Best Travel Insurance From Nigeria To Europe (2023 Cost)

So what is the Best Travel Insurance from Nigeria to Europe in 2023?

In this article, I shall be writing on several sub-topics under Traveling Insurance, such as the following:

  • What is Traveling
  • What is Insurance
  • Why we should apply for a Travel Insurance
  • Travel Insurance From Nigeria to Europe
  • How to Get Traveling Insurance in Nigeria to Europe
  • What are the Various Types of Travel Insurance

Let us start Discussions one after the other so that we may be able to break the topics down to our levels of understanding.

Travel as a word means to “Make a journey of some length. This means, traveling or Traveling is the process of making a journey of some length. It could be a journey from one state to another or from one country to another.

What is Travel Insurance?

This is known to be “an arrangement by which a company or the state undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for a payment of a specified premium. This definition was sourced from here.

Going by the definition above, you should have a basic understanding of what Travel Insurance from Nigeria to Europe Means.

Simply put, Travel Insurance from Nigeria to Europe will have to do with the arrangement a traveler makes that cover the guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death that may occur during the tour.

Wikipedia puts Traveling Insurance as an Insurance that “Is intended to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, loss of luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred with traveling, either internationally or domestically.

Is it worth getting travel insurance for Europe?

There are many benefits to applying for traveling Insurance; in fact, the benefits are potential. This is normally done in case of unforeseen events that may take place. Apart from being a good idea, insuring your trip will ensure your trip is prevented from being ruined by expensive emergency bills, or a sudden expensive demand you are not initially prepared for.

For instance, Travel insurance offers protection against a range of unforeseen events such as; the cancellation of flight, medical emergency, emergency accommodation, and vehicular accidents during the trip.

Let me briefly talk about a few benefits of travel insurance you might be entitled to enjoy while on a travel project abroad or at home.

1. Your Medical Emergency is Covered

If your trip is insured your health or medical emergency has been automatically covered. Should you experience issues that may require hospitalization or attention from a nearby or local health center, it will be facilitated since you have applied for insurance.

Travel Insurance is so important that it equally covers an event as simple as you experiencing a cut, which may lead to a trip to an assigned doctor.

Sometimes, the need for medical attention may arise in a remote area. It could be that you are visiting a remote part of another country; you must consider the medical facilities that are available there.

If you suffer an accident either light or heavy, may find an available treatment as the case may be. If you suffer a sudden illness, in a specific area of the country, you may need airlifting to move you to a nearby hospital or return to your departed country.

2. Reclaim your Trip Cancellation or Re-Schedule Flight Cost

Sometimes, a sudden event may happen which may warrant that your trip is canceled or rescheduled for another day. In such cases, if your trip is already insured, you will not lose both your flight and the cost.

This is the reason it is important to ensure your trip. Failure to do so may lead to a later regret in case a sudden event occurs and ruins your trip entirely.

3. Replacement of Lost or Stolen Luggage

On a trip, a person can encounter events such as his or her property being stolen. This is very unpredictable and it is equally classified under unforeseen events. If during your travel, your luggage is stolen or missing, ensuring your trip will be a good idea to prevent you from heartbreak since your luggage will be replaced for you.

4. Your Mind is at Rest

There is nothing that makes the mind be at rest like when there is an assurance for its living and security for what it possesses. Insuring your trip can ensure this for you.

You will not have to be scared of losing your properties, and should in case you suffer a sudden health challenge, it will be easy for you to find medical help compared to an uninsured trip.

Travel Insurance from Nigeria to Europe 2023

There is no doubt that a trip is interesting as you will get to know many places, meet different people and various ways of life similar or completely different from yours. There will be a business opportunity that could change your life.

The above-mentioned benefits are the basic reasons why many travel out of the country for a better greener pasture.

How to Get Traveling Insurance in Nigeria to Europe

Generally, insurance is normally arranged at the time you book for a trip so that it will cover exactly the duration of the trip, although, in some cases, a multi-trip policy which is designed to cover an unlimited number of travels within a time-bound.

In some cases, an insurance policy may offer higher or lower medical expenses as the case may be; the higher medicals are for countries with higher medical costs, for instance, the United States of America.

Normally, some credit card issuers provide involuntary travel insurance if travel arrangements are being paid for the usage of their credit cards, however, this method is not that advisable and specific care should be considered concerning account personal requirements.

You can get travel insurance policies available in the market place but care must be taken to know the kind of events that they cover, and also what is excluded and the applicable limits apply.

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What are the Various Types of Travel Insurance

Popularly, things are created in pairs. We have the males and females in all creatures, in fact, some artificial things such as a padlock and a key, are things that come in pairs.

The same thing can be applied to the various types of Insurance in the market. To cut long story short, there are many types of Insurances, namely; Trip cancellation or Interruption Insurance, Medical Insurance, Baggage Loss and Delay Coverage, Flight Delay or Cancellation Insurance, and Travel Document Protection.

