The Good Beach Review (Gate Fee & Accommodation)

Many fun-seekers in Lagos are talking about The Good Beach (TGB). It is a newly inaugurated beach on the Atlantic coastline in the heart of Victoria Island Lagos.

After it opened its doors in April 2023, the ultra-trendy beach gained massive attention. The secret spot is now the latest place to enjoy the ocean breeze, white beach sand, and overall fun, peaceful atmosphere.

We have put together this review guide to give you heads-up for when next you plan to visit The Good Beach in Lagos.

In case you’re in a hurry, we will first run through the summary of our review of The Good Beach in Lagos, what to expect, and some disappointments before diving into other areas of this five-star tourist destination.

Our Overall Take on The Good Beach, Lagos

This beach club has managed to bring something different to the table unlike dozens of similar beaches in Lagos along the Atlantic coastline.

Unlike most other boring beaches, this one is bringing an authentic, opulent way to escape the chaotic scene of the city of Lagos. Here are our overall thoughts on The Good Beach in Lagos

  • The colorful and beautiful environment of the beach makes it stands out from a line of other beaches. This is probably why it attracts more shutterbugs, content creators, and Tiktokers who fall under the GenZs and millennials bracket.
  • There is a Food court easily accessible at the entrance where you can get everything from food to drinks.
  • The plenty of seating areas in TGB (with some available for free) is a huge thumbs up.
  • TGB takes the beach experience to another level by offering private cabanas with pools and curtains for privacy.
  • The entry fee is not the cheapest in Lagos but it’s reasonable and on par with the experience.
  • If you like sports activities on the beach, you may be disappointed because The Good Beach only has Volleyball. Hopefully, they introduce more sooner or later.
  • The Good Beach stands out in the area of a parking lot. If you are a beach lover but love to go in a private car, this beach will give you a reason to come back.
  • The Good Beach stands out in the area of a parking lot. If you are a beach lover but love to go in a private car, this beach will give you a reason to come back.
The Good Beach Review
Source: The Good Beach Website

Where Is The Good Beach Located?

The Good Beach is located at Plot 10B, Water Corporation Road, Trinity Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos.  It shares the environment with other popular beaches in Lagos such as Landmark and Oniru Beach.

So how do you get to The Good Beach? It is best to use a ride-hailing service if it’s your first time going there. But if you embark on the journey with a private car then Google Maps will help.

Alternatively, once you get to Lagos Island, you can use the services of cab drivers at a negotiated fee.

How Much Is Gate Fee at The Good Beach?

The gate fee at The Good Beach Lagos is NGN3,000 per person between Mondays to Thursdays. But if you are visiting any day from Friday to Sunday, you will pay N4,000 per person for the gate fee to The Good Beach.

In other words, the entry fee at The Good Beach depends on the day of the week you visit. It also depends on the amenities you’d like to gain access to while having a nice time on the beach.

When you pay the above gate fee, it allows you into the beach facility alone. If you want to enjoy activities, food, and drinks, you will need to shell out extra cash.

If you visit The Good Beach during festive periods, public holidays, or on days when there are special events at the beach facility, then expect activities, food, and drinks to come at a slightly higher price. (This is also true for most other fun places to visit in Lagos as well.)

Meanwhile, those on the membership plan at The Good Beach will enjoy extra perks when it comes to entry, and activities access. The membership group is called The Good Beach Club.

When Is The Best Time to Visit The Good Beach?

The ideal time to visit The Good Beach in Lagos depends on what you really want your experience to look like. For those who like a less crowded beach environment, the best time to visit this five-star beach is during weekdays.

If you like the crowd and watching people catch fun on the beach, then you can go on weekends, public holidays, or milestone dates on the calendar. But be ready to pay a little higher entry fee if you visit during weekends.

Meanwhile, The Good Beach frequently hosts special events. This can also be a good time to visit the beach and network.

Best Things to do at The Good Beach

Water sports are the obvious exciting activities you’d want to engage in when you get to The Good Beach in Lagos. Since not every beach lover is a great swimmer, there are other activities like kayaking, Jet skiing, and boat cruise.

Meanwhile, we recommend you consider other fun activities shared in the list below because water sports are free to partners of The Good Beach only. That is individuals who belong to the membership club. Visitors who are not on this plan will pay anywhere between N5,000 and N10,000 to access most of these sports activities.

Here are other fun things to do while you’re at the Good Beach to make your experience a memorable one:

Take pictures for the gram

As mentioned earlier, The Good Beach stands out among other destinations on Lagos’s Atlantic coastline due to its beauty and colorful appeal. This quality makes it a perfect spot for taking pictures. Almost every corner of this beach has the right, finest setting for Instagram-worthy pictures and content creation for TikTok.

