KLM Flight Booking Nigeria (2023 Review)

When you are talking about KLM, you are talking about a royal Dutch airline that flies to more than 520 destinations in over 60 countries of the world, operating on 2100 flights per day. Plus their first-class jet is made up of McDonnel Douglass aircraft, Airbus, Boeing and Embraer aircraft.

With this little information, it won’t be surprising that KLM flight booking is one of the most searched keywords in its category. Like who won’t want to travel with such an airline. Except for someone poor. And I know you aren’t poor. That’s on a lighter mode though.

In this article, we will be in covering all you need to know about KLM flight booking. But before that, there is some certain information that you need to know before booking a flight on KLM. Stay calm and carefully read through in order not to miss any bit of the information.

About KLM Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch airline is the largest European airline and the oldest international airline still flying under its original name. KLM is a partner in Sky Team, a global network of airlines collaborating to bring more comfort and better travel experiences to their clients which you are among.

Additionally, KLM has a strong social media presence that keeps in touch with its clients. You can ask any questions and you will get a reply without delay on their handles. This resulted in making KLM one of the most customer-centric, efficient and innovative European airlines.

Before 2004, it was just KLM Royal Dutch Airline. It was until 2004, it merged with Air France making it one of the leading key players in the international scene.

To add to this, KLM provides online free tax shopping.

What is online free tax shopping all about? This service enables you to shop online using their code. You can place an order one to three calendar days before departure to get your parcels delivered to you upon arrival. This helps you to avoid carrying big baggage around the airport. So you can say it is an energy-saving scheme.

KLM Inflight Entertainment

Unlike some airlines, KLM has its seats equipped with a personal interactive screen enabling you to have access to 1000 hours of endless entertainment options. It could be movies, songs, games or TV. The good thing about their movies is that you have the option to choose from over 80 movies including the latest released movies.

Also, KLM offers WI-FI on one of its aircraft, “Boeing 777-300” as a pilot programme that will be expanded later in the future.

KLM special meals

Apart from the already prepared KLM orchestrated meals, you still have the privilege to order special meals free of charge.

Maybe you are diabetic or hypertensive or a cancer patient, you can make an order of your required meals 48 hours before departure and you will get it on the flight free of charge.

KLM Flight Booking 2023

To make booking easier and enjoyable, KLM came up with a personal, real-time contextual mobile app. This KLM app can be downloaded from Play Store, App store ad IOS store.

About the KLM Flight Booking App

This app is designed with AKQA to make booking easier. It caters to each customer’s needs by suggesting optimal flight seating during the booking process.

Also, it has a simplified booking tool that enables you to select a destination and pay for the flight directly from the app as well as save your credit card details for a one-step checkout.

The interface of this app serves you in real-time. It deals with you as it talks to you and guides you through the booking journey. As a novice, you can easily book and pay for your flights without external help.

Can I book a hotel together with a KLM flight?

Yes, it is possible. You can book a flight under the flight + hotel package. And sometimes it comes with a discount. And you may be lucky to have a discount someday.