10 Things To Do At The Airport While Waiting For Your Flight

When you experience unexpected flight delays, the boredom that comes with the time you’ll wait for your flight can seem unavoidable.

It can even become so annoying that you begin to ask yourself what productive thing you can do to while away the time till your flight is ready to move. 

This problem also applied to people who would have to wait, sitting on a long bench for a train in the station. 

Thinking of how to while away time and yet do something productive, I have gathered some interesting things you may want to consider doing while waiting for your flight at the airport. 

In fact, there are so many activities to get engaged in while you wait for your flight and I am about to show you some of them. 

So without further ado (because you may be reading this now while at the airport waiting for your flight), I’ll briefly show you all you can do while waiting for your flight. 

waiting for flight

1. Surf the web, Social media

I really can’t explain why on earth one will have a fully charged mobile device with an internet connection and still feel bored while waiting for a flight. 

The contents that most social media platforms contain can be really interesting and time-consuming. Grab your phone and log on to any social media platform to catch on with the latest trends and updates. These social platforms include  Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. 

In my opinion, Instagram will definitely keep you entertained for a longer period of time. 

2. Watch a movie on your laptop

Yeah, surfing social media may just be a waste of time. And you may gain nothing from it. But you can also feel thrilled with action movies on your laptop. 

Platforms like Netflix and iTunes provide the most demanded movies from viewers and this is a place that you can stay for as long as ever. 

You will do yourself good by using a headset to concentrate. You can also use your tablet to enjoy interesting videos from these platforms. 

And just for a recommendation, you can watch movies related to travel or the destination you are heading towards. 

3. Write a blog post or a diary entry. 

I have a flair For writing and writing about beautiful destinations. I can not count the number of times I have drafted blog posts while waiting for a flight. 

This is something you can spend time doing if you like writing. And if you are compiling a documentary for your journey, this is the best time to get started with the pen on paper works. 

Writing things down will keep memories and every bit of experience. You can choose to write anything captivating and at the end paragraph, you’ll catch your readers by saying this was initially drafted while waiting for a flight to my promised land. Interesting. 

4. Make New friends 

We have so many friendships that began from breaking silence in boring places. While Waiting for Your Flight, you may want to consider saying a warm hello to the next person sitting by the side and begin a very interesting conversation. 

While it may be a little rude to ask for where the person is headed, you can start by talking about the weather condition. 

It is most likely to meet people in the same situation as you at the airport. It is nice to make an effort in connecting with them. You can have a chat with them by sharing stories of your travel adventure and hearing theirs too. 

There are even couples that initially met while waiting for a flight at the airport. Fortunately, they were both heading to the same destination.

things to do waiting for flight

 5. Listen to music

An introvert will definitely not see the above idea as a lively one. But this should be a very good option as well. 

There is this joy I personally feel when I hit my favorite Playlist containing songs of an album by a favorite artist. What I normally do is to set the headphone at a moderate volume and enjoy every bit of being alone while waiting for the flight at the airport. 

So if you are going to go for this make sure you have stocked your phone with all your Favourite music to avoid dull moments. 

6. Read a book 

 Reading is a very good thing to do not only when you are bored or less busy. You may be one who is very busy with day to day schedules. But while waiting for your flight at an airport may be the best time to read that book or magazine you’ve always wanted to read. 

7. Phone Call loved ones

This is actually needless to say because it is a caring thing to hear from your loved ones before leaving for somewhere really far from home. 

While waiting for the flight, you can spend ample time phoning your family and updating them about your journey. 

It is important to have someone at home who is aware of your travel plans, don’t you think? So connecting with people back home while waiting for your flight will not be a bad idea. 

8. A bottle of wine or beer

Apart from spending your time productively, drinking can help refresh the mind and ease up the stress you’ve gone through before the travel day. 

Not all would want to have a bottle of wine but there are definitely people who would appreciate it. 

 Having a drink while waiting for your flight at the airport will help you relax before your flight boards.

9. Take a long walk

This is exciting to do at any airport because they are usually big and contain lots of terminals. You can choose to take a long walk and feed your eyes with other places of the airport before your flight boards. 

 You may end up finding something you’d treasure for life. Say, a wife. LOL

10. People watch

“make we just dey observe” is a pidgin phrase used for people who really have nothing to do but enjoy the moment. 

As the last option I’m providing in this article, it can be a very interesting thing to just sit back and watch the different people in the airport and how they move, fret, laugh, gesture, frown, cry, carry things and all. 

This can really be entertaining because there are many things to look at here. While doing this, you can come up with other ideas.