How To Travel To Canada And Pay Later (2023)

How To Travel To Canada And Pay Later

Who says you have to cancel your plan of traveling to Canada because you are low on budget or cashless? To every problem, there’s always a solution to it. So is traveling to Canada and having to pay later. How worry-free your solution is depends on the level of issue that needs to be resolved.

The reason for Mr. A traveling is different from Miss B’s reason for traveling. Everyone travels for reasons of all sorts like schooling, vacation, for visit, exclusive medical treatments, professional reasons, and so on.

Canada Visa

tarvel to canada and pay later

Canada is said to be a country in the northern part of North America. It is a member of the organization for economic co-operation and development and the group of eight not disputing the fact that it is one of the world’s top ten trending nations with a highly globalized economy. For that reason, it has been the first choice of immigration to many.

Just like in any other countries, there are various kinds of visas with various modes of application and processing and also varies with cost as well.

Types Of Canada Visa And Their Fees

  • Temporary Visas

  • Super Visas for Parents and Grandparents

  • Visitor Visa

  • Study Permit

  • Work Permit

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • Business Class Immigration

  • Canadian Experience Class Visa

  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa

travel to canada and pay later

Temporary Residence Visas

The temporary resident visa, also known as the visitors’ visa, is an official document issued by a Canadian Visa office that is placed in your passport to serve as evidence of you meeting up with the requirements for admission to Canada as a temporary resident. The temporary resident visa is usually issued for 6 months but there are circumstances whereby people end up over staying their welcome. Extensions are not allowed but if the extension is to happen, it has to be processed for 30 days before it expires.

Below is a detailed explanation of the various types of temporary visas

Student Visas

There are so many goodies attached to schooling in Canada apart from the fact that you get to experience life outside your country. You are allowed to go along with your family as well as a spouse alongside. Application of work permit can also be permitted after the completion of your education. It’s an amazing choice for international students as they are given the freedom to work while they study.

Requirements needed for an application

  1. A completely filled-in student permit application form

  2. The original letter of acceptance from the picked institution

  3. Two (2) recent passport-size photographs and data

  4. A valid passport or travel document

  5. Evidence of funds

Super Visas For Parents And Guardians

It has been stated above that one of the benefits of student visa is that it allows you to go along with family but the super visa for parents and grandparents is the best choice for the family to move to Canada. Its maximum validity is a total of 10 years.

Requirements needed for an application

  1. A letter of invitation from your relative that is a Canadian

  2. A proof that your relative meets the minimum necessary income

  3. Proof of payment for medical insurance from a Canadian

  4. A document that confirms you’ve had the immigration medical exam

Visitor Visa

This visa is issued considering one’s nationality because it is attached to your passport, this is best for short visits such as a vacation. The time for processing this depends on the country

Most visitors usually stay for up to 6 months in Canada and you can calculate this preferably by the date of the first day you got to pass the border into Canada. When your visitor visa expires, you need to leave Canada and apply for a new visitor visa, not a visitor record but if you want to extend your visit like in most cases, you’d need to apply online to get a visitor record.

Requirements needed for an application

  1. Completed Visitor Visa and Family Information forms

  2. An original and copy of your National passport

  3. Evidence of employment

  4. A bank statement that displays proof of transactions

Study Permit

The study permit is a document issued that allows foreign nationals to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada. It takes a maximum of 15-25 days or sometimes even longer to process the application of a study permit. It is advisable to apply for the study permit before going down to Canada.

Requirements needed for an application

  1. Valid Passport

  2. Proof of acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)

  3. Evidence of funds

  4. Passport size photographs

  5. Immigration Medical Examination (IME)

  6. Statement of purpose

  7. A valid credit card

  8. English language Proficiency exam score (not mandatory)

Work Permit

Just like it is important for a student to apply for a study permit in Canada so it is for intending workers to apply for a temporary work permit. It is issued for a period of time as it ranges from few days to a few years. Nevertheless, it is important to know that a work permit granted for a particular job is tied to that job.

Requirements needed for an application

  1. A valid passport/travel document

  2. Evidence that you meet up with the requirement for your job

  3. Proof of every relationship you claim.

Permanent Resident Card

A person in Canada who lives there temporarily like a student, or basically a visitor is not a permanent resident. The permanent resident card is used as evidence of your residency status and they are entitled to certain benefits like health care insurance, freedom to live, study and work anywhere in Canada. It takes about 45 days to process PR cards for new permanent residents.

How do I get sponsored to travel to Canada?

Getting funds is harder than anyone can imagine it to be. Especially, for a person that has his idea box blank on how to go about it. Considering asking a person?

This might not be easy to do because you have to be in the head of the sponsor, to think like so as to help with convincing the person

How To Get Good Sponsorship to Canada

Be True

Identification of the problem is an important aspect because it helps with the analysis of every possible way to get the issue resolved. The layout of plans must be included because orderliness is the key.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • How important is this vacation?

