Destinations to spend new year eve in Nigeria

Top 5 Nigerian Destinations To Spend New Year’s Eve

Upon my recent post on the best destinations in Nigeria to Visit This December, we going to now look into the Top 5 Nigerian Destinations To Spend New Year’s Eve. The welcoming of a new year should involve visiting a nice location to clear the mind and refresh the memory […]

destinations in Nigeria

10 Top Destinations in Nigeria to Visit This December

Whether you want it or not, the end of the year is gradually coming to knock at the door. The frenzy and catchy activities that envelops the atmosphere at the end of the year and welcoming of a new year celebration will soon begin to take its place across the […]

spots for indian food in Lagos

5 Top Spots For The Best Indian Food in Lagos

There are restaurants in Lagos that can boast of top-notch service when it comes to the preparation of intercontinental dishes. Hotels in Lagos Island, especially, are now interested in giving their customers a wonderful experience with the luxury of offering foreign dishes.  In this post, we want to look into […]

things to know before working in Dubai

10 Things to Know Before Packing Your Bags to Live and Work in Dubai

Packing your bags to live and work in Dubai is not a piece of cake, especially to most Nigerians. You need quality information on how to go about the traveling process.  If you have never been to Dubai before, this may appear as a very huge deal to finally relocate […]

best place to order meal for valentine's day

Best Places to Order Meals from for Valentine’s Day

There is no other better cruise compared to spending intimate time with your significant other or spouse on Valentine’s day.  If you both are not the outing type, or you don’t want to be among those caught jostling to get tickets to a gateway, or perhaps, you both just decide […]

Lekki Leisure Lake

How I Finally Visited Lekki Leisure Lake in Lagos

Lekki Leisure Lake Review Last Updated: Saturday, June 20, 2020 They say the real deal in Lagos is abundant on the island. Any typical Lagosian like me can be easily swayed by the notion that “the island is where things happen”. But this belief took another gear the day I […]

top spa in Lagos

Top 10 Spas In Lagos For Relaxing Massage

Fast Lagos Top Spas in Ikeja, Lagos We all deserve to be pampered after going through the bustle and hustle of the normal city life in Lagos. When you think of where to relieve from the rigors of surviving in Lagos – the most competitive city in the country, then […]

imax cinema lekki

IMAX Cinemas Lekki – All You Need To Know

Imax Cinema Lekki Review As a movie lover like you, we have encountered bad cinema experiences several times that we’d like to forget. Getting quality movie viewing in Lagos these days that will return your money’s value has become another city hassle itself. This is the major reason why we […]

Waterfalls in Africa

5 African Waterfalls To Visit This Summer

Africa is a great continent and it is not just about the people but about the natural scenic places to visit.  Africa in general holds myriads of adventurous places and wonder lust views that will entertain just any kind of tourist in the world.  Today we shall look into the […]

best gifts for mom who travels

12 Best Gifts for Moms Who Love to Travel

Does your Mom like to Travel? Check out our best gifts for Moms. If your mother likes to travel and you want to give her something that she’ll use almost every time and for a long period of time, then you should think of getting her a travel item that […]

tourist attractions in Dubai

Lagos To Dubai – The Best Tourist Attractions In Dubai Worth Seeing

Discover the best tourist attractions in Dubai worth visiting this year. Dubai out of nowhere has now the most visited place by tourists all around the world. Dubai is just a random city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates with luxurious buildings that sets an average Nigerian in awe. […]

Lekki Leisure Lake Lagos

All You Need To Know About Lekki Leisure Lake, Lagos

Are you wondering what interesting and exciting things to do with yourself, and perhaps your family, over the weekend in Lagos? Well, maybe you are not yet definite as to what fun activity you really want to get yourself involved in. Among other exciting moments to experience, if you do […]