6 Cheapest Flight Ticket Companies in Egypt (2023)

Airlines are companies that provide air service transportation for traveling passengers and most times people usually find it difficult to book and air tickets not because they don’t have money but because everyone wants to live an affordable and a life that is comfortable back then airline treats there customers unjustly until many other airlines came on board and competition began among airline after then some airline in Egypt specifically has height rate in which the charge traveling passengers, some other airline decides to charge less than other airlines.

I am going to be telling you the list of Cheap Flight Ticket Provider in Egypt, but before then do you know how long Egypt airline has grown?

It is to my greatest interest to inform you that Egypt airline is the first airline in the Middle East region of the world when it first started it only operates base on domestic and international flights.

However, there are also other airlines that have made the heart of people. Below is the list of Cheap Flight Ticket Provider in Egypt with good services.

1. Air Arabia Egypt

Air Arabia Egypt is located in the Alexandria-based Air Arabia group of companies in Egypt, it has it main center at Alexandria Burj Al Arab Airport where different flights go to three destinations middle East, Africa, and Europe.

Air Arabia Egypt is the first of its kind that is truly worthy and offers the best class of flight at an affordable price. Do you know Air Arabia Egypt gives a percent discount when you book a flight?

Air Arabia Egypt Discount Deal and Airfare Offer

It is uncommon flights tickets provider in Egypt give discounts to customers but Air Arabia Egypt give you 10% discounts to customers when you book a flight use coupon code and get your CASHBACK to all customers.

About Air Arabia Egypt

Air Arabia Egypt is a low-cost bearer based in Egypt. The Air Arabia Egypt airplane flies to over 104 destinations all over the world, middle East, Africa, and Europe, North Africa and Asia.

To book for cheap air tickets in Air Arabia Egypt you can visit the airport or online via www.rehlat.com proceed and apply for your air ticket online very easy and reliable.

What you should know before you apply for an air ticket in Air Arabia Egypt!

Air Arabia Egypt offer quick and well-organized service with well-educated and motivational training cabin crew. Air Arabia Egypt airline give their customer all the necessary service on-board with excellent comfortability.

• Fantastic sky mall
• Provides in-flight magazines
• Luxurious sky café
• Comfortable extra legroom

The classes of Air Arabia Egypt

As I have mentioned above that the Air Arabia Egypt is a low-cost airline there are deferent types of classes the business class and the economy class.

The Economy: in the class, Air Arabia Egypt offers the best comfort cabin seat with 32 inches. And lots more

The business class: Air Arabia Egypt offers a comfortable seat with a big room. With all indication Air Arabia Egypt does not offer Wi-Fi on board as at now but it offers all form of comfortability.

2. Air Cairo

Cairo is the state capital of Egypt has the international airline which is also known as Egypt Air which operates flights to deferent part of the world like the Middle East, Africa, and Europe and Asia.

The Cairo airline is located Cairo international airport and the company main office is the Sheraton Heliopolis zone.

Air Cairo is based on online booking

Rehlat.com offer the best online booking to book on the site above is simple, easy, and fast, and secure, you need just an Air Cairo book gateway it offers comfortable complete services at your doorstep, at www.rehlat.com.


Air Cairo offer quick and well-organized service with well-educated and motivational training cabin crew. Air Cairo airline give their customer all the necessary service on-board with excellent comfortability.
• Extra spacious legroom
• Delicious food and drinks
• Best-in-class in-flight services
• Individual screens to the passengers
• Special assistance to pregnant women and passengers with illness or disabilities.


There are two main classes in Air Cairo airline so passengers can do online booking for any of the two depending on the arrangement the classes are Business class and Economy

The business classes: this class offer cabins of Air Cairo air provide a world-class complete flat seat and other high-class facilities.

The Economy class: this class has 29 inches pitch, Air Cairo has comfortable seats.

Facilities offered by the Air Cairo flights

• Pets are allowed
• Complimentary facilities kits

Note: The boarding gates close 20-30 minutes prior to departure at all airports.

3. Alexandria Airlines

If you want to enjoy a comfortable flying try Alexandria line the airline is owned by an individual that is to say it’s a private company that operates passengers wet-leasing and charters.

It is an Egypt based airline that has destinations to many countries and region in the world. Alexandria airline connects flight across to Europe and Jordan with its main base at Cairo International Airport and Alexandria international airport.


The booking of Alexandria airline flight ticket can be done at your fingertips, all you need to do is visit www.rehlat.com to book for Alexandria airline ticket if you face any problem booking you can contact the customer care via the site contact us page.


The Alexandria airline the only private airline located in Egypt it has the IATA code of ZR. It serves passengers to nine (9) destination in the middle east, Europe and Africa from the mine host at Cairo international airport and Sharm El sheikh international airport.

Alexandria, Aqaba, Cairo, Luxor this is the main destination where this Egyptian Alexandria airline offers its services.

