How to Process Oman Visa for Indians: Eligibility, Documents Required, Application Process, & Approval.

The Sultanate of Oman, which is popularly referred to as Oman, for short, is an Arab country situated in Western Asia across the Persian Gulf. Oman practices a monarchy type of government. The country is one of the most economically viable countries in the world with a per capita income of USD 19,509. Oman is the 41st most affluent country in the world, 68th in terms of economic viability, and one of the countries with a high purchasing power.

Oman is rich in crude oil products and agriculture and earns most of its income trading oil for foreign exchange. Given its robust economy and geographic attractions, many people worldwide including Indians have made Oman a tourist destination of choice. This article examines Oman visa for Indians with a focus on the eligibility, requirements, method of application, and post-visa application processes.


Everyone, including minors (people below 18 years) is eligible to apply for an Oman visa for Indians. Also, minors and non-minors pay the same non-refundable visa application fee (OMR 20.00 or INR 4,256). Where a minor is traveling without a parent(s), both parents are required to sign a permission slip showing that they consent that their minor travel to Oman.

List of Oman visas for Indians

  1. Tourist Visa: permits single entry strictly for tourism.
  2. Business Visa: for Indians intending to do business in Oman.
  3. Family Visa: permits visits by friends or family members.
  4. Investor Visa: for Indians intending to invest in Oman.
  5. Employment Visa: for Indian employees with a sponsor.
  6. Student Visa: for Indian nationals intending to study at Oman-accredited educational institution(s)

Document Requirements

Certain documents (in electronic copy) are required to process Oman visa for Indians. Below are some of them:

  1. Your Indian national passport is valid not later than 6 months upon arrival in Oman.
  2. One (1) clear and neat passport-sized photograph of you.
  3. Credit card or debit card (to make payments for processing fees, etc.).
  4. The Completed Oman visa Application form.
  5. Your receipt of a return flight ticket.
  6. Proof of accommodation in Oman (i.e. valid booked hotel ticket).

Scan/snap these into softcopy and upload them where required during the application process. You may not be required to present the hard copy of the above while being interviewed at the Oman embassy.

How to Apply

There are 2 modes of application:

  1. applying via the eVisa method
  2. applying using the traditional method

How to Apply Using the eVisa Method

Oman electronic visa (eVisa) application is one of the fastest and most used application routes because it’s faster and cheaper. However, to use this method you must visit the Oman online visa application portal ( or pass through a licensed agent.

If you’re using an agent you have to visit the agent’s website or use the agent’s mobile app to apply. Whether you’re using Oman’s online visa application portal ( or a licensed agent to apply the process is the same. You will have to fill out the application form, upload the softcopy of the required documents, select your preferred travel dates, and submit your application for approval.

To be eligible for the eVisa application, you must be an Indian national who:

  1. Holds a valid residence permit, or
  2. Holds a visa from the USA, Australia, a Schengen country, Japan, the U.K., Canada, or
  3. Has a residence card from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

If you don’t want to go this route, possibly because you don’t meet the conditions above, there is a second option – the traditional approach.

How to Apply Using the Traditional Method

The traditional approach to applying for Oman Visa for Indians is to visit the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman, New Delhi, or the Consulate and apply there.

Post Visa Application Steps

After you’ve applied for Oman Visa and paid the statutory fees, there are still 2 more things to do:

  • Book a Visa Appointment
  • Attend Your Visa Appointment

Book a Visa Appointment

The second step after making the necessary payments and submitting your visa application form is to book a visa appointment with the visa officer at the Embassy of Oman in India. The Visa officer will help you fast-track your visa application process.

Attend the Visa Appointment

Once your visa appointment has been accepted, you will be invited to come for an interview at the Embassy. This is for the embassy to know you in person and gather post-visa application information from you to help process your visa application.

Approval Time

It takes a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 7 days for an Oman visa for Indians to be processed. However, there are times when an application is delayed due to a high influx of applications or issues with visa application documentation or information.

Where the former is the case, all you have to do is exercise patience and wait. If you are the cause of the delay, endeavor to correct the mistakes and provide the required supporting documents to quicken the approval of your visa application

Concluding Remarks

While applying Oman Visa for Indians can be hitch-free for many people, it can be tedious for others if necessary caution is not taken during the application process. Hence, it’s important to save time by having all your documents ready before starting the application. Also, cross-check the information provided to avoid risking visa denial due to errors.

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