IMAX Cinema Lekki Filmhouse Review 2023 (Ticket Prices)

Imax Cinema Lekki Review

As a movie lover like you, we have encountered bad cinema experiences several times that we’d like to forget. Getting quality movie viewing in Lagos these days that will return your money’s value has become another city hassle itself. This is the major reason why we have put out this post to recommend one of the city’s best film houses.

IMAX cinemas take you on a movie adventure like never before. Without mentioning the amazing facilities ranging from screening in 2D and 3D, IMAX Cinema Lekki boasts of an astonishing state of the art IMAX (short for Image Maximum) screen. It also flaunts its highest image resolution ever and remarkable hospitality in a serene environment, IMAX Film house provides a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Have you been to a film house that makes it almost seem like you’re part of the movie cast? IMAX Film house provides you with an excellent opportunity to make this wish come true!

A brief History of Filmhouse Cinemas

IMAX Cinemas Lekki

Kicking off in December 2012, Filmhouse Cinemas Limited set out with a strategic plan to roll-out twenty-five cinemas over a six-year period. While Filmhouse Cinemas Limited has been around for a while with some branches across Nigeria, the Lekki Cinema Imax provides new technology, as the first of its kind in West Africa with a different projector, lights, and overall cinema viewing experience

With a clear and well-understood organizational structure, Filmhouse continually strives to appoint employees with requisite skills, knowledge, and experience for the roles they undertake.

IMAX Cinema is often used for special-venue film presentations. It offers an enhanced viewing experience for movie lovers who do not mind paying a premium for it. The company management team has over 100 years of combined cinema operation and development experience gained in England, Italy, USA, Spain, and Nigeria.

This goal stemmed from the company’s desire to be the number 1 cinema brand in Nigeria as the cinemas have over 10 cinemas in different locations in the country.

IMAX Cinema Lekki Filmhouse Review 2023

IMAX Lekki

The cinema building in Lekki Phase 1 officially opened its doors to the public on September 9, 2016. At present, its visitors can enjoy IMAX Lekki Cinema movies on 2D screen 3D screen Exclusive 2D format screen called “The Big Screen” Premium 2D screen CUBE Screen (supplied with privileged services) Signature 2D screen. Filmhouse Cinemas took about two years to launch the IMAX franchise and it is currently the first largest cinema screen and film house in Nigeria and indeed West Africa.

At a closer look, this facility has five (5) screens — the IMAX Screen theatre, two regular 75-seater screens called Premium 1 and 2, and two other Private screen theatres — all constructed to conveniently accommodate up to a thousand people at a time.

IMAX Filmhouse operates a flexible movie schedule; adjusting to your time and convenience and allowing you to still be able to watch that trending movie. The on-site signature bar and lounge and the terrace bar are excellent places where you can have some light beverages. The large luxury foyer is also a beautiful place to share your expectations about the movie and plan the next visit.

The Filmhouse app is available to help you find trending movies, watch reviews and book movie tickets in advance.

Apart from the usual 2D and 3D screen viewing available at Filmhouse, the cinema also has IMAX screens; allowing you to view motion pictures with the most lucid and highest resolution there is. FilmHouse Cinemas has been around for a while with branches in Surulere, Apapa, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Calabar, and many others. So the IMAX screen is incorporation with FilmHouse. The first of its kind in West Africa; it is 28meters long, about two-story buildings high and seats 339 people. It’s a new technology, the projector is different, the lights, the experience. So, there’s really no competition.”

The cube

This is a luxury private screen with cozy sofas for just 8 guests and a private restroom within the apartment. The CUBE has a price tag of N120,000 for 3 hours and comes with a choice of movies, intercom and buffet service.

The Signature screen

This is a 33-seater private screen usually for corporate or personal events and it is purposely set to also serve as a Conference Hall. The Signature has a price tag of N8, 000 during off-peak periods, and N10, 000 during peak periods with complimentary popcorn, drinks, water, appetizer, and an option to order for anything off the menu.

Whatever time of the day, you can be guaranteed of catching a great movie. However, a trip to the cinemas in the evenings is always ideal, as most movies premiere late in the day.

Things To Do At IMAX Filmhouse Lekki

  • Filmhouse IMAX Cinemas offers a large luxury Foyer, the Terrace Bar, the Signature Bar and Lounge, and a world-class restaurant service and you can eat anywhere within the building.
  • Filmhouse IMAX Cinemas also offers a large luxury Foyer, the Terrace Bar, the Signature Bar and Lounge, and a world-class restaurant service and you can eat anywhere within the building.
  • Witness the mind-blowing IMAX screen viewing experience with the almost-real movie simulations.
  • Enjoy the different snacks and milkshakes available in their menu.
  • You can choose to Hangout in the cinema environs with friends or while waiting for your movie.
  • With giant screens and an immersive experience that makes it almost seem like you’re part of the movie cast, IMAX cinemas take you on a movie.
  • Filmhouse IMAX Cinemas also offers a large luxury Foyer, the Terrace Bar, the Signature Bar and Lounge, and a world-class restaurant service and you can eat anywhere within the building.

How To Get To IMAX Filmhouse:  Opening Hours and Contacts

From anywhere in the city, you should find a way to get to Lagos Island. The Filmhouse IMAX cinema is located at The Rock Drive, Off Bisola Durosinmi-Etti Drive, Lekki Phase I, Lagos.

  • Website:
  • IMAX Lekki phone number: 08123751498, 08084641767
  • IMAX Lekki address: The Rock Drive Off Bisola Durosinmi Etti Drive, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria
  • IMAX Lekki ticket booking Calling all Fashion Entrepreneurs: Apply for a free stall at the GTBank Fashion IMAX Lekki The movie cinema is open daily from 09:30 AM to 01:00 AM.

Imax Cinema Ticket Prices 2023

If you are in a hurry and do not want to waste your time standing in long queues at the cinema, you can book the tickets (including the tickets with a future date) online on its official website.

Here are the ticket prices:

  • IMAX kids 3D – N2500 (for children of 3 – 14 years)
  • IMAX kids 2D – N2000 (for children of 3 – 14 years)
  • kids 2D/3D – free of charge (for children of 2 years and under only if they are in a carrier, a lap or a stroller)
  • IMAX adults 3D – N3000
  • IMAX adults 2D – N3500
  • Signature weekdays – N3000
  • Signature weekends and on public holidays – N5000

While going to enjoy a 3D movie, you should also think of buying glasses because the ticket cost does not include them. Let me spell it out here that  Customers cannot buy the tickets via a phone call.

A visit to the IMAX Lekki cinema is always a terrific idea. Have fun and enjoy the best movies with your friends and children!

IMAX Cinema Lekki


In summary, If you need a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of Lagos, consider visiting Filmhouse IMAX Cinemas. From ‘state-of-the-art’ facilities, warm and exceptional customer service to a remarkable serenity, luxurious ambiance, and of course, the IMAX experience. There are movies for all ages and new releases premiere every Friday!

Have you already watched the movies on the big screen of IMAX Cinema Lekki? This is one of the best cinemas in Nigeria, offering a diverse choice of films for all tastes and ages. You can call your friends right now and arrange for a movie date with FastLagos as we plan to grace there very soon.

Make sure that you check out the ticket order that we have provided in this article, the showing times, and contacts. You can use the comment section to signify your interest to join us on a visit to IMAX Cinema Lekki. Feel free to also share your experience at the movie showing centers as well.