Alexandria airline offers world-class comfortable service to her customers

• Passenger can select a seat online
• Alexandria airline offers a free allowance of a bag that is you don’t need to pay
• Exotic catering menu for food


Alexandria airline is an international airline that serves customers in international and domestic boarding of flight across the world and regions.
The routes list for Alexandria airline:

• Flight to Jeddah
• Flight to Cairo the capital city of Egypt
• Flight to Amman


There are two main classes in air Alexandria airline so passengers can do online booking for any of the two depending on the arrangement the classes are Business class and Economy

The business class: this class offer cabins of Alexandria airline provide a world-class complete flat seat and other high-class facilities.

The Economy class: this class has 20 inches pitch, Air Cairo have comfortable seats. Alexandria airline work with their time so passengers are advised to arrive early so that they won’t miss a flight.

4. Almasria Universal Airline

To enjoy the true sense of a good memorable flight try Almasria Universal Airline, Almasria Universal Airline is Said to be the first owned airline in Egypt before Alexandria airline with elegance and budget, it connects internationally to Europe, Saudi Arabia and it operate in regular flight to domestic location Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh.

The booking for Almasria Universal AirlineIs strictly online but www.rehlatt.com has made everything easy, fast and secure for customers to book for a seat at their fingertip all you need to do is visit the site above to book for your flight as quickly as you can.

Almasria Universal Airline flight deals and popular routes, Almasria Universal Airline has an in-flight enjoyment, baggage allowance, and Almasria Universal Airline.

When you visit the site advance to booking a flight with Almasria Universal Airline enter your destination, the date you want to go for the journey and other necessary requirements.


The Almasria Universal Airline has been in existence since 2007 it started with the dream of flying everyone across the nation with low-cost flight ticket for both domestic and international destination it has about four (4) aircraft namely Airbus A320-200 and Airbus A321-200.


AlMaseria universal airline offers a magnificent service to her customers

• Budget oriented travel
• Comfortable lounge at the airport
• Very good baggage allowance

AlMaseria universal airline booking classes

They are two classes in AlMaseria universal airline which is the business class and the economy class

The business class in the AlMaseria universal airline give the passengers a comfortable seat with a big room where every broader relax and enjoy their flights. While

The Economy class in AlMaseria universal airline have a well-arranged comfortable seat
Facilities offered by AlMaseria universal airline

This AlMaseria universal airline is among the airline that has world-class facilities for its customers

• A delicious in-flight meals
• A large number of dedicated AlMaseria universal lounges
• Height class service of all kind
• Comfortable seat

Note: you can book your flight at home at your fingertips to avoid long queue at the airport.

5. AMC Airlines

To experience a memorable flight with AMC Airlines an aircraft engineering company, it was the first independent private airline located in Egypt, AMC Airlines don’t only give flights tickets but they do renovation and maintenance of Aircraft, one can also book for his or her flight online with joining a queue.

Rehlat.com is the best web site in Egypt one can book a flight to any part of the world at your fingertips it saves your times, it’s easy, fast and reliable.

Book for your seat on AMC Airlines
When you visit www.rehlat.com you will enter the airline you want to use after then enter your destination and the date of your journey and all other requirements that will ask your transaction is safe and secured.

What you should know about AMC Airlines

AMC Airlines is one of the best airlines in Egypt with traveling to about 30 destinations weekly AMC Airlines have 18 years experience. It operates from a major airport all over the world. AMC Airlines have the flight size of 7,

AMC Airlines aircraft are advanced and modern.


The safety of passengers is are the mind of AMC Airlines, they provide customers with world-class facilities that will make the customer never regret booking the airline in other to.

Satisfy all passengers.

• They have a custom seat for the traveler
• High-quality meal menu
• They provide a very good quality of menu
• Good big room and a comfortable seat for in-flight


The AMC Airlines have just one class the business class is the only one available in the AMC Airlines from the USA to top destinations in all part of the world in its axis, the business class has a well-arranged seat and a multimedia environment conducive for all customers.


• A comfortable seat for each traveler
• A delicious catering menu
• AMC Airlines will never serve their customers with wine or alcohol

For a better experience flying book AMC Airlines today.

6. Nesma Airlines

Book a flight with Nesma Airlines to experience the finest level traveling and a well organized refreshing experience with personal service the headquarters is located at Cairo the capital city of Egypt Nesma Airlines operates both international and domestic routes across the world and regions in its axis at hubs at Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, Hurghada International Airport, and Cairo International Airport.

Nesma Airlines flights tickets also can be book online visit rehlat.com it offers the best reliable airline service it’s fast easy and secure.


NESMA airline was established in 2010 and it serve passengers flight to all major countries like in

• Saudi Arabia,
• The United Kingdom,
• Poland,
• France,
• Italy and
• Spain.

The Egyptian airline company is privately owned by Saudi Arabian joint-venture Nesma Holding Company.

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