Bahamian Embassy in Nigeria & How To Get Bahamas Visa

After the united states and Canada, Bahamas is considered one of the richest countries in the Americas. It receives a large number of tourist and runs an economy based finance.

In this post, we want to go deeper into the details of getting a Bahamas visa in Nigeria either as a student, for business, or for tourism. We will also share with you the important information you need to know about traveling to the Bahamas from Nigeria in this post.

If you plan to travel to the Bahamas to further your education, or you are planning to travel there for some business or tourism purpose, you must have thought about answers to the question of how and where as regards applying for a Bahamas visa and traveling there for your purpose.

The thing with travel document requirements is that they can be confusing and misleading. At the end of the day, you may end up getting the wrong information and providing travel documents that are not even needed at all for your visa to be processed while leaving out the relevant ones towards deadlines.

So I encourage you to read to the end of this post so that you do not get half-baked information about Bahamas visa application in Nigeria as well as the Bahamas embassy in Nigeria. This article is filled with detailed information for those who want to apply for a  Bahamas tourist visa and Bahamas visa agent in Nigeria and those who want to know about the  Bahamas visa application form online and the  Bahamas embassy address in Nigeria.

As you probably know, the  Bahamas is a coral-based Island chain in the Atlantic Sea, Its capital is Nassau on the island of New Divine superintendence. It welcomes a lot of tourists year in year out, and some people are not familiar with the easy way to apply for a  Bahamas visa from Nigeria as they do not have an embassy here in Nigeria.

Yes, you read that right!

apply for Bahamas visa in Nigeria

What are the types of Bahamas visa available?

If you have ever been to the  Bahamas before, or you have a friend who tells you about the  Bahamas in America, you will agree with us that it is a place where tourism and finances are in the show-off. In this regard, there are three types of Bahama visas available for foreigners like Nigerians. These types of visa include

Tourism visa

As a Nigerian citizen, and a foreigner to the Bahamas, you can decide to travel to the Bahamas to spend the vacation with your family or to spend leisure. For the affluent Nigerians, this is a type of visa you apply for when you just want to ramble to another land to have beautiful travel experience. As such, no business activity is carried out throughout your stay.

Business visa

You can apply for the Bahamas business visa if you want to participate in business activity for some time in the Bahamas as a Nigerian citizen.

Transit Visa

Here is another type of Bahamas visa being applied for. But in this case, the applicant is someone who intends to pass through the  Bahamas to their final destination which is somewhere else. In this case, they may need to stay in the Bahamas for three days or less before they depart for their final destination. Nigerians who are on the Bahamas transit visa as refers to as those on transit.

Bahamian Embassy in Nigeria for visa application

Let it be known that there is no Bahamas embassy or consulate in Nigeria presently for applying for a visa directly. In this regard, interested Nigerians who want to apply for any of the types of Bahamas visa will have to apply through the British embassy in Nigeria.

Bahamas Embassy in Nigeria for visa application? The application should be done in the following means:

We recommend, based on experience and the level of sources we have worked with, that you apply directly through the British embassy in Nigeria. The British embassy in Nigeria which is located in both Lagos and Nigeria is one of the Bahamas representatives that assist those who want to travel to the Bahamas. Therefore, Nigerian applicants can submit and process their visas through this means.

If the resources at your disposal do not allow you to go through contacting the British embassy in Nigeria directly, then you can choose to travel to countries like Canada or the USA as a visitor, then apply for the Bahamas visa over there.

Applying for a Bahamas visa from Nigeria

One of the likely reasons why there is no single Bahamas embassy or consulate In Nigeria maybe because of the very high traffic of tourists into the Bahamas. But there are no hard feelings as there are ways to go about the situation. The general procedure when it comes to applying for fora  Bahamas visa from Nigeria is to make a formal inquiry about the document requirements for a Bahamas Visa by contacting the customer service representative.

The number of Nigerians who are applying for Bahamas student visa is steading and surprisingly rising, so we have decided to address those who want to apply for a Bahamas visa to study. We suggest that you make your application via the British Embassy in Nigeria. It is one of the Bahamas agents, it offers support for those who wish to travel to the Bahamas.

Your travel document must be honest and real for you to successfully apply for the Bahamas visa and the legally approved to travel successfully. So we have developed this step by step guide to help you prepare all the requirements for applying for a Bahamas visa as a Nigerian in any of the British consulates either in Lagos or Abuja.

  1. Obtain the Bahamian Visa application form online and fill then with your authentic information
  2. You will also need an international passport that is not expired and a photocopy of the biodata page of the international passport.
  3. Your passport photograph with specifically a plain/light background a 2×2 measurements
  4. You should be able to provide an official service letter to sustain your application
  5. You need a documented sustainable financial proof for the rest of your stay in the Bahamas, this usually has to do with your bank statements
  6. In the case of a study visa, a letter of admission that presents the applicant and evidence that you have been offered admission is needed. This will clearly show your purpose of visit.

Other important requirements when applying for a Bahamas visa includes

A flight centenary which will entail your proposed flight dates and flight numbers that will show evidence of your entrance as well as a departure from the Bahamas.

We strongly advise doing a flight itinerary because you should not pay for a flight when your visa has no to be approved.

You also need a civil document backing you such as certificates of marriage, birth, or as the case may be, ownership of children.

Lastly, there should be proof of accommodation or hotel reservation you will be at throughout your stay in the Bahamas.

We understand how the process of applying for a visa in Nigeria can be tough especially when it is your first time and that is why we are here, if you need further clarifications or you have disturbing questions about Bahamas visa application in Nigeria, you can let us know in the comment section.

And lastly, perhaps, most importantly is the address of the British consulates in Lagos and Abuja.


The Lagos United Kingdom Consulate in Lagos

11 Walter Carrington Crescent

Victoria Island




United Kingdom Embassies In Nigeria

The Abuja United Kingdom Embassy in Abuja

19 Torrens Close, Mississippi



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