  • How fast can the plans be executed?

  • How efficient is my strategy of getting sponsors?

  • Why should the sponsor help me?

These are questions that need to be scrutinized well because it is preferable not to sweat over what has just 50% assurance of being a success when you can totally work with an 80% – 90% probability.

Be credible, be authentic, be specific, be straightforward and also be creative with your thinking. Give a convincing reason for you to be able to get help.

Suggestion Box

If you’re stranded because of financial crisis, that isn’t that bad, you can consider all sorts of loans that will be discussed in this article, if you desperately need to Canada because of a health emergency, while thinking about loans you can also try Charity.

The country can’t possibly be filled with just bad eggs, there’s probably someone out there that is more than willing to help.

Start With What You Have

Bank savings, something from the piggy bank (funny but you need all the help you can get), pawning of some valuables that you can let go of, something to help kick off with a little cash is worth considering. Help to come from somewhere is not enough reason to be penniless. Start your planning based on what the little you have can cover.

Search From Within

Now the rich friends and rich relatives can really come in handy this time. Before going far in search of sponsorships from different sources, we can as well consider the Bill Gate of the family or possibly the Alice Walton amongst your friends.

Little cash can also be added to the one on ground from them. You may also by chance be familiar with some fund raisers or make researches about the once that are easy to access because of some exclusive fund raisers are filled with too many protocols due to some considerable reasons.

Don’t Keep your hopes up

There is nothing like achieving your dream with your dignity still intact. Live life in a very strategic

manner by always planning ahead. You can’t raise the bars of your hope by expecting so much from people so as for you to not be surprised with dream-break.

  • If you are a student aspiring to travel to Canada to further your studies, it’s either you look up to your parents/guardians/relatives for help, pursue a scholarship program online as there are quite a few to choose from, you can as well get a temporary Job, if you’re up for it.

  • If it’s for a vacation, there definitely must be plans on how to fund it. Get a job, save up or ask from a reliable source.

Track Your Success 

Don’t imagine it all. Ensure to document ever possible step you take, you will take or you must have taken. Aim high but start low.

Travel Companies that help you travel to Canada and pay later

Travel companies have come together with the best interest of people at heart. Strategically realizing that travel loans are an amazing way for them to generate revenue


Airfordable is a website that allows users to pay for airline tickets in installments. Airfordable charges about 10-20% interest fee based on the price of the ticket then basically set up a repayment routine. It works directly with the airline to ensure the success of the customer’s flight and security of the e-ticket.

travel to canada and pay later

Fomo Travel has got you covered on festival travel, party tours, events travel, youth travel.

This company is established to help reduce the cost of your trip, facilitates the buying and selling of travel experiences using a proprietary financial savings mechanism. All of these is achieved through a simple and convenient savings plan that permits travelers to save towards the trip.


travel to canada and pay later

This package comes along with the privilege to choose a preferred payment plan as it spreads its cost over 3,6 or 12 monthly installments.

A credit check is performed to verify eligibility and as soon as it is approved, your flight will be booked directly. Information about your tickets and booking confirmation will be forwarded in your inbox in 24 hours as stated on the website.

STA Travel

travel to canada and pay later

STA Travel is a collection owned by the Swiss Diethelm Keller Group. With STA travel, there are so many goodies attached to patronizing it; it includes medical, legal and luggage cover, extensions and more. This plan is more of a trip scheduler. It includes the single trip insurance and annual multi-trip insurance.


travel to canada and pay later

Alternative airlines have partnered with Affirm travel to offer a simple way to make flight payments easy by making the payments in installments with no hidden fees. Top online stores like Amazon, eBay,, Lululemon and so on accepts affirm. For interest rates, 10-30% APR is allocated based on customers’ credit.

Personal Loans

This also stands as an option for someone sourcing for a loan. It works almost the same way the travel insurance does but the source of these loans can be from a person (friend, family or business person), an insurance company, a bank or any financial body.

Resort Financing

It is a stress reliever when resorts or hotels have payment plans because after stressing over visa fees, ticket fees, there’s is still accommodation problem, especially for Tourists. There are hotels and resorts that have made less of an issue by providing platforms where payments can be made in installments and still give you a fun-filled trip.

travel to canada and pay later

It is important to economize your trip ahead of time by basically planning a cheap trip by:

  • choosing a budget-friendly destination

  • considering low-cost flight

  • not patronizing any restaurant during your stay

  • getting a job

  • choosing backpacking instead of expensive tours

  • traveling during offseason

  • making your researches early and widely

  • finding cheaper hotels

  • making researches on local transportation

  • calculating your fixed budget and daily expenses

Dream hard, plan hard.

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