Arik Air Flight Booking Within & Outside Nigeria (2023)

Arik Air Flight is known as the West Africa leading airline that provides one of the most amazing air booking deals. It is one of the most trusted airlines in Nigeria that runs both domestically and internationally.


How can I go about Arik Air Flight booking? To answer this question. I will love you first to know about this Airline that you want to board. The knowledge of this airline will give you an added assurance as you book your seats.

About Arik Air

Arik Air is a privately owned Nigerian airline that started operation in 2006. Since then till now, it has operated from two hub airports in Nigeria: Abuja and Lagos. Its head office is at Arik Air Aviation Centre of Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

Arik Air in addition to local flights runs international flights to countries in Africa, Europe, the USA, including New York’s JKF International Airport and London’s Heathrow Airport.

The expansion of Arik Air came in 2014 when they had a commercial agreement with Emirates Airlines to be providing customers seamless connectivity on each other’s route networks. Then, in 2016, when celebrating its 10th anniversary, it was awarded the biggest airline carrier in West Africa. In the same 2016, it expanded to Gabon and Libreville. This makes it the first direct route from Nigeria to Gabon.

From 2016 to date, Arik Airline has continuously sought ways to expand and improve on its service, thereby making them one of the most trusted airlines in Nigeria.

Presently, Arik Airline covers various destinations in three continents of the world and is continuously seeking to expand more as stated above.

How Can I Book Arik Air Flight in Nigeria?

There are two ways to go about booking Arik Air Flights. They are:

  • Booking directly from the Airline
  • Using alternative booking agents

Booking Directly from the Airline

This is the most convenient method of booking. All you need to do is simply go to Arik Air official website and complete some procedures which are outlined below.

  1. Enter your departure and arrival cities and select travel dates.
  2. Insert your details. They should be accurate. These personal details include your full name and ID card number.
  3. Selection of additions like extra baggage or insurance.
  4. Make your payment using your most preferred method. There are four methods of payment allowed by the Arik Air airline, which are: Online credit/debit card, POS, Cash at the travel start office and Bank transfer EFT.
  5. Confirm your payments
  6. Receive your e-tickets in your emails. And, off you go.

Using Alternative Booking Agents

This is when you pay travelling agents to help book flights for you. After which they send your tickets directly to you via email address. This method is also good but the problem is that not all travelling agents can be trusted. It can be risky most time. They have been incidents that people ran away with their clients’ money.

So if you want to go with this method, I will suggest you go for a trusted travelling agent to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Domestic Arik Air Flight Booking

To book a domestic flight on Arik Air Airline, all you need is your ID number. While boarding the flight, you are to present your original ID card (either NYSC ID card, Work ID card, Drivers’ license, Permanent Voters’ card, etc.) and booking reference numbers.

Furthermore, Arik Air like other flights that run domestically within the country only permit children under age 16 to board when they have written permission from their parents or guardians and their original birth certificate.

International Arik Air Flight Booking

In booking international Arik Air flights, you will need to have your valid international passport in addition to other valid documents like vaccination card, visa, etc.

You should note that you are to apply for your visa long before your flight date to avoid uncertainties.

Furthermore, also note the expiration date of your passport. Many foreign countries require that your passport be valid for at least six months before your departure time back to Nigeria.

Do You Need a Passport for Arik Air Flight Booking?

No, you don’t. You don’t need your passport number when booking Arik flights online. You will only make use of it when booking flight packages and when you check-in for your flights.

Things to Know before booking an Arik Air Flight

Before you embark on booking any flight from any Airline in Nigeria, you must have some basic information handy.

They are:

  • Trip details: This includes information of the dates (departure or arrival), number of travellers, departure time and the airports the airline is flying to.
  • Personal information: Your full names as appeared in your ID and date of birth.
  • The ID number for local flights or Passport number for international flights
  • Departure times and length of flights
  • Preferred cabin class (is it Economy, Premium Economy, Business or First Class Suites).


The information above has made it easy for you to understand how booking in Arik Air works and the procedures.

I bet you can comfortably book your flights conveniently from the comfort of your home following the above information.