On the Rail Safety: 4 Tips on How to be Safe on Trains

Traveling via train is one of the best things you can do when visiting a country. By traveling on a train, you have a sightseeing session with someone while in the safety of the train. You can also travel comfortably since most trains nowadays have passenger compartments where they can close the blinds and have a peaceful sleep while traveling overnight. 

However, we have already heard too many horror stories regarding trains. Things like falling on the tracks, missing luggage, and even death. We don’t want to be another one of those horror stories. In today’s articles, we will discuss some tips to always be safe while traveling via train.

Avoid Changing Trains at Night

If you’re traveling overnight, it’s generally advisable to avoid changing trains during the night unless you know how the schedule will go. But if it’s unavoidable, and you’re planning to buy London to Edinburgh train tickets or other tickets to specific locations, always be alert. However, it’s generally advisable not to ride trains during the night. It’s scary, and you’ll probably end up alone, since everyone else is fast asleep in their homes or hotels. 

Not only that, but it’s also the time when bad guys prowl around looking for a victim to hold up for their belongings or just people simply wanting to take advantage of someone. Also, if you’re riding a train, especially at night, don’t search your luggage inside the carriage, especially if you’re alone. You’re just tempting robbers at that point. We have already heard too many horror stories about being alone in a carriage in the middle of the night.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Not paying attention can cost you a lot when planning to travel by train. However, we understand if you have some business on your phone. It’s also quite tempting to just put in your headphones and listen to music while waiting for the train. However, these things will distract you from the oncoming train and your surroundings while walking towards the train. 

This will leave you vulnerable to accidents like bumping into people, falling on the train tracks, and theft. That said, close your phone, look around your surroundings, and see if you’re in a safe area. Do not cross the yellow line, and see if your belongings are secured. Trains aren’t the only dangerous things in a metro station.

Avoid Sitting Alone on a Carriage

As mentioned, the train itself isn’t the only dangerous thing you’ll see while traveling through the tracks, but also people, specifically thieves. Thievery is all too common on trains; every country has them, especially pickpockets. And no, if you think they’re just after your money, then you’re wrong. Train passengers are common theft victims, whether for their personal belongings or luggage, big and small.

If you’re traveling alone or with a small child, never sit in a carriage alone. It might be tempting since no one wants to squeeze themselves like sardines in a fully packed carriage but trust us, you would prefer that over having your belongings and personal valuables be put at risk. Also, if you’re traveling with multiple bags, keep them secured by putting them on your laps if you’re able to or using the storage racks under or over the seats.

Stay Safe While Getting On and Off the Train

No matter how many times you’ve ridden the train in the past, it’s always necessary for us to follow the rules while getting on and off the train. So, to refresh your mind, there are three things that you should remember when getting on or off the train. The first is never to cross the yellow line. This line shouldn’t be crossed until the train has completely stopped, and the other passengers have gotten out of the carriage.

The second one is always to mind the gap. Some stations have gaps between the train and the edge, which is sometimes unavoidable. Nevertheless, they are extremely dangerous since falling into one will put you at risk of injuries or even death if you suddenly find yourself behind awfully close to the tracks. If you’re in this situation, call for help immediately and do your best to return to the platform again.

And lastly, stay clear of the closing door. Train doors close 30 seconds before the train’s departure. That said, make sure to stand clear of them and also make sure that your luggage or anything that’s connected to you is stuck between the train doors. If you see something stuck, try to pull it back inside or wait for the doors to open again.

Final Words

Trains are the best form of transportation when traveling throughout a country. It lets you see the sights, they’re comfortable, and they’re mostly secure, especially if you paid for the premium ones. But as we all know, they aren’t so secure that you can just lug around your luggage and neglect them. It’s always recommended to be extra careful on public transportation, especially in a country you know nothing about.

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