, employment visa, Investor resident visa, and family joining visa.

The Family Joining Visa is granted to the spouse or children of a foreigner who resides in Oman. The children applicants must be younger than 21 years old.

On the part of a Student Visa, it allows foreign nationals to enter the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula on multiple terms for a maximum of two years for education.

The Employment Visa also falls under Oman Long term visa category. Here, applicants are issued the visa following the request of the sponsor or employer that is in Oman.

The Oman Employment visa is open for extension application and grants multiple entries.

Oman Visa for Cultural & Sports Activities

This kind of visa is issued for single entry upon request of a local sponsor for participation in conventions and festivals.

The permit allows the applicant to participate in cultural, sports, or religious events in the Arabian country with a validity period of three weeks.

Professionals going to Oman to attend entertainment shows will have to apply for a Troupe/Artist visa. The peculiar requirements for this application include documented details of the event via entry tickets, points on hotel bookings, or an invitation letter for the performance.

Oman Visa for Short-term Education and Internship

An approval letter/training agreement from the prospective employer or education center in Oman is expected to be included in your application documents submitted to the Oman embassy in your home country.

This visa is meant for those who want to travel to Oman to take on internships or short-term education programs.

Oman Tourist Visa

Third-country nationals who wish to travel to the country for tourism purposes are to apply for a Tourist visa.

The validity period does not exceed one month, counting from the entry date, and it is issued for a single-entry visit.

Oman Business Visa

This visa is for foreign nationals who plan to enter Oman for commercial activities such as attending/holding business meetings or other business-oriented activities.

Part of this visa requirement is that the sponsor provides a Stamped invitation letter to explain the travel intent. For local conventions, the express visa of this category is available for people in business, provided the sponsor in Oman sends a request to the Oman embassy for processing.

Oman Visa for Visit to Family & Friends 

If you are traveling to Oman to meet with family members, friends, or relatives, this is the proper Oman visa to apply for. Applicants from a third country will have to provide a letter of invitation from the person hosting them in Oman to support the application process.

The validity period for this visa type is at most three months, counting from the official date you entered Oman on the visa.

Oman Transit Visa

This is a single-entry visa to Oman with a validity period of 72 hours. It is for those who need airport transit at Oman’s international zone.

For this visa, the applicant must provide a travel document or passport with a validity period of at least six months after the travel dates.

Other necessary documents for the Oman transit visa include travel tickets and a permit for the next destination you are taking a flight to (if required)

Can Oman Visa Application Be Rejected after Paying Visa Fees?

An Oman Visa application can be denied due to specific reasons. The common sense of why visa applications get rejected centers around incomplete documents, failure to meet the requirements, and late appointment attendance, among many other factors.

The embassy, in the rejection email, will indicate the reasons for the rejection and the deadlines slated for you to submit an appeal.

Note that the Oman Visa processing fees are non-refundable whether or not your visa gets approved.

How much is an Oman visa from UAE?

The standard processing fee for an Oman Visa for UAE nationals is $66 per person. However, the fee can be influenced by the type of visa and how soon you want to get it. Rush processing can cost you $122 per person but will make your visa processed within two business days. The standard processing time takes four business days.

Is Oman Visa Easy to Get?

Following the introduction of the Oman Electronic Visa application system in 2019, getting an Oman visa as a foreign passport holder has become relatively easy.  What takes the work is gathering the requirements needed for your visa type. Still, chances are you already have everything you need at your disposal.

How Much is Overstay in Oman?

When the validity period of your Oman visa expires, and you remain within the Gulf state, you will have to face penalties for overstaying.

Applicants who fault the validity period of their specific visa type will pay 10 Omani Rials (about $26) per day starting from the day their visa expires in Oman.

It’s a Wrap

Oman Visa fee is one of the most searched pieces of information by travelers because the Gulf state has a concise list of visa-free counties. Hence, most international travelers will need a valid visa to enter Oman.

In 2019, the Arabian country halted the Visa On Arrival system, forcing foreign passport holders to apply for their Oman Visa before leaving their country of residence.

We have seen the different types of Oman Visa fees, especially if you turn to a visa processing service.

The good news about applying for Oman Visa today is that you can now apply for an online visa for Oman (eVisa), especially if you’re from the United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Canada, and many more countries.

It makes things less complicated.

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