How Much Is Spain Visa Fee In Nigeria?

Every Spain Visa application will attract a fee for the amount applicable to your chosen visa category, which must be paid in cash.

Nigerians applying for a Spain visa for their temporary or permanent stay must pay the fee required for proper visa processing. But how much does this cost in Nigerian Naira?

The cost of a Spain Visa fee (Schengen Visa) in Nigeria depends on the type of visa, how old you are as the applicant, and whether or not you are among fee-exempted visa applicants. Generally speaking, the Spain short-term visa fee in Nigeria is around NGN 36,700 (Inclusive of VAT and service charge).

In the rest of this article, we will walk through a breakdown of the types of Spain visas for Nigerians and their current respective processing fees, as well as other salient factors to keep in mind as you apply for a Spain Visa from Nigeria.

What You Should Know About Span Visa Fee in Nigeria

Spain is one of the Schengen countries that attract many Nigerians, particularly to destinations like Madrid and Valencia, Santiago de Compostela, and Almeria.

1. Spain is part of the European Union, and applicants with citizenry from territories that are signatories to the Visa Facilitation Agreement with the EU will pay a reduced visa fee. Since Nigeria is not one of those countries, there is no fraction cut on the standard fee mentioned above.

2. It is necessary to add that in addition to the standard Spain visa fee for Nigerians, there is also a service charge of NGN 7,100 that applicants must pay per application.

3. All visa payments for Spain travel from Nigeria are paid in cash to the BLS center

4. A valid Nigerian Passport is required to make payment of Span visa fees from Nigeria

5. The Visa processing fee and the service charge are not refundable whether or not a visa is granted.

6. The Schengen visa is free of charge for children under six years old, scholars and accompanying educators during a school trip, partners of diplomatic traveling for official commissions, and any family members of an EU/EEA national.

Types of Spain Visas and their Fees in Nigeria

Spain Visa Type Visa Fees in Naira
Tourist visa NGN27,000
Business visa NGN27,000
Medical visa NGN27,000
Student visa NGN44,550
Work visa NGN44,550
Transit visa NGN27,000


Spain Short-stay Vs. Long-stay Visa fees

Spain Visa fees vary depending on the nature of the visa you’re applying for.

If you are traveling to Spain for a short-term visit and applying for a Spain Schengen visa as an Adult, you need to pay a fee of €80 (NGN36,000), according to the official Schengen Visa page for Spain visa Entry requirements. 

Minors under the age of 12 years old, on the other hand, need to pay a fee of €40 (NGN18,000), but children under six years of age are exempt from the visa fee.

However, some applicants are exempted from paying any fee for the Spain visa application. This article on the official Schengen Visa Fees categories outlines those exempt from paying visa fees before entering Spain.

On the other hand, the Spain Long-Stay Visa Fee is for those applying for a long-stay visa to Spain, and the processing fee will attract a higher amount compared to that of short-stay visa fees.

The long-stay visa is applied for student visas, employed work visas, residency (non-lucrative) visas, family reunions, religious activities, or self-employed work visas.

Where Should I Pay the Spain Visa Fee?

The method of paying the Spain visa fee depends on how submission is regulated in the country of residence.

In Nigeria, applicants are required to pay the fee at the consulate or visa application center, wherever you are the application is being submitted.

As mentioned, the consulate only accepts money orders or cashier’s checks. Hence, payment will be refused if it is attempted to be done by personal checks, credit cards, and debit cards.

The Spain consulate office can be found in either Abuja or Lagos in Nigeria. The Abuja address is Number 8, Bobo Close, off Gana Street, Maitama District, Abuja, Nigeria. Alternatively, you can check their official web page to learn more about booking an appointment or email [email protected].

Applicants closer to the Lagos office can go to 21C, Kofo Abayomi Road, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, where payment of visa fees and other Spain visa processing is observed. You can alternatively reach the office through email at [email protected] or check their official website for more information about appointments.

What Are The Requirements for Spain Visa in Nigeria?

You need to know how much it would cost you to process the visa and not only the fees. The fees are non-refundable, so you want to ensure you put in all the proper documents and requirements to ensure you are allowed.

Nigerian applicants applying for a Spain visa in Nigeria must provide a Passport with a validity of more than three months from the intended period of exiting the country with two or more blank pages.

You will also need to correctly complete and sign the visa application form with two recent passport-sized photographs with a white background. The Schengen visa office provides specifications for the passport photograph in terms of sizing.

In addition, proof of accommodation for the period you will be staying in Spain, proof of return flight ticket, and a copy of the travel itinerary are all required when processing the visa.

Applicants will also need to provide a bank statement from the past three months before the visa application period to show proof of a steady and continuous flow of funds.

Another salient requirement that many Nigerian applicants need help to get past is the provision of travel insurance worth 30,000 EUR and valid through all the Schengen areas. Still, a visa application to Spain needs to be approved.

When Should I Pay the Spain Visa Fee?

Visa fees are usually paid on the day of your visa appointment at the consulate office in your country of residence.

But remember that all Spain visa applications must be submitted at least 15 days before the proposed date of travel to cushion the effect of any unexpected eventualities during the processing.

How Long Does Spain Visa Process Take in Nigeria?

After you have submitted your visa application to Spain in Nigeria, you will have to wait for about 15 calendar days, after which you will be informed of the status of your application.

Some applications can take as long as one month and a half, longer than others, but it indicates that the application’s examination is more demanding than most others.


We have helped convert the current visa fee into Naira as per the current exchange rate at the time of writing. This rate is subject to change without notice.

It is equally important to reiterate that a service charge of NGN 7,200 (Inclusive of VAT) is levied in addition to the visa fees shared in the table per application.

Any source requesting Visa Fee payment and service charge outside the payment channel of Bank Implant inside the BLS center should be considered unscrupulous.

In addition, Nigerian applicants for a Spain short-term visa less than six years of age are offered a visa with no fee, while those between 6 years to 12 years will pay a visa processing fee of NGN 14,000.

Closing: What These Mean To You

The intention of many Nigerians to migrate to Spain for temporary or permanent purposes is on the rise this season. If you are among that category, then the Spain Visa fee in Nigeria would be an important area of interest during your application.

What matters is ticking all the boxes for requirements and knowing how to apply – within which you will make payment for the processing fee.

You can apply for a Spain Schengen visa from BLS international/the consulate general of Spain in Lagos or Abuja by first choosing the type of visa and then booking an appointment.

Afterward, you will be directed to complete your application and then visit the visa application center for submission. The process also involves tracking your passport until it is approved and you receive it.

Suppose you intend to travel to Spain from Nigeria. In that case, the visa fee is one of many things demanding focus.

You’d need to learn more in detail about how to apply for a Spain visa from Nigeria, Spain visa appointment booking, processing time at the Spain visa application center, flight itinerary for a Spain visa, hotel bookings for a Spain visa, and even Schengen travel insurance for a Spain visa application from Nigeria.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can reach out to our travel and visa processing team or indicate in the comments, and we’d be glad to help.

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