Dana Flight From Abuja To Lagos 2023 Schedule & Price

Dana flight from Abuja to Lagos is one of the most travelled routes of the 2008 established airline. This airline is one of the major domestic airlines in the country that is committed to the provision of an efficient and memorable travelling experience to its customers.

To know more about Dana flight and how to efficiently book on the airline, you can click here.

As stated above, the route from Abuja to Lagos is one of the major routes of the Dana airline. To this effect, seven Dana flights operate on this route to meet up demands.

Before you go book an Abuja to Lagos flight, you must know that Dana’s earliest flight leaves Abuja by 9:00 am.

How Long Does Dana Flight From Abuja to Lagos Last?

It takes one hour, thirteen minutes (1hrs 13mins) for the Dana airline to fly from Abuja to Lagos.

How much is a one-way Ticket for Dana Flight from Abuja to Lagos

You can get a ticket for as low as N22, 000 and at an average of N35, 000. The price of these tickets varies from time to time. To get it at a cheaper rate. I will advise you to book a month before your time of departure. The closer the time of Departure, the more expensive it will be.

Although, this varies from one class fare to another. Dana flight has three class fares, which are:  Economy, Premium Economy and Business class. These three-class fares vary in price and quality.  Their original ticket prices will be known during the time of booking.

How much is The Return Ticket of Dana Flight from Abuja to Lagos

You can get it between N44, 000 and N 75,000. To get it a cheaper rate, look at what I explained above. The same principle applies here too.

Do I Need a Passport for Dana Flight from Abuja to Lagos?

No, you don’t. You just simply need an ID, which can be your Permanent Voters Card Driver license or NYSC ID. Passports are only mandatory for international trips. To get the full procedures on how to apply for one, click here to read.

Dana Flight From Abuja to Lagos Timetable

Airline Time of Departure (Non-stop) Time of Arrival
 Dana Airlines354 ·         09:00 AM


10:17 AM


·         Check Price


·          Dana Airlines358


·         05:28 PM


06:45 PM


·         Check Price


·          Dana Airlines356


·         01:05 PM


02:22 PM


·         Check Price


·          Dana Airlines336


·         10:45 AM


11:55 AM


·         Check Price


 Dana Airlines363 ·         03:30 PM


04:45PM Check Price


 Dana Airlines360


·         07:08 PM


08:15 PM


·         Check Price


·          Dana Airlines352


·         11:07 AM


12:24 PM


·         Check Price



 Additional Information

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Lagos is one of the best destinations you can go to. Dana Airline is always there to help you get to the best city in Nigeria. For more information on Lagos, click here to get the full details.