Oniru Beach Review 2023 (Gate Fee & Accommodation)

Are you planning on visiting Oniru beach in Lagos anytime soon?

Don’t be like many first-timers we meet who make many mistakes around the Beach, awkwardly sending the impression of a ‘Jonny Just Come,’ or even worse, spend too much for less while adjusting to how things happen in the resort.

In this article, we’ll expose you to all you need to know about Oniru Beach before stepping your feet there so that you make the right decisions, from navigation to engaging in the fun activities there.

Oniru beach in Lagos is a favorite for many Lagosians and tourists. Apart from being very easy to locate, it is one of the preferable beaches because of its closeness to the Atlantic ocean.

The waterfront is a private property owned by the Oniru royal family, a suburb of Victoria Island, Lagos. The availability of food, drinks, and serenity makes Oniru private Beach one of the most popular beaches to visit in Lagos.

How Much Is Oniru Beach Gate Fee?

The gate entry fee for Oniru beach in Lagos is 1,000 Naira for adults and free for kids between the age of 3-17.

The gate fee of Oniru private beach is competitive compared to the price point offered by the 29 other beaches in Lagos state. For example, Landmark beach – often placed side-by-side with Oniru on the grounds of neatness, exclusivity, and popularity – would cost you 2000 Naira for the gate fee for adults during weekdays.

This would fund the gate fee of two persons at Oniru, not to mention during weekends where the gate fee at Landmark and similar beaches go as high as N3500 per adult.

Although Tarkwa Bay Beach shares a similar gate fee cost with Oniru as it charges 1000 Naira per adult, renting chairs and tents remains. Another comparable beach in terms of gate fee is Elegushi which sets twice the amount of Oniru Beach per adult.

So, it is safe to conclude that the gate fee of Oniru beach is relatively inexpensive. You also need to be sure whether you’re going alone or as a group, as this would influence the overall gate fee cost.

Where Is Oniru Beach Located in Lagos?

The Oniru beach in Lagos is located at 1 Ligali Ayorinde Street, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

If you are coming from the Mainland, it will take around 20 to 30 minutes to get to this place, with minor gridlock here and there. Visitors coming from Lekki Phase one to Oniru beach may spend as low as five minutes during the journey.

We would advise that you instead visit Oniru beach during the weekdays. If you have no option but to go there on the weekend, then make sure you do not drive in a private car. Take a ride-hailing service (e.g., Uber, Bolt, Rider, etc) instead.

This is because the traffic at the gate, both at the entrance and the exit, is determined to frustrate you during weekends. It is that time of the week when many people would come to this destination, and you can expect anything.

The location of Oniru beach is quite strategic. It shares the environment with some exciting attractions in Lagos state, including the Nike Centre For Art And Culture, Leisure Sports Paintball Landmark, CitiDrive, and even the House of Deola.

What are Oniru Beach Opening Periods?

The private Beach is open to anyone 24 hours a day. So, you can visit at any time of the day. However, there is mostly a curfew at nightfall.

The curfew begins at 12am. This is where the resort officially closes and does not allow entry or exit into the Beach until morning.

In other words, it would be best to come before midnight if you intend to spend the night at the Beach.

Is Parking Free At Oniru Private Beach?

Parking isn’t accessible at Oniru beach; If you are driving, you will pay 200 Naira for parking because there will be security to watch your car and protect it from unseen theft.

The private Beach is where many people come in to hold birthday parties, pool parties, and picnics. Hence, the exposure of valuables like cars must be kept under security check.

This is why you pay a parking fee to safeguard your property while you enjoy the Beach.

Payment of parking fees is a common thing in most resorts in Lagos. Oniru private beach, in particular, guarantees enough safety precautions, as well as safety officials who watch and guide people’s movements on the Beach.

If you want to avoid the parking fee, it is best to come with a ride-hailing service.

Fun Things to do at Oniru Beach

1. Swimming: You can swim at the private resort provided you have your swimming trunk as a beginner or can swim.

2. Horse Ride: The cost of horse riding in Oniru beach varies from 500 Naira to 1000 Naira per person. In situations where the horse is going above 2000 Naira, do not ride because they are trying to extort you, probably because of how you appear desperate.

3. Ferris Wheel: This is another fun activity at Oniru beach. Whether young or old, it can be very adventurous and fun. It costs about 200 Naira for one cycle.

4. Exotic Foods: The private Beach offers a lot of exclusive specials like peppered suya, peppered Noodles with eggs and turkey, grilled fish, shawarma, pepper soup, assorted meat, chips, Asun, and other Nigerian delicacies.

5. Dance: There is never a dull moment at the Beach. The Beach is always alive every second, giving you hot Jamz from your favorite artiste. From live bands to D.J.s to tourists playing music from their portable speakers, there is never a dull moment at Oniru Private Beach.

