Flight from Lagos To Owerri Schedule & Price in Naira 2023

The home of hospitality is one of the most visited states in the nation. Thereby making the flight from Lagos to Owerri a major air travel route for both citizens and tourists.

This article contains all you need to know about the flight from Lagos to Owerri, how much it costs, the airlines that fly the route and several other important aspects.

How Long Does a Flight from Lagos to Owerri take?

It takes a flight of one hour five minutes to arrive at Sam Mbakwe International Airport, after taking off from Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

Which of the Airlines fly from Lagos to Owerri?

The Airlines that follow these routes are Dana Air, Arik Air, and Air Peace.

How Much Does Flight From Lagos to Owerri Cost?

On average, the following is the prices of flights from Lagos to Owerri:

  • One–way flight – $64
  • Nonstop round flight – $128
  • Round flight – $172

The above-stated prices are to guide us not necessarily the exact amount. These amounts do change from time to time, and from season to season.

However, to get the cheapest deal on any flight, try and book six weeks before the date of departure.

When is the Flight from Lagos to Owerri the Cheapest?

From observation, we have discovered that on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, flights’ of the route is mostly cheaper than on the remaining days of the week.

What Time does the Earliest Flight from Lagos to Owerri Takes Off?

The earliest flight takes off by 7 am to arrive in Owerri at 7:05 am.

How to Book a Flight from Lagos to Owerri 2023

Booking a flight from Lagos to Owerri can be done in two ways:

  1. Going through a travelling agent to book a fight for you. You pay them, they book a flight and send your tickets to you. You can check online to get a credible travelling agent.
  2. You can book it yourself online using the following stipulated method.
  • Go to any booking sites, or, you can go directly to the official websites of Dana Air, Arik Air and Air Peace.
  • After you have chosen a preferred website, enter departure and arrival city and select your proposed travel date.
  • Browse flight options and select your ideal airline flight
  • Input your correct details
  • Select any additional additions like extra baggage or insurance
  • Confirm your preferred payment method
  • Your e-ticket will be sent straight to your inbox and off you go.

Flight from Lagos to Owerri Schedule Timetable

Route Date Amount
Lagos to Owerri Thu, 12th August $ 64


Lagos to Owerri Sun 15 Aug


$ 64


Lagos to Owerri Wed 18 Aug


$ 64


Lagos to Owerri Sun 22 Aug


$ 64


Lagos to Owerri Fri 20 Aug $ 64


Lagos to Owerri Sat 14 Aug


$ 64


With the above information, you should be confident when planning to go on a trip from Lagos to Owerri.