How To Calculate Canada Express Entry Points (2023 Guide)

How to Calculate Canada Express Entry Points

Canada is fast becoming a go-to country for everyone around the world due to its development in the economy. In order to keep its immigration under check, Canada Express Entry was introduced.

What is Canada Express Entry?

This is a system introduced by the Government of Canada in order to effectively manage the application of permanent residence by immigrants.

Express Entry Canada gives the government clues in selecting skilled and unskilled workers.

How Does Express Entry Work?

You must have read/heard about it on the internet or from billboards or flyers. To cut the story short, Express Entry is an online system.

It was created to help the Government in managing permanent residence applications and also help in deciding those with a high chance of success. It is also used in deciding the number of skilled and unskilled immigrants that the country should accept.

Here you will be learning the following:

  • Eligibility for Canada Express Entry
  • Documents needed in applying for Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry Eligibility 2023

Applying for the Entry Program without checking your eligibility status is like going to war without planning, you won’t know what you are up against and also won’t be able to know your chance of approval.

So, how can I check if I am Eligible?

There are two ways to know if you are eligible for this program and the two will be explained to you here on this platform without leaving anything out.

1. Answering the following to see if you are eligible

We have three programs under Express Entry Canada, and each comes with different requirements. You will need roughly 10-15 minutes to fill the form and you will be asked the following:

  • Educational Level
  • Details on the job offer
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Family member, if you have any.
  • Language ability

Note: Your answers to the above will determine the program you are eligible for out of the three, you need to know that you are eligible does mean you are automatically granted residence.

But if you are eligible you will be given instructions on what to do next. Which also include filling an online profile.

2. Read detailed requirements for the 3 programs

As explained earlier, people are chosen based on their skills and what they can contribute to the Canadian economy.

Express Entry Canada has three programs under it:

Below are detailed requirements for each program:

Federal Skilled Worker Program Requirements

This is a program for skilled immigrants with foreign work experience who want to move to Canada permanently.

So How does it work?

This program requirements are :

  • Skilled working experience
  • Education

All the above requirements must be meet up with before you can be considered for this program.

Selection Factors

After you have met up with the requirements, you will be assessed based on:

  • Age
  • Work experience
  • Languages you can speak (English or French)
  • How adaptable you can be.

These factors are part of the Canada Express points use in calculating your eligibility for Federal Worker Program. If you can fulfill all conditions here you will earn points that will boost your total final Canada Express Points.

The current pass mark for Federal Skilled worker program is 67 points.

To learn more about this, visit the official website by clicking here.

Federal Skilled Trades Program Requirements

This program is for an individual with skills who wants to become a permanent residence of Canada.

This section will be dedicated to the requirements and other things you should know.


  • You must meet the standard for each language ability
  • Have up to 2 years of experience working as a full-time trade man or 5 years of experience work part-time.
  • Meet up the requirements set by the National Occupational Classification.
  • You must have a valid Job for a year or certificate of qualification.
  • No education requirements but if you want to boost your points, we have ways you can go about it. You will get point for having a diploma or degree from Canada, likewise, If you have foreign education.
  • You need to meet up with the minimum score of Canadian Language Benchmark.
  • Take an approved language test. Note that your tests results are only valid for 2 years from the day of the test result and they must be valid on the day you will be applying for permanent residence.
  • You must be able to show evidence of funds unless you have a legal job offer in Canada. To learn more follow this link.

Canadian Experience Class

This program is for existing Canadian resident who is skilled and looking for how to become a permanent resident of Canada.

To learn about the requirements kindly visit the web page through this link.

After looking at the types of Canada Express Entry Programs, the next thing on our  To-Do list is discussing on the documents you will need.

Getting your Documents Ready

After confirming your eligibility, the next thing is to get your documents. You will need documents such as language test results and others.

Note that some of these documents will take you a long time to get, it is better to start getting them now.

  • Documents for your Profile
  • Documents for Application for Permanent residence.

For your Profile

Need for uploading of documents is not needed, but you need to some of the information will be needed and they are below:

  • Your passports or travel documents
  • Educational Credential report
  • With the language test results
  • Job offer inviting from an employer in Canada
  • Provisional nomination if any is available

Documents needed for Application for Permanent Residence

  • Certificates from the Police
  • Medical exams result
  • Proof that you have enough funds

So, What next?

What are Canada Express Points?

Canada Express Points let you know your chances of getting permanent residence base on the information provided. Yours points is base on age, work experience, educational and other skills.

How to Calculate Your Canada Express Points

Knowing how to calculate your Express Entry points will give you an edge over others but that does not mean you will get your permanent residence base on that alone. You will be assessed and assigned an overall score out of 1,200 points.

These are the basic components on which candidates are ranked by CRS.

  • By Human Capital Factor: Maximum of 460 points
  • Common-law partner factors: 40 points maximum
  • Valid Job Offer – 200 maximum points
  • Addition maximum points for provisional nomination or arranged employment from a company in Canada.