It is always a caution that before you purchase any insurance, carefully read the fine print as the differences between the policies are always wide. Let me give some brief explanations of the above-mentioned Insurances.

1. Trip cancellation or Interruption Insurance

In cases in which due to some unforeseen reasons, your trip has to be canceled or interrupted, this type of insurance covers up. These sudden circumstances could be a result of illness, injury, or sudden death of a friend, relative, or the insured traveler, which may interrupt or force your trip to be canceled.

Some policies do not include cancellations that occur due to events such as war, a change that affected your financial buoyancy, or crises.

2. Medical Insurance

This type of insurance is well known to cover several events that may occur during the journey. For instance, there is a policy that covers emergency medical evacuation, handles the aspect of transportation if the nature of your illness or injury requires the doctor assigned for you to sign your immediate evacuation. This means you will be immediately evacuated to a nearby medical center or return to your country as the case may be.

It is also common that medical insurance also includes cash payment in the case where the insured is ill or injured and then as a result died or suffers some type of accident that is fatal to their person.

3. Luggage Loss and Delay Coverage

As an insured traveler, if your luggage got stolen or is missing, this type of insurance covers it.
Flight Delay and Cancelation Insurance

This type of insurance covers accommodation, feeding, and as well as a new trip plan that is caused due to flight delays.

4. Travel Document Protection

This type of Insurance handles the process through which you can recover your lost documents as an insured traveler. This is one importance of insuring your trips because any circumstance can arrive.

Best Travel Insurance For Europe In Nigeria 2023

We cannot exactly confirm where we have the best company where you can get travel insurance to Europe. However, we know there are various places we know you can get favorable terms for your travel. These are listed below:

1. AIICO Insurance

You can reach out to this insurance company online via this address. They are specialized in various insurance such as auto Insurance, Children’s Education plans, Fire and Burglary, personal accident plans, Travel Insurance plans, and life celebration plans. You can buy these Insurances as the case may be.

2. Leadway Travel Insurance

Leadway Insurance has been established since 1970 and therefore issues various insurance such as Leadway Hospital Cash, Leadway Savings Plan, Leadway Personal Annuity Plan, Art Insurance, and Leadway Home Flexa Silver. You can find Leadway insurance online or contact them via this phone number: +234 (01) 280 0700.

3. Linkage Insurance

This Insurance Company was incorporated on the 26th of March, 1991, and then licensed to cover and make transactions for non-life insurance business on the 7th of October, 1993. You can find this insurance company online at this address.

Since then, they have been one of the leading insurance companies and services established across Nigeria. They have the reputation for prompt and accurate service delivery, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

4. Cornerstone Insurance

This is another leading insurance service across the nation. It also operates online. This service ensures various services such as motor insurance, travel insurance, halal takaful, school fee guarantee, investment plan, home insurance, life insurance, Annuity, Marine Insurance, Gadget Protection Plan, and many more. You can reach the company agents via these numbers: 08106000800 for sales inquiries and support, or 01-2806500 for corporate inquiries.

5. Mutual Benefit Insurance

This is an insurance company that provides various insurance services for its customers; you can reach the company online by clicking this link. The company operates on providing various insurances such as motor vehicle insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, and other insurance products not yet mentioned for both retail and business customers.

The company is physically located at 223 Ikorodu Road, Ilupeju Lagos, The Phone numbers are 09054644444, 09054744444. Feel free to contact them for a reputable service.

6. Zenith Insurance

This insurance service is managed by the popular Zenith Bank Plc., it operates on an auto insurance policy that covers travel insurance, life insurance, vehicle insurance, personal insurance, corporate insurance, Swift Claim Response, and much more information, send an email to [email protected], fills out the complaint form on the website, or chat with the company via live chat on the website.

The service is 24 hours per week.

7. Mansard insurance

Mansard Insurance can be reached online via this web address. It provides services such as life Insurance which the price is displayed on the website as 2000 naira monthly. If you apply for this plan, you will enjoy superior returns and also get free life insurance. The other Insurance products are Auto-Flex for vehicular Insurances, Easy care for medical policy, Auto Plus for excess buyback, flood cover, and other extras.

Auto Go, is another Insurance product that is for the purchasing of third-party motor insurance. A certificate is also issued for this. The company equally provides life savings insurance services and many more.

You can contact the company via these numbers: 0702926267273, for general inquiries, call: 01-4488482, claims hotlines are: 08150490199, 08150491085, and 08150490342.

The company is physically located at Santa Clara Court, Plot 1412, Ahmodu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos.

8. Industrial General Insurance

This insurance company is reached online through this link. It is located at Plot 741 Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island. Phone contact is +234-16215010/ 16215014. The email address is [email protected], and the website is

Travel Insurance is very important, I urge every traveler, no matter how short the distance could be, to apply for it, the importance that comes with it is more beneficial than savings for something else while you are on a trip surrounded by unforeseen events.

Let us know if you would require further information in this regard.