How Much is a Turkish Visa 2023?

The Turkish visa application process can be daunting for first-time travellers. However, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. The foremost thing to know is that there are different types of Turkish visas with different costs.

A Turkish visa is required for citizens of all countries except those who qualify for visa-free entry. You can pay the application fee in cash or by credit card at Turkish consulates and embassies worldwide or online before arriving in Turkey. You may also pay at the airport upon arrival.

If you apply for a visa through an agency, you will have to pay an additional charge. The cost of a Turkish visa depends on your nationality and age range.

Cost of Turkish visas in Nigeria

  • Single Entry Visa Turkish Application Fee = 250 USD 
  • Multiple Entry Visa Turkish Application Fee = 400 USD 
  • Single Transit Visa Turkish Application Fee = 250 USD 
  • Double Entry Visa Turkish Application Fee = 400 USD 

Types of Turkish Visa

There are many different types of Turkish visas, depending on your reason for visiting Turkey. This includes tourist visas for those visiting for leisure, business visas for those who are traveling to Turkey for work, and student visas for those who wish to study abroad in Turkey.

The type of Turkish visa you need depends on the length of your stay in Turkey and the purpose of your visit. The following are some common types of Turkish visas:

Tourist Visa – If you want to visit Turkey as a tourist, you will need a tourist visa. The application can be made online or at a consulate office, where you must provide proof of your identity and travel plans. A single-entry tourist visa allows you to enter Turkey once during a certain period (usually three months). A multiple-entry tourist visa allows entry into Turkey more than once during that period.

Business Visa – If you plan to conduct business in Turkey, you will need a business visa. This type of visa is available in multiple-entry or single-entry formats, just like the tourist visa described above. However, unlike the tourist visa, it does not allow you to leave the country and reenter with another business visa; instead, it must be renewed each time it expires by providing documentation.

Student Visa – Student visas are issued to students who want to study at any accredited educational institution in Turkey (universities, high schools, language schools, etc.) For example, if you want to study at a private language school or attend university classes as an exchange student, you need this visa. Student visas allow multiple entries into Turkey as long as they’re used within their validity period (1 year).

Single-entry visa – This is a one-time entry visa for those who want to visit Turkey for business or tourism purposes. You may apply for this visa at the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence.

Multiple-entry visa – This type is valid for multiple entries into Turkey and can be obtained from Turkish Embassies or Consulates abroad. You should provide evidence of return tickets and accommodation when applying for this visa.

Transit visa – Allows you to pass through Turkey en route to another country. Transit visas are available only at Turkish airports and border crossings with neighboring countries, such as Bulgaria and Greece.

Documents Required for Turkish Visa Application

The documents may vary depending on the visa you are applying for. However, below are some basic documents that must be provided during the application process.

  • A valid passport (it should be at least six months before expiration) with at least one blank page and two photocopies of the main pages.
  • An application form (available at the Turkish Consulate or Embassy) is filled out completely and signed. Please note that you must sign your full name and enter your signature on the application form. You can reuse the same form when applying for an entry visa or a residence permit in Turkey.
  • A passport-size color photo taken within the last six months with a white background, showing a front view of your face without head covering, glasses, or any other accessories.
  • Proof of financial sufficiency during your stay in Turkey: an official letter from your bank stating that you have at least €3,000 available in your account or a return ticket reservation indicating you have enough money to buy such a ticket. You can also show this proof by providing a copy of your recent credit card statement showing sufficient funds; otherwise, please bring cash with you instead of using credit cards while in Turkey.
  • A copy of the hotel reservation or itinerary showing travel dates (if applicable). 
  • School admission offer (for student visa)
  • Purpose of the journey 

How long is the validity of a Turkish visa in Nigeria?

The visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

Is there an age restriction on applying for a Turkish visa in Nigeria?

Yes, persons under 18 years old cannot independently apply for a tourist visa to Turkey. Still, they must be accompanied by an adult who has parental authority over them or their guardian. This requirement also applies to minors under 12 years old, even if they are traveling with their parents or guardians, as well as unaccompanied minors aged 16-17 years old who can only travel with an adult who has parental authority over them or their guardian (e.g., the parent or legal guardian).

What are the types of visa applications for Nigeria?

Turkey offers visas for Nigeria: e-visa and regular visa application. The e-visa is cheaper and faster than the regular one. 

How long does it take to get a Turkish visa in Nigeria?

It takes around ten days to get your Turkish visa through an e-application process, while regular applications take around 30 days to process and receive your visa stamp in your passport. This depends on many factors, such as the time of year (peak season, holidays), number of applicants, level of security checks, etc.

Can you get a Turkish visa on arrival in Nigeria?

No, getting a Turkish visa on arrival in Nigeria is impossible. You must have a valid non-immigrant visa issued by the Embassy.

I am a Nigerian passport holder and want to go to Turkey on a business trip. Can I get a visa on arrival?

Yes, you can. The Turkish Government is now offering an e-Visa service for Nigerians traveling to Turkey for tourism or business purposes. You can apply to get your e-Visa online at

What is the cost of an e-Visa?

An e-Visa costs USD 20 per person, and it takes about five days to process once you have applied for it online at Please note that this fee does not include any other costs like visa processing fees charged by airlines or embassy fees if there are any applicable in your case.

How do I apply for a visa to Turkey?

If you travel to Turkey for tourism, business, or medical treatment, you can apply for a short-stay Schengen visa online at or Turkish diplomatic missions abroad. You will need a passport valid for at least six months from entry into Turkey, a non-refundable return ticket (if applicable), and a completed application form (available onsite). Your passport should have two blank pages, at least after the visa sticker has been affixed to the page containing your details (the page with your picture).


You should visit the designated Turkish embassy when applying for a visa. If you want to go through an agency, ensure it is genuine, as there are many fake agencies. Now that you know the exact cost of a Turkish visa in Nigeria, you can take a look at some of the best travel agencies to use.

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