Cost Of Borehole Drilling in Nigeria (2023)

In Nigeria, most homes and businesses consider water borehole as an investment. Water is life and has no enemy, also, having a borehole in your home is one of the reliable sources to get constant water supply, in this country.

In this post, we want to cover the cost of Borehole in Nigeria as well as all the important factors that affect the cost of a borehole in Nigeria. If you’re thinking of installing a borehole, there are a few factors that affect how much it will cost you.

While will we give you an estimated figure that is based on our experience and recent projects in Nigeria, we encourage you to read to the end so that you don’t go for a too-good-to-be-true borehole drilling service that you may regret at the end.

The life cycle of a borehole can be decades, especially when it’s created with the right equipment and maintained well. However, you may likely spend more than the usual to get the best borehole drilling service in Nigeria.

To start with, you should know that the borehole drilling service will cost more in the southeast but appears to be quite more affordable in the southwest of Nigeria. Generally, the cost of a borehole in Nigeria varies from state to state. In this post, we are going to share with you the current estimated cost of borehole drilling service in Nigeria and factors that affect the price based on our recent projects and research too.

borehole drilling service nigeria

So what is the cost of a borehole in Nigeria?

The current cost of standard borehole drilling service in Nigeria ranges from as low as NGN120,000 to as high as NGN3,000,000,000. The cost is influenced by several factors. As said earlier, the location and area of the borehole drilling in Nigeria is a huge determinant for borehole drilling. For example, in places like Enugu state, Imo state, and Anambra state, borehole usually costs a high amount like NGN500,000 to NGN3,000,000 depending on the standard.

But if the location where you need the borehole drilling service is located in places like Ibadan, Lagos, and Ogun state, then you should expect the cost to fall within the range of NGN120,000 to NGN500,000

The point is that the cost of a borehole in Nigeria is determined by the drilling process, manpower, and location.

One other thing you should know as someone interested in borehole drilling service in Nigeria is that the borehole drilling in most of the country is usually between the range of a hundred or two hundred feet depending on the level of availability of water.

The process of drilling borehole in Nigeria as understood by professionals in the field involves various styles, stages, skills, and steps. This makes them vary in price and duration to get it perfectly done and running.

The process is tasking and quite expensive. Now that you know the estimated cost of borehole drilling service in Nigeria, another important thing you should be concerned about is contacting the right borehole drilling professionals to get the job done. That is why we are here for you!

Frequently asked questions

Will the borehole last the years?

We can categorically tell you that a well-drilled borehole will last for generations. It all depends on the much work done by the drillers in the first place as it determines how long it will last. From our projects, we have come across some boreholes that were made in the 50s or 60s and they are still good.

To get the full benefit of borehole drilling, which includes longevity, you need to be sure you are dealing with a trusted contractor and that is why we are the best option for you. We incorporate modern drilling techniques and skilled workmanship that makes our borehole service last for many years.

Will the water from a drilled borehole dry up?

Part of the service we offer is to drill a borehole in a location that will produce the best water yield. We examine factors like this before starting any project. Our professional examination includes geological surveys that give us clarification on where a water-yielding rock is present.

Whenever you hear cases where there is a lesser flow of water in a borehole, just know that there has been a lot of abstraction without much chance for the water to replenish. It is among the task of a borehole drilling company to identify this. For a job well done by a trusted contractor, you are never going to experience this.

Will I need to replace the pump?

One of the important directions and project advice we give to our client is the frequent maintenance of the pump. This is very essential to avoid problems such as replacement or spoilage.

In all the components put together to form the borehole, the pump is the machinery that runs consistently for years, so enough effort must be put in place to make sure it functions at its best.

The right borehole drilling company will not use pumps that are not the right size for the boreholes. Part of the factors that can lead to the replacement of pumps is when a simple old pump is used in the first place. These are the thing you should know and highlight when outlining what you want the contractor to do for you concerning your borehole.

For borehole driller Nigerian company, we make use of pumps that will last for your borehole. How are they sure of this? They are made of tested and trusted manufacturers and will not develop any problem for years.

They can authoritatively tell you that your borehole should last for more than eight years when it has the right size and installed perfectly.

With all these facts and figures, it may now seem difficult to get a trusted contractor to handle your borehole. It is actually.

Now that you know the cost of the borehole in Nigeria, as well as all the important answers to the thing you should have in mind when choosing a borehole drilling company to handle your borehole in Nigeria, you can contact and speak to their experts about borehole and also book a project with them.

They are the best borehole drilling and water treatment company in Nigeria, one you can trust!