We have two methods for calculating Canada Express Entry

  • Calculating it manually in other words, Do-IT-YOURSELF
  • Using Canada Express Point calculator.

Calculating manually

A. Human Capital Factors

Spouse/Common-law partner:

  1. Age: 100 points
  2. Level of education: points of 150
  3. Official languages proficiency: 150 points
  4. Canadian work experience: 70 points

So what of those without a spouse?

Without no Spouse:

  • Age: 110
  • Level of education: 160
  • Canada work experience: 80

B. Spouse/ Common-Law partner factors

  • Level of Education: 10 points
  • Official languages proficiency: 20 points
  • Work experience in Canada: 10 points

Note: A. Human Capital + Common-Law factors _ 500 points

C. Skills

  • Education
  1. Good languages proficiency and a post-secondary degree : 50 points
  2. Canada work experience with a post-Secondary degree : 50 points
  • Foreign Work Experience
  1. Strong languages proficiency with higher foreign work experience: 50 points
  2. Foreign and Canadian work experience: 50 points
  • Certificate of Qualifications
  1. Proficiency in languages with certificate of Qualifications: 50 points

Note: A. Human Capital + Spouse factors + Skills factors = 600 maximum points.

So what next?

But do you also know that we have additional factors? In short yes.

D. Additional Factors

  1. Post-secondary education in Canada: 30 points
  2. Employment offer: 200 points
  3. French Speaking proficiency: points of 200
  4. Have a sibling in Canada? If yes: 15 points max.

Using Tools for Calculation

In addition to the first method, this method is fast and error-free. But you will be making use of online calculators. Yours is to input your information and the calculation will be get done.

Follow this link to do that

Submitting of Profile

Express Entry process work base on the Information you provide. If you’re eligible, you will be accepted into a pool of other candidates.

Receiving an Invitation

The stage is sending of invitations to candidates with the highest scores in the pool. Furthermore, you need to submit your application for permanent residence before 60 days.

Only applications with the highest number of supporting documents will be processed within six months.

Applying for Permanent Residence

The next thing is to apply for permanent residence. At this stage, you will need to upload some documents, pay fees, submit your complete application.

Answers to Questions

In addition to all we have discussed, this section is for addressing problems and Questions.  So

How can I increase my Points/score?

Nobody owns you point what you can do for yourself is to go through this article and look for ways to get those points. Fastlagos will give you tips on how to do that.

Change Primary Applicant:

If you are married and wants to move to Canada with your wife/spouse then check out for who is having more CRS score. Then make the person the primary applicant

Improve your Spouse First Language

This is another great way to increase your CRS score, which is worth up to 20 points. Make your partner to write English language efficiency Test.

Get a Job Offer in Canada

If you and your spouse have an employment offer in Canada before immigrating, that is a huge Jackpot. Think about it

How to get a job offer from an employer in Canada

  • Networking
  • Linkedin
  • Volunteer
  • Opt for Manual Jobs
  • Make use of online job portals
  • Start your own biz
  • Canada Job bank

What is the Processing Time?

In short, the processing time depends on the following:

  • Type of application you submitted
  • How long you take in responding to concerns.
  • Other factors such as visa offices, the region you are submitting from and the program under you are applying.

Causes of Delays in Processing?

  • Background checking.
  • Verification of information is needed.
  • Interview with the CIC
  • Situations in the family are not clear ( Divorce or adoption not complete).

What will happen if CIC Find my Information Untruthful?

Firstly, If CIC find your information untruthful your application will be rejected, you will be found inadmissible or bar from applying for Express Entry for five years.

What is the minimum IELTS score for Canada Express Entry?

You must be able to prove that you are proficient in each of the following language abilities:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Your language test result is only valid for two years from the day released. They must also be valid throughout the period of the application process, if not valid your application will be declined.

What is the Language Test Accepted by CIC?

You can write or take any of these languages tests:

  1. IELTS: International English Language Testing System: You can apply using a General Training option for Canada PR visa, CIC won’t accept Academic option while applying for Express Entry.
  2. CELPIP: Canada English Language Proficiency Index Program: You need to take the General test because CIC don’t accept General -Ls test for Express Entry.

What are the Recent changes made to Express Entry?

CIC (Citizenship immigration Canada) has made changes to the system of June 6 in the year 2017.

  • Siblings in Canada :

You can now get a maximum of 15 points for having a sibling that stay in Canada, to get these points the sibling must also be:

  1. Related by blood, adoption or common-related partnership.
  2. Having a parent in common.
  3. Lives in Canada.
  • You can now get additional points for proficiency in French

Do you have anything to ask on How to Calculate Canada Express Entry Points? Kindly make use of the comment box. You should also note that filling meeting up with the cut off does mean you have permanent residence already but you are definitely close to it.

Finally, don’t forget to deal with all crime related issues you may have before applying for permanent residency.