Landmark Beach Review (Gate Fee & Accommodation)

It is a popular opinion that Landmark Beach is the best when it comes to beach clubs in Lagos. Also, the destination has a lot of photo-worthy corners for picture freaks, which is (honestly) one of the most interesting parts of visiting a beach these days.

But if you are going to spend your next holiday or vacation at Landmark, there is more than meets the eye.

In this detailed review, we will look at the gate fee, location, average menu prices, visit regulations, and opening hours of Landmark Beach in Lagos. In addition, we have provided answers to some frequently asked questions you might as well have about visiting this private beach on the Island.

But before diving into the full review, here is an overview of what we think about the beach after our visit, especially when compared with other viable beach destination options in Lagos – what to expect and a few disappointments.

Our Overall Take on Landmark Beach, Lagos

1. Landmark beach is an ever-active environment that wills all the fun activities you can think of to make your excursion worthwhile.

2. Since it is an extensive beach divided into at least four divisions, we like that there are tricycles positioned near the gate to shuttle you to any part of the grounds – saves time and movement effort.

3. The most interesting part of this beach would be the clubbing options. We cannot think of any beach destinations in Lagos that do it better in that regard. The Lagos Beach Club and Island Breeze outlets in Landmark come with swimming pools and their in-house bar and restaurant.

4. There are other places on this vast stretch of sand where you can lounge by the shoreline or chill in groups in cabanas of different sizes.

5. In terms of affordability, Landmark beach is quite on the high side for the average Beach goer in Lagos, especially when it comes to using fun facilities. But it’s worth the cost. (We would have crowned it the best luxury resort, but it is nothing near La Campagne Tropicana)

6. Again, it is a great beach if you’re looking for something active. From the football pitches to the volleyball courts, amusement parks, and games for kids, Landmark is a promised land for fun enthusiasts. (Though, horseback riding isn’t as fun in Landmark beach as it is in Oniru Beach, especially for first-timers)

7. The beach environment and the atmosphere is great at Landmark, but not the best for surfers as we see in Tarkwa Bay. Meanwhile, we would recommend Landmark beach for a pleasant family beach getaway. But if you want to take no chances in that regard, then there are better options like Barracuda Beach.

Where Is Landmark Beach Located?

Landmark beach is located at 4, Water Corporation Drive, Landmark Village, Victoria Island, Lagos. It houses other business outlets such as KFC, a cinema, clubs, and a few other leisure establishments, making it a holistic destination for the ultimate beach getaway experience.

The private beach shares its environment with the Oniru Royal family beach and is about ten minute’s drive from Lekki phase one.

You can get to the beach through the 3rd Roundabout by Pinnacle Filing station. Alternatively, you can take the Eko Hotel Roundabout route on Victoria Island.

As mentioned earlier, the location houses various restaurants including Spur, Lagos Boat Club, Bubbletii, The lounge/bar, Eko Spicy, Sooyah Bistro, and Travis Cocktail bar among others.

In other words, a trip to any of these restaurants is the same thing as going to the Landmark beach location.

How Much Is Gate Fee at Landmark Beach?

The gate fee at Landmark Beach in Lagos is N2,000 per individual for Adults while children (5 – 12 years) will pay N1,000 per individual.  Children who are 5 years below access the beach free of charge. 

Once you pay this fee at the entrance of the beach, you will be given a ticket that serves as a pass. During the festive period, there is usually a queue at the entrance and you may pay N3,000 to get the ticket. So it is advisable to get the ticket online on such occasions.

Meanwhile, visitors who are subscribed to the Landmark beach membership club can also access the beach without paying a gate fee.

It is important to note that the gate fee at Landmark does NOT automatically give you access to using the facilities therein. You should make a budget for other costs (more on this soon)

When Is The Best Time to Visit Landmark Beach

There is no best or worse time to visit Landmark Beach, as there is always something for anyone at any time. However, Landmark beach is open from 8 am to 10 pm daily. So time your movement when next you want to visit.

Meanwhile, the private beach usually experience crowd during weekends and milestone dates on the calendar like Christmas holiday, Easter, or Independent day (music concerts are usually held)

So avoid weekends on these dates if you don’t enjoy crowded beach environments. But even with the crowd, the beach has a vast sandy shoreline that makes up for its serene environment.

Best Things to do at Landmark Beach

Like most other beaches in Lagos, Landmark boasts facilities to offer fun activities to its teeming visitors. For example, they have kite surfing equipment, football, jet skiing, paintballing, beach soccer amenities, volleyball, a kids’ play zone, and even bars where you can grab a drink.

When you next visit Landmark Beach, you can make your trip the best experience possible by trying any of the following activities:

Boat cruise

A boat cruise is one of the popular things people do at Landmark Beach, and it is worthwhile to give it a shot. The experience is premium, and you’d never have anything like it on most other beaches in Lagos. The cost of a boat cruise on Landmark Beach varies, but the minimum is N5,000.

Play beach soccer

Landmark Beach is one of the best beaches to consider for beach sports. They have one of the best soccer pitches where you can compete with your friends on the sandy ground.

Fly a kite

The kite-flying activity is another sign of the private beach. It is a good thing to try for those who want to relive their childhood days. Imagine the beach wind you won’t get anywhere else, and then controlling the kite to go as far as you want it to go over the ocean—amazing!

Don’t ignore the bouncing castle

Thanks to the bouncing castles available for all, both children and adults can enjoy a jumping spree at Landmark. You can make your child happy with this activity or join in on the fun instead of feeling like a ’95 adult.

Horseback ride

While we would rather recommend Oniru Beach as the best destination for horseback riding experiences, Landmark is a fairly great spot for this activity. With a few thousand nairas, you can get on a horse and walk down the aisle of the Atlantic heroically.

Quad biking

Getting on a quad bike is a popular beach recreation activity. But at Landmark, the experience is on another level. Here, you get to rent one of these bikes and ride carelessly and fearlessly along the rubber tire barricades.

Enjoy exotic drinks

Landmark houses some of the finest restaurants in the city, where you can explore foods and drinks. But more particularly, you can enjoy exotic drinks from the beach’s high-class VIP lounge, such as red wines, pina Coladas, and other coconut drinks.

Above all, do not forget to take pictures. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and it aids in the retention of a wonderful memory.

Do they Allow Food In Landmark Beach?

Yes, you can bring food into Landmark Beach, but it requires you to pay a corkage fee. To make this happen, you need to be on the group package and not the regular gate fee ticket. Landmark also charges a corkage fee based on the category of foods and drinks visitors can bring in.

You will pay N10,000 each per cooler of food and alcoholic drinks (non-alcoholic drinks are charged N5,000 instead)

The beach also charges N5,000 per pack or carton of beer or a cooler of mixed alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks.

Landmark is a private beach, which means they are guided by some rules and regulations. While some of these restrictions are intended to ensure the safety of visitors, they are also instilled to maintain the reputation of the beach. This leads us to the next section.

Landmark Beach Regulations For Visitors

If you plan to visit Landmark Beach, keep in mind that there are some rules that you shouldn’t violate while on the beach. The rules are also displayed on a signboard placed somewhere near the entrance.

Many of the rules are instilled to ensure the safety of everyone on the beach. In the order in which they were presented, they are as follows:

  • Never swim after sunset or in rough water
  • Admission shall be refused to all persons having visible contagious diseases
  • Swimming is not permitted except lifeguard is on duty
  • No swimming costumes outside the beach area
  • No roller scooters or bicycles on the boardwalk.
  • No camping or sleeping overnight.
  • Always keep the beach clean
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Do not have children unattended to
  • No unauthorized barbecues or lighting of fires
  • Do not tamper with electric cables
  • Adhere to good manners and avoid causing a disturbance
  • Avoid the use of fireworks or inflammable materials
  • Do not drink the beach water
  • Drugs are not permitted; anyone offering marijuana, narcotics, or other illegal substances will be denied access to the beach and turned over to authorities.

Is Landmark Beach expensive?

In general, Landmark is an expensive beach for the average fun seeker looking for a low-cost beach experience. The gate fee is pretty much affordable, but the cost of activities on the beach and food items cuts the neck, especially when compared with some other affordable beaches in Lagos.

To give you an idea of how expensive Landmark Beach is, here are the costs of some facilities at the beach:

Activities Price
Astroturf Football N23,000 per hour
Volleyball N16,000 per hour
Bouncing castle N500
Boat cruise N5,000 per hour
Kayaking N6,000 per hour
Jetski N10,000 for 10 minutes


If you want access to a beach bed with a shared umbrella (the loungers), you will pay N2,000, while the cabana costs N25,000.

So the beach is quite pricey on average. But when we look at the overall cost of a trip to, say, La Campagne Tropicana, Landmark isn’t all that expensive.

What’s next?

Now that you have an idea of what Landmark Beach has to offer, you can start planning your trip to this awesome place. If this will be your first time visiting, then you have to make a handful of preparations, especially in the areas of budgeting, logistics, and generally navigating your way around there to try the best fun activities.

But what if you could clear all these worries away and focus on enjoying yourself? That’s right. You can join the Fastlagos Beach Team of five on your next visit to Landmark Beach in Lagos.

We will help you find the best way to fit your budget and experience tropical paradise, comfort, and convenience so you don’t have to face all the headaches that come with planning a trip, especially with your team, friends, and family.

You can shoot us a message, and let’s help you on your next trip to Landmark’s private beach.


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