10 Important Steps To Become a US Citizen

Becoming a US citizen might be a hard stone to crack. You become restless after submitting your application and all you’re waiting for is a positive response.

In this article, you will know the necessary steps to become a US citizen. You don’t have to panic about how to go about it or where to start, this article is detailed and guides you through the necessary steps.

Before you begin your application process, you need to know if you’re eligible to apply. Some requirements for eligibility are also listed in this article.

Sit comfortably as you learn the steps to becoming a US citizen in this article.

Steps To Become a US Citizen

 Step 1: Check if you’re eligible to become a US Citizen

The first step to becoming a US citizen is knowing if you are eligible for application because not everybody is eligible to apply to become a US Citizen.

You must have had a valid green card for a minimum of 5 years, or your partner must be a US citizen for a minimum of three years, and you might have served in the US military or been the child of a US citizen. Some applicants need to have a green card on the day of their citizenship interview.

Other requirements include; Knowledge of the English language, Good moral conduct, and an attachment to the nation and the constitution.

Step 2: Continue your application process by preparing your Form N-400

The next step in becoming a US citizen is to complete the United States Citizenship application. You can get the form by downloading it, creating a free account, and carefully filling and completing the application.

Some of the questions you might be asked are; information about your parents, where you’ve lived before, your marital history, educational history, past and current employment, and many other personal questions.

Make sure to answer the questions truthfully and don’t leave out any important details because, on the day of your interview, you’ll still be referred back to some of your questions.

Answer truthfully and remember your answers, don’t forget to make your answers clear.

Step 3: Get your passports and documents ready

The third step to becoming a US Citizen is getting your passports ready. Your passports must be identical, US passport-sized ( 2 in × 2 or 5cm × 5m), and the background must be light or white.

It is important to know that you’re not allowed to cover your hair, except for religious reasons. Your passports must be clear with a full view of your face, from your head to chin. Passports should be taken not more than 30 days before you fill out the Naturalization form.

After your passports, you should get your documents ready. Your green card must be included in the document you want to send. The front and back sides are required. Kindly note that you’re to send your photocopied documents and not the original.

You should only take the original along with you on the day of your interview. If you have a document that isn’t in English, get a translated version and attach it.

Step 4: Submit your application form

The next step to becoming a US Citizen is applying. Before you submit, make sure you have submitted the right documents and filled the form correctly, to avoid any errors or mistakes.

After cross-checking, then you can submit it to the appropriate service center. The application fee and fingerprinting are $725 and must be sent via money order or check.

Immediately after you submit your application, you will receive a receipt from USCIS. After then, you can check case processing times and your case status online.

Step 5: Get your biometrics done

After submitting your application, you will be contacted by U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS)to book an appointment for your biometrics.

Your biometrics will be taken to check for criminal records and other necessary information. Be sure to arrive at your designated location at the scheduled time.

When going, take your green card and another form of photo identification with you.

Step 6: Attend your N-400 Interview 

The next step to becoming a US Citizen is attending the naturalization interview. After the process is completed, the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service will schedule an interview with you to complete the Naturalization process.

It is important that you take your appointment notice with you, and report to the USCIS office at the scheduled date and time.

USCIS recommends that applicants arrive at the office 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time and date for the interview and take along their green card passport and other re-entry permits you may have.

You will be asked questions about your application and background, your character, and your willingness to take an oath of allegiance to the U.S.

Step 7: Take Civics and English Test

During the naturalization interview, you will be tested on your ability to write, read and speak English.

Also, your knowledge of US civics will be tested. So, you must know the history and civics of the United States. Make sure to answer all questions correctly as they might determine if you will be granted citizenship or not.

Step 8: Wait for a decision on your application

After the interview, U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service will mail a decision notice to you. If you filed your N-400 application form online, you can access the electronic notice in your account.

The decision sent by USCIS will come in any of these answers.

Granted: This means that USCIS has approved your Form N-400 if the evidence in your records shows that you are eligible for Naturalization.

Continued: This means that USCIS has continued your application because you might need to provide additional evidence/documentation, or you failed to provide USCIS with the correct documents.

Denied: This means that your form has been denied and your record establishes you are not eligible for naturalization.

Step 9: Take The Oath of Allegiance

If the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service approved your Form N-400 you will be able to participate in the naturalization ceremony on the same day as your interview.

If you are granted US citizenship, you must take the oath of Allegiance to the United States. After the oath-taking, you will be given the Certificate of Naturalization and you can now be called a proud citizen of the United States.

Make sure to return your green card to USCIS when you check in for the oath ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a lawyer to help me fill my Form N-400?

Answer: No, you don’t need a lawyer to help you with your application process, you can fill it out yourself. But, if you want someone that can help you legally, be sure to use somebody who’s authorized to do so. To avoid getting scammed because not all lawyers or attorneys can help with the process.

How many questions will be asked on the civic tests?

Answer: About 10 questions will be asked but you have to pass at least six.

How many times do I have to apply to become a US citizen?

Answer: There is no specific number of times to apply for Citizenship by naturalization process.

Do I have to take my original documents/certificates to the interview?

Answer: Yes. You must take your original documents to the interview. Some documents you should take along are birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, court orders, etc.

Will USCIS grant me citizenship once I pass the English and civics test?

Answer: No, the civics and English test aren’t the only requirements to pass. There are other requirements to pass.


Anybody who wants to become a US citizen by naturalization has to go through the necessary steps to become a US citizen.

Good luck with your application process.

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