How Much Is Saudi Arabia Visa Fee From Nigeria?

Many Nigerians turn to Saudi Arabia Visa agents to process their visa fees and the application process. But the sad story is that many of these agents cannot always guarantee a visa.

The first common port of misconception that applicants battle with is the actual visa fees and overall expenses expected to go into obtaining a Saudi Arabia visa in Nigeria.

For Nigerian passport holders, the cost of a Saudi Arabian visa is $46 for single-entry, multiple-entry, TWP (Temporary Work Permit), and