Benefits Of Booking Flights & Hotels Online With Travelstart

When it comes to booking flights and hotels online, people will go for sites that are reliable and trustworthy. The quest to meet this demand, many online travel agencies will want to offer as many advantages that will draw customers closer.

Today, I am going to show you one of the best travel agencies online and the benefits you stand to gain when you book flights & Hotels Online With them. 

Travelstart is a popular online travel agency with offices spread across more than 11 countries in the world. They offer convenience, easy access, and round the clock accessibility to customers. 

There are numerous advantages one can get when booking flights and hotels with Travelstart and that is what we shall look into in this article. 

But before we continue, let me give you a brief introduction to what Travelstart is and why they are the best travel agency to go for.

Things to know about Travelstart 

Founded in 1999 in Sweden by Stephan Ekbergh, Travelstart was officially launched on the 27th of March, 2012 in Nigeria. The travel agency can boast of its efficiency in providing travelers with access to thousands of flights serving 2 million monthly users.

The travel agency has fully equipped technology that has emancipated from the traditional way of buying travel tickets into a more sophisticated and modern style. Travelers can now use their movie devices, desktop or laptop to get simple access. Travel start was acknowledged as Africa’s leading online travel agency in the year 2016.

Why choose Travelstart as your online travel agency? 

Apart from the benefits that travelers will gain when booking flights with Travelstart, they have made a remarkable achievement in creating the best online platform for anything. With this agency, flying has become easier as you can control your world with just your fingertips. 

They have been able to put together all the necessary information needed when it comes to booking of flights and hotel that has made them the number #1. 

You can now feel rest assured that you will be getting real-time access to booking with travel starts as they have hundreds of Travel Starters who are available to render help and recommendations to travelers questions, concerns, or issues with booking. 

When you are looking for the best online platform for hotel and flight bookings with less stress in payment, then look no further than Travelstart. You no longer need to go through the stress of staying in long queues at the bank or trekking to the travel agency to pay for the flight. 

This travel organization has made the process of traveling very easy for anyone. It’s benefits have caught our eye and that is why we decided to tell you more about it. Travel starts allow travelers to use either a credit card, cheque card or transfer into any of their verified accounts. 

We can say that Travelstart is not a selfish organization that is only interested in profits. They contribute to the community by providing scholarships and freebies. For example, the bobsled trip to South Africa was officially sponsored by Travelstart. 

So if you are thinking of investing in travel, you should know where the right channel relies on. They also train other blogs to gain affiliate commissions with Travelstart. 

The last and most demanded reason why you should choose travel start as your online travel agency is that they provide travel insurance throughout your vacation. Not only that, it is affordable and will cover you in any case of unplanned events during your vacation. 

It is true that Travelstart is not only an online travel agency but one that has touched the community in almost all areas, providing the most comfortable condition for travelers home and abroad. 

Now that you know about Travelstart, Let’s now take a look at the benefits Of Booking Flights & Hotels Online With them. 

Benefits of Booking Online with Travelstart Nigeria 

24Hours availability without queues

Travelstart offers the easiest and fastest online bookings of flights and hotels without customers having to queue. There is actually no unnecessary delay in the experience when booking with this travel agency. 


All you need to know in order to make your travel decision is boldly and comprehensively written in just one URL. 

When booking with Travelstart, customers can decide whether they need a direct flight, or a particular airline as they are perhaps a frequent flyer member. 

Travelstart provides answers to questions most travelers ask which include knowing the quickest time to travel, the need for a low-cost carrier with no baggage or not, flight within a specific time, and a lot more. 

Offers various options of payment. 

When booking flights and hotels with Travelstart, customers can choose to make payments with Verve, MasterCard, and Visa debit cards. 

Travelstart also takes care of other problems you may face concerning payment which includes cancellations, schedule changes, and so on.  EFT payments as well as SID (instant EFT) with bank accounts for Major Nigerian banks is also allowed when you book with travel starts. 

Top-notch Customer Service

I can’t still think of any online travel agency that can beat Travelstart when it comes to professionalism and aptness in customer service. 

You can always reach them with their handles at any hour of the day. However, they are usually active from 8:30 in the morning to 11 in the evening. Reach out to travel starts using any of their handles on social media or their official telephone.

Excellent Booking Experience

You can enjoy a very fast and perfect booking experience with Travelstart by using their app which lessens the cost of data and loads fast. 

The app is lightweight and contains any vital information you seek about travel bookings. The app has been designed to give travelers convenience in booking hotels and flights even on the go. The App which is available on IOS stores for iPhone and Google play store for Android can be used to book all routes and all airlines.