Attend live events at The Good Beach

Since its inception, The Good Beach has been hosting some of the exciting beach parties in Lagos where attendees enjoy live performances of your favorite Nigerian artists including Victony, Falz, etc.

When next you attend The Good Beach, consider attending any events that coincide with the day you will be there. The Beach also has its official DJs and guest artist to make sure your visit is an enjoyable one.

Unwind at watch the tides

The Good Beach Review
Source: The Good Beach Website

What’s the essence of visiting a beach as serene as The Good Beach without taking the pleasure of watching the tides of the coast?

You can sit in cabins and overlook the coast or walk along the sandy beach to absorb the cool ocean breeze with a glass of cocktail in one hand, and the love of your life holding the other.

Fortunately, The Good Beach is open from 12 pm to 3 am daily. So you can have enough time to relax at the beachfront from noon to sunset as the red sun kisses the sea line.

Have a nice time with friends in a cabana

Another interesting amenity in The Good Beach is its dozens of poolside huts called cabanas. You can pay for access to one and relax at the poolside. The price to access a cabana is from as low as N35,000 to as high as N230,000 depending on the package and the day of the week you visit. (more details on this soon).

What’s more? Each cabana comes with its private pool where you can have a private party with a few friends without getting distracted by other activities happening around. These private cabanas are designed with curtains and serve as a great option for beach lovers who prefer intimacy.

Entertain your taste buds at the food court/restaurant

The Good Beach houses some of the best restaurants in Lagos. You can walk up to the food court at the entrance and order tasty meals off their extensive menu. Visitors can enjoy delicacies ranging from rice and pastries to beef soft drinks, fruit juice, and customized cocktails.

It is a good thing that they make their menu options publicly available so visitors can plan. In the next section, I will show you how to view the food menu at The Good Beach.

Are Food And Drinks Allowed Into The Good Beach?

Yes, you can bring in food into The Good Beach but it has to be strictly on Cabana booking only. If you are going for this option, you will be charged a corkage fee for the external food.

The corkage fee attached to bringing external food into The Good Beach through cabana bookings is 20,000 per cooler of food (10L cooler and below) and 35,000 per cooler of food (above 10L).

Meanwhile, drinks are not allowed on this beach. If you are going on the basic access fees, then you need to prepare to buy things from the food court located at the entrance of the beach.

Fortunately, the price tags of foods and drinks at The Good Beach are reasonable. I’d advise you to go through their food menu before heading there. It will help you make concrete budgeting. You can check the complete food menu list of The Good Beach on their Instagram page HERE

What Should I wear to The Good Beach?

The best outfit to wear to a destination like The Good Beach is not written in stone. It’s all about comfort, style, and versatility to engage in the activities you want without restrictions. The Good Beach can be quite hot and humid, so light and airy clothing is a must.

For guys, you can consider a pair of shorts and a loose-fitting shirt. The shorts should be made of lightweight, breathable fabric, and opt for a short or long-sleeved shirt, depending on your choice.

It would make sense if you opt for shirts that are in light colors, with a fun print, to give your appearance an extra pop. Ice with a cake with a flip flop, crocs, or sandals, and don’t forget a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

For the ladies, a lightweight sundress made of cotton or linen is a great choice. If you prefer to keep your arms covered, opt for a loose-fitting kaftan, which is a great option for those who don’t want to be exposed. You can complete the look with a pair of flat sandals.

The Good Beach Review

Are Seating Areas Available For Free in The Good Beach?

Fortunately, seating areas are available for free at The Good Beach. However, this free access is limited to the beachfront lounge chairs and is offered on a first-come basis.

If you need access to the beach cabanas at The Good Beach, you will pay N35,000, exclusive of the entry fees. This price applies on visits between Monday and Thursday. To access beach cabanas during Friday to Sunday visits, you will pay N50,000, exclusive of the entry fees.

Meanwhile, The Good Beach offers premium cabanas which cost N160,000 between Monday to Thursday. It comes with a free bottle of wine and one platter.

If you visit between Friday to Sunday, you will pay N230,000 for the same premium cabana access but comes with one bottle of wine/cognac and one platter. Note that these cabana access fees are exclusive of entry fees.

Does the Entry Fee Cover Swimming At The Good Beach?

No. Your gate/access fee does not permit you to access the swimming pool at The Good Beach. You will need to pay N10,000 (Per person) to gain access to the pool.

Meanwhile, only beach club members can access the swimming without any extra fees. Swimming is one of the obvious activities to engage in when you visit The Good Beach.

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