6. Get a souvenir from the locals selling at the Beach. These souvenirs vary from artworks, paintings, locally made jewelry, wood carvings, beadworks, etc

7. Enjoy the Beautiful View of the ocean and the Eko Atlantic City

8. Take a romantic walk by the Beach. If you visited with the love of your life, this would be the best place to take a romantic stroll by the Beach.

9. Visit some of the bars and restaurants owned by some of the celebrities in Nigeria and order your favorite drinks or edibles.

10. Take Beautiful Pictures: They say pictures speak a thousand words. What would you gain after visiting a beach and not taking pictures to preserve the memory? Please ensure your phone is charged and take beautiful photos.

How much Does it cost to Enter Oniru Beach?

The gate fee at Oniru beach determines how much you will pay to enter the waterfront. As mentioned earlier, you’d be required to pay the sum of 1,000 Naira per person to gain access to the beach environment. On entry, you would be given a permit tag indicating that you are legally on the property.

Other costs, such as getting tenets, chairs without coverings, food, and drinks, are optional. But there is only one alternative to entering Oniru Beach: paying the gate fee.

Can You Bring Food to Oniru Beach?

Yes, you can bring food and drinks to Oniru Beach instead of buying the ones sold there. This is one of the few things that set the resort apart from most other beaches in Lagos.

From our experience, the beach officials at Oniru Private Beach are friendly. You would be permitted to bring food or snacks if you don’t want to spend any cash there (and you won’t be charged for corkage).

The truth is that things such as food and drinks are unbelievably expensive there. To give a good idea, the regular 150 Naira Coca-Cola bottle drink will cost 500 Naira there. Now, imagine how costly other items above that price point would be.

So bringing food into Oniru beach is permitted (and recommended if you are on a tight budget or hosting a small party or get-together)

Most other beaches we’d been to in Lagos strictly stipulate that visitors only purchase food at the Beach. In these resorts, a Corkage fee applies when we bring our food from outside, and it has to be that we are on the group package before bringing in food.

That is different in Oniru beach.

What is not permitted in Oniru private beach is bringing cigarettes, weapons, or any form of hard drugs into the Beach.

Is Landmark Beach The Same as Oniru Beach?

Landmark Beach and Oniru Beach are different destinations. Many people, especially first-time visitors in Lagos, make the mistake of using the names of these two beaches interchangeably, probably because they are both located in Oniru.

Oniru is a private beach in Lagos, while Landmark beach is among the famous public beaches in Lagos, precisely at Water corporation, Oniru.

These two beaches may have made it into several top 10 places to visit in Lagos, Nigeria. Still, they differ on varying grounds, including gate fees, luxury, location, accessibility, fun activities available, and policies.

Which Bus stop is Oniru Beach?

The rising adoption of ride-hailing services like Uber has made transportation more accessible to new places around the city. But those who prefer public transportation might want to cut costs.

As mentioned earlier, Oniru beach is located at 1 Ligali Ayorinde Street, close to Landmark, water corporation drive, V.I.

The Bus stop directly leading to Oniru Private Beach is Water Corporation Drive. So, if you are coming from the Mainland, and have taken a BRT to Obalende bus stop, board a bus going to water corporation drive. This should cost around 200 Naira.

Alternatively, you can take a direct bus heading to Lekki and highlight at the Oniru bus stop right around the Sand Fill bus stop.

From there, you can board a bus that will take you directly to Oniru Beach. This should cost between 100 and 200 Naira. It is a distance you can cover on foot if you have the time and excitement.

What to Wear to Oniru Beach?

Trying to decide what to wear to a beach like Oniru Beach in Lagos can sometimes be a chore.
Unlike what you see in the movies or those waterfronts abroad, this is LAGOS, and you may not know what to expect or what you’ll feel comfortable in.

The best thing I can tell you as you prepare your outfit for Oniru Beach is that do away with shoes. You want to stick to crocs, flat sandals, or slippers since you will most likely get sand in your shoes. Carrying sunglasses or hats along isn’t a bad idea too.

Based on what I have seen at Oniru Beach on several visits, you probably don’t want to put on a bikini at this Beach. There is no regulation on what and what not to wear, but you won’t see many people wearing too revealing outfits here.

But if you are okay being the only one putting on a revealing outfit, you can go for a Bikini top and see-through chiffon skirt or a One-piece swimsuit and mini skirt 😉

Two-piece Vintage wear and a hat aren’t bad for guys.

Always remember that beachwear is all about comfort, whether it is Oniru or another waterfront.


If I’m to recommend a beach to visit in Lagos, Oniru private beach won’t be the first consideration since there are much better places like Landmark beach around the exact location.

But this is not to demean the exciting experience you stand to gain if you give this place a shot next summer. After all, why do you think it is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos?

Oniru beach is a perfect place to have fun with family, friends or a loved one with various fun activities. Note that you’re not allowed to smoke anyhow at the Beach and be good before you stand the chance of being bounced out of the private resort.

Have you been to Oniru beach before? Tell us your experience in the comment below.

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