Local Flights Are Resuming in Nigeria (2023 Update)

Allow me to remind you that we’re halfway into 2023 already? Interesting how time flies like flights, right?

I was on Facebook this morning and someone was saying, ” imagine if 2023 is a trailer of 2023″. That’ll be so bad. I don’t pray for that as well because I can’t wait to explore and visit some destinations in Lagos.

Meanwhile, I have good news for you from Travelstart:

The wait for travel is almost over!

Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has confirmed the gradual start of domestic flights on 21st June 2023.

Hurray!!! Flights will commence to and from the following 5 airports: Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport (Abuja), Murtala Mohammed International Airport (Lagos), Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport (Kano), Omagwa International Airport (Port Harcourt) and Sam Mbakwe Airport (Owerri). Other airports will be gradually added to the network. Click here to read more.

Local flights in Lagos

Though the Nigerian airports and airspace are still closed to international flights for now, here is what some airlines are doing to ensure safety:

  • Delta is working to ensure a healthy flying experience using highly effective virus-killing products to wipe down cabin surfaces including seats, consoles, seatback screens, windows, doors, lavatories, and other high-touch areas of the cabin.
  • Etihad Airways has introduced a specially trained team of Wellness Ambassadors that will share advice on staying safe during your trip. They will be available to answer questions at Abu Dhabi airport, on-board etc.
  • Emirates is safeguarding its employees by providing cabin crew with cars for pick up and drop off at the beginning and end of their duty, crew members have a mandated 14-day quarantine in their homes after every flight when not on duty etc.
  • Lufthansa has implemented several safety measures to be observed before your flight, while at the airport when boarding and once onboard, and finally when disembarking. The most important one to take note of, you are only allowed one piece of hand luggage on the plane.

Stay tuned for more travel and airline updates as we confirm them in real-time. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us.