6 Best Places To Live in Lagos, Nigeria (2023)

No doubt, this is a very common question amongst those planning to move their family to Lagos due to reasons best known to them, he or she may want a neighborhood where there is peace of mind, a neat environment, and friendly settlers no matter the cost.

Are you in such a category in the adventurous search of the best places to live in Lagos? then you are on the right platform.

You can find almost everything in Lagos from entertainment, tourism, best hotels, resorts, and other fun-filled places. Ask a five (5) years old child the most popular state in Nigeria, he would surely say Lagos. Lagos is so popular that investors from different countries prefer investing in Lagos more, compared to other states and African countries at large.

Hey, you know the pidgin proverb that says “better soup na money kill am?” right? Living in such an environment in Lagos comes with not just a cost but a high cost. People see Lagos as a bustling state thereby troops into Lagos their number to take a sweet bite of its enticing apple.

This article will explain in detail the best places to live In Lagos and the price of houses in such areas in case you may decide to get a house of your own. Please note that buying properties in Lagos State, in general, is for those who have deep pockets.

Aside from Abuja, Lagos State pays well for services rendered, little wonders top Nigeria artists started their journey to fame in Lagos. Also, Lagos is a wonderful choice tourist destination and that explains why tourists from various stamping grounds, far and near, flocks into Lagos to open their eyes to numerous breathtaking attractions.

You name your child ‘excel’ and you expect him or her not to excel? (smiles). Lagos’s slogan is Centre of Excellence and ever since its creation, it has been living up to its name and right now, Lagos is rated one of the best cities in Africa both commercial, entertainment and economically.

Now back to the topic of today titled “Best Places To Live In Lagos”

6 Best Places to live in Lagos

Below are the 6 Best Places To Live In Lagos if you have in mind of ever moving to Lagos. Hello, tighten up your seat belt because it may be a long ride.

1. Banana Island Lagos 

Banana Island is considered an artificial island that was whittled from the foreshore of Ikoyi in Lagos State, Nigeria. Without a doubt, you cannot stay in Banana Island with an average salary in Nigeria. Banana Island is a quarter for Nigerians with a very deep pocket and it of course one of the most expensive places to reside in Nigerian

How much are average houses sold in Banana Island Lagos?

The average price of a 4 bedroom flat in banana Island is placed at ₦ 201.40 million but if you need more than 4 bedrooms and other amenities, make sure you have more than ₦ 350.01 million. Yes, it is that costly but just like I have earlier stated, good things come with a huge price.

Average houses rent in Banana Island

To rent a modest 4 bedroom house in Banana Island, get ready to remit a total of ₦ 5.01 million to the property owner yearly. Note that, this is an average payment but the cost of rented properties in Banana could be more than or below ₦ 5.01 million depending on the real estate agent who you may use to secure that property.

With That been said, you may likely be slammed with a high-cost price from the real estate agent because they also receive a massive commission from a single house sold or rented through them.

How Secured is Banana Island?

You can’t be living in such an environment without a very tight security backing. The management of Banana Island has prioritized the safety and security of the residence, therefore, you have less to bother about when it comes to the security issue there.

Living in such an environment will automatically give the longed search peace of mind. Not only that, your properties there are very safe because of the high presence of security personnel active within the purview of the Island.

Just at the entrance of the Island, there are 24/7 highly qualified security personnel on guard protecting the vicinity from Intruders. Definitely, Banana Island tops the list of best places to live In Lagos and if you have the financial power to reside there, then it is highly recommended.

2. Eko Atlantic – Victoria Island

If you have ever heard of “the prime real estate in West Africa” then that should be Eko Atlantic you heard of. You have never seen a place so organized with mind-blowing settings. Eko Atlantic is considered to be a city within a city and trust me, your stay there would be the best decision you have ever made on housing.

Eko Atlantic was carefully established on the once known popular beach in Lagos State and is known to be one of the safest places to live in Lagos. If you have the financial capacity, we recommend that you go for Eko Atlantic and have the peace of mind you have been searching for.

Above is the security level and schools in Eko Atlantics. The above video explains all you need to know about these amenities in the Eko environment?

3. Lekki Phase 1 – Lagos Island

Lekki Phase 1 is considered the new modern Lagos and definitely has all amenities to make its settlers live a peaceful life in a conducive environment. Little wonder most Nigerian entertainers reside in Lekki Phase 1.

While the environs of Lekki Phase 1 may not look so intimidating, it is still not for the faint pocket. Lekki is known to be home to the affluent inhabitants of Lagos and arguably one of the most extravagant and expensive neighborhoods in Lagos State.

Lekki is a place highly recommended if you love classy, scenery and fun area to reside in. In that same location, there are quite a number of resorts, beaches, nightlife activities, and music festivals to spice up your staying there.

4. Ikoyi, Lagos State

Arguably, it is said that Ikoyi has the highest number of wealthy inhabitants making Ikoyi one of the most expensive cities in Lagos. Just as the city is expensive, the same goes for the cost of living there.

What is the average cost of a house in Ikoyi?

The average cost of housing properties can go for ₦400,000,000 (approximately 1 million U.S dollars). The cost of Housing properties varies and can appreciate and depreciate according to the number of rooms, room size, location in Ikoyi, and property agents.

Trust me, if you are financially buoyant and looking for the best places to live In Lagos State, the price of houses in Ikoyi really worth it. The security level in Ikoyi is high and the security personnel is highly trained with the sole objective of protecting inhabitants in the environment.

Road networks in Ikoyi are top-notched. The pictorial and empirical evidence has naturally continued to showcase its good road network. All thanks to the men of caliber residing in Ikoyi.

How Much Is A Rented Property In Ikoyi

The average house rent for a medium family in Ikoyi is placed at ₦6.90 Million and it could rise to ₦11.2 million if you have a large family. Of course, a large family requires more rooms.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the rented properties and cost of living in Ikoyi is very expensive for most Nigerians and it has also be juxtaposed to other expensive cities like Lekki, Banana Island, and Eko Island but trust me, renting or buying a house there is really worth it.

If you are financially sound, we recommend that you go for Ikoyi and enjoy peace of mind there.

Also, you could harness the opportunity of living in Ikoyi by visiting the resorts, bars, clubs, and hotels in Ikoyi. Education in Ikoyi is highly rated and in fact, Ikoyi has one of the best education systems both in Secondary schools and Tertiary institutions in Lagos.

How secured is Ikoyi?

As earlier stated, if you are looking for a place that will give you peace of mind when it comes to security matters, rests assured that Ikoyi, Lagos States has all it takes. The security personnel is well-trained and qualified for the job.

5. Victoria Garden City

The security in Victoria Garden City (VGC) is what will definitely amaze you and guess what? the Victoria Garden City is fully gated and the residential properties are highly secured.

The Victoria Garden City (VGC) was formed in the year 1990s located along the developed area of the Lekki-Epe expressway. The city is rich in taste and culture.

Ever since its formation, the Victoria Garden City has continued to blossom in the area of infrastructural development, neatness, and a nice scenic environment

6. Magodo, Lagos States

Magodo ranks the least of our best places to live In Lagos. Get the chance to enjoy the social amenities in Magodo. Magodo is indeed a very good place you should add to your booklist when in search of the best place to live in Lagos.

Not only is the environment sound, but also the security at Magodo is highly guaranteed. Magodo sits at the Mainland of Lagos and has for long been the choice destination for lots of people looking for a safe place to live in Lagos.

The average cost of a house in Magodo is ₦100,000,000, the most expensive house in Magodo goes for ₦300,000,000 while the cheapest house there is sold for ₦25,0000,000.

If you need a peaceful, well-secured environment, and your budget meets any of the following prices, you should hurry up and get one for yourself.