How Much Is Indian Visa From Nigeria?

India is the world’s second most populous country, coming behind China. The beautiful tourist places and attractions from the Holy City of Varanasi to Mumbai attract many Nigerians. But the medical expertise and academic potential in the southern Asian Country also contribute to why many Nigerians fly to India.

The Indian visa is a top requirement for every Nigerian to access the Indian border. But since the visa fees are paid in Nigerian naira and other necessary documents to submit for visa application, it is essential to know how much an Indian visa costs in naira.

While the processing time for Indian visa requirements for Nigerian citizens can take an average of a month and a few days, the cost of the Indian visa for a Nigerian applicant is NGN92,500 with an extra processing charge of $2.

Particularly for tourism in India, a single-entry visa costs around NGN68,000 ($155), while a multiple-entry visa is between NGN66,000 and NGN141,000 ($150 to $320)

The visa fees for the Indian permit are expected to be submitted with your travel documents at the Indian embassy in Abuja.

In the rest of this post, we will water down the Indian visa application fee process that Nigerian applicants should be aware of, along with other relevant information for anyone planning to travel to India from Nigeria, especially for the first time.

How To Pay Indian Visa Fee In Nigeria – Apply For India Visa Online

There are Indian embassies in Abuja and Lagos. These offices are where the visa fees and visa application payment is processed in Nigeria for Nigerian passport holders planning to enjoy a trip to India.

However, the entire application process can begin online up to the point of paying the visa fees, after which you can go ahead to finalize at the embassies.

It is essential to highlight here that Nigerian applicants should ensure they are eligible before starting the application process for a particular Indian visa type. Also, the entire process I will share in this article only applies to Nigerian passport holders.

1. Visit the India Immigration Website

The first step is to navigate the India Immigration website online and then click the “Regular/Paper Visa Application” option.

2. Input the right details

The next page you will be redirected to will allow you to enter your details and register for an account on the website. The details shared should be one of the applicants.

You will be required to upload a passport-size photograph, indicate your port of entry in India, and the hotel reservation where it says host details. (if you are going to stay with a family member in India during your stay, you can put the address as well)

You can then save or apply. The submitted application will have a reference number—print out the application.

3. Pay the Visa fee

At the end of the online registration process, the platform will display the slug wherein you can pay the basic fee for the Indian visa application. Still, the final visa fee will be charged upon submitting your application at the embassy when you go for your appointment.

Remember that the Indian visa fee is nonrefundable after receipt, even if the visa application is withdrawn, not granted, or if the visa issued is of a shorter duration of a period than the applied for.

4. Navigate to Booking Appointment

Now that you have launched the application process online, you can navigate to the section of the platform that allows you to book an appointment with the embassy in Lagos or Abuja so you can get a date. Then Input your reference number against your application ID to create an appointment.

Then print out the appointment date.

Indian Visa Requirements for Nigerian Passport Holders

The general requirements that Nigerian Passport Holders need to gather when applying for an Indian visa include the following:

  • A completed Indian visa application form.
  • An original passport that is valid for at least six months.
  • A photocopy of the photo page of your access.
  • At least one recent photograph (55mmx55mm) with a light background and an introduction letter from you.

Other essential requirements, irrespective of the type of Indian visa, are:

  • Travel and hotel bookings that will show an itinerary of places to be visited in India.
  • Bank statements for the last six months.
  • A local profile of you (letter from employer).
  • Proof of address.

You can present proof of address in the form of a Nigerian national ID, driver’s license, or voter card.

Types of Indian Visas For Nigerians

The type of Indian visa you want may influence the total application expenses incurred at the end of the day. So, the purpose of your trip to India will determine what type of Indian visa is ideal for you.

To begin with, Indian visas are divided into two major categories – long-term and short-term.

The long-term visas can remain valid for more than one year and are targeted at Nigerian passport holders who will stay longer in India. Long-term visas are ideal for Nigerians who want to study in India or migrate permanently to that part of the world.

Conversely, short-term visas are valid for 90 days from the day of issuance and are mainly applied for by visitors, tourists, and persons needing medical attention.

India tourists visa for Nigerians

Nigerians planning to travel to India for leisure, tour, or spend time with relatives or friends can apply for an India Tourists visa. The validity period stretches for 90 days and requires a letter of invitation from the Indian resident who will host you during your stay.

The India Immigration service has provided comprehensive information about how Nigerians can get their Tourist visa and its specific fees. You can find that HERE.

India business visa for Nigerians

 As the name implies, the India business visa is the type that Nigerians Passport holders should be focused on if the trip to the South Asian Country is for commercial intentions such as starting a business in the country or attending a business meeting.

There is a heightened need for legitimacy and authenticity when applying for this kind of Indian visa since you will need to state in black and white the prospects of the business you are taking to India and its tenets.

India Employment Visa for Nigerians

Suppose you are a technician or expert and wish to travel to India primarily to pursue a bilateral agreement between the Government of India and the foreign government. In that case, you are eligible for the India employment visa.

It is a permit open for experts pursuing a collaboration agreement that the government has approved of India.

Nigerians who fall under this category are often employed in India’s IT software and IT-enabled sectors and must travel there.

Other categories that can be granted the Employment visa include Nigerian coaches or players hired by a team in India or the CEO/Senior executive of a multi-national company with a footprint in India.

Indian Entry Visa for Nigerians

The Indian Entry Visa is particularly for Nigerians whose spouses and children are of Indian nationality or origin, those dependent on a person who has an Indian Employment visa, and Nigerians seeking a permit for the Auroville Foundation.

The entry visa also covers those who seek admission in yoga, Vedic culture, or Indian systems of dance and music or Nigerians who have been signed as members of sports teams or sportspersons.

It is also a permit granted to applicants traveling to India under the Government of India Scholarship Programs.

India Medical Visa for Nigerians

The medical visa accounts for one of the standard permits through which many Nigerians fly to India. Since India is known for its prominence in medical facilities and aid, Nigerians with out-of-hand health considerations are referred to hospitals in India.

On occasions like that, the victim must apply for an Indian medical visit. One of the salient requirements for this visa is that the applicant must provide a typed referral letter and an invitation letter for the accredited hospital that shows the physical health conditions.

India Student Visa for Nigerians

Nigerian students pursuing an educational career in India and willing to study in any of their recognized educational institutions can apply for the India student visa.

The visa validity lasts for as long as the preferred course will take in India. For an India student visa, Nigerian applicants must provide a letter of admission/ invitation from the school clearly stating the duration of the program.

Other India Visas include a Journalist visa, Emergency visa, Transit visa, Missionary visa, Research visa,m, and even Film visa, among others. Still, they are rarely patronized by Nigerians on broad comparison metrics.

India Visa Processing Time in Nigeria

The application process for an India visa in Nigeria can take a minimum of three working days, after which you will be issued a visa, excluding exceptional cases.

The processing time begins to count when the Indian embassy in Nigeria receives your Visa application.

Last Note

As we wrap up, remember that the Indian visa fees depend on the type of visa and the validity period. This is why we have a Basic and special price for Indian permits in Nigeria. Also, the visa fee involved when you seek the assistance of a travel agency would be different.

Finally, the Indian Embassy in Nigeria, particularly in Abuja – the country’s capital – is located at Number 364, Cadastral Zone, Central Business District (CBD), Off Constitution Avenue, FCT, Abuja.

You can even shoot them an email: at [email protected]. Or visit the Indian Embassy in Abuja website to know more about appointments and fresh updates.

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