Top 10 Tips For Traveling With A Baby in 2023

Traveling with a baby can be a very difficult task for mothers or even any adults. The super difficulty is when there are two or more.

While babies can bring so much fun during travel, there are times that you just hope to have a mobile babysitter that will make them calm or subtle till the end of the journey. 

But that is almost impossible. In this article, we shall look into some of the best tips that will guarantee you fantastic travel even when you go with a baby. You can not stop a baby from doing what they like to do, from making noise to requesting for something impossible, and all that crap. Fun though. 

But it is time to put everything under control by going through these tips I have gathered for you. 

The major tip is to be prepared for anything. Babies are always full of life when they see their mum or parents. So there are some things to put in place and other things to carry along that will make your baby ready for a successful journey ahead. So whether you are traveling with an infant, baby, or toddler, here are the best ideas to consider. 

Tips For Traveling With a Baby or Toddler

1. The first tip is to have your baby in mind in whatever bookings you make. This may be needless to say but many people still make this mistake. For example, those who are traveling by plane should book a  seat that has a bassinet connection, and a separate seat for your older child, if needed. It is advised to have a parent pre-board the bassinet during the pre-boarding phase. And when the plane is closer to the take-off time, you should de-board. 

Woman traveling with her baby

As a suggestion, I’d prefer that I walk around with my baby using the extra 30 minutes than to wait on the crowded plane. 

2. Children generally will always ask for one thing or the other during travel. So it is important to take along the possible things that will make them cry endlessly if you don’t provide. 

Items like non-perishables such as snacks and fluids will keep the baby hydrated. You will agree with me that airplanes are drying. Also, take along something to suck on to help babies relieve air pressure that can occur during takeoff.

3. Babies will definitely cry when they are cold. Bring enough clothing and diapers. I can’t stress this enough. It will definitely be necessary. It is also a too sure possibility that babies will create a mess during a journey. So bring enough clothing so that you can change them up whenever such occurs. This happens both during journeys by air and car. 

Also, do not forget to dress your baby in layers. They may feel hot at one point and you may need to remove some of their clothing.

4. As a parent, you should know that there are some favorite items of your baby that can make them fall asleep when playing with such items. To tell the truth, a journey will be more peaceful when the baby is asleep. And that is the best option for this. 

Bring along those favorite toys, favorite blankets, and favorite pillows. All these items will create a cozy environment around him and make him feel comfortable and sleepy. It happens. 

You don’t necessarily have to give him pills that will put him to sleep. You may be too busy concentrating on reading a book or watching a movie during the journey. These favorite items of your baby will make him succumb to a peaceful sleep during the journey. 

I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you that the lights from the window of the car or plane can be a villain. So use shade to block it to help your baby calm down and go to sleep. 

5. Another important tip to carry out when traveling with a toddler or baby is to bring along wrapped toys and playing objects. What I advise you to do is to wrap them like a package and give them to them. They will definitely be zealous to see what is hidden in the package. And if you wrap them well, you will be surprised to see your baby seriously busy in removing those wrappers to see the toy inside of it while you concentrate on the journey or do something else. 

But make sure that these toys or items do not have sharp edges or harmful substances in them. 

Even without the wrapped trick, Babies, especially toddlers, will always be comfortable and happily occupied when placed around an avalanche of colorful  toys 

Don’t just hand the toy over to them once the journey starts. Allow them to get tired and demand something new. This trick will pick the baby’s interest. 

6. I will not advise you to take your baby along with you on a journey that will last longer than 6 hours. Even as adults, we don’t like to sit in one position for hours, not to mention babies. It is very unhealthy for them. 

Well, for those who are traveling by car, you can ease up the long journey hours by having some stop intervals at, say, eateries, restaurants, motels, or stations. But make sure these places are safe and filled with people. Take a little walk around with your baby and head back to the car. 

7. To a baby, there is no other person they will need to be beside than their parent during a journey. So always maintain close contact with a baby. As close as possible. Apart from the safety reasons attached, you pose as a confirm zone to a baby as a parent. If it is a journey by car, one of the parents should do the driving while the other stays with the baby. It is even a distraction by always looking in the back seat to see that your baby is happy while driving. 

Place him next to you and make them feel at home.

8. Still in the connection of driving, and placing your baby beside you, make sure you keep them active when they are not sleeping. Keep them busy gleefully shaking their body to the rhythm of baby-related music. And offer them games. Video games on iPads or tablets are great options. 

Just like you’d do at home, tell them interesting stories, and sing songs to them. We can have lullaby Sang in the journey to have them sleep, right? Right. LOL.  Don’t forget to take along Baroque music as they can help them calm. 

9. One last thing that I must not forget to mention is that there are items that can keep them busy and happy. Fun items that have to do with where you are all traveling. Countries, states, towns, or scenic views that you all are headed to. 

In line with telling stories, you can start by telling the baby about the place you all are headed to. It is really fun. 

Make sure you download enough games and apps that you can give to your baby to play with. And don’t forget to come along with portable chargers for your gadgets and devices. Storybooks and other books about the place you are visiting is not a bad idea too. So while keeping babies entertained, you can educate them in the process.

10. The overall tip when traveling with a baby as I have mentioned earlier is to be prepared. Pack your items well, plan well, and be prepared to make the journey a memorable one for not only you but your baby. A Child will find a journey interesting when you make all the activities, music, stories, and games child-centered.

 Do not take these tips that I have shared with you for granted. I wish you and your baby(ies) a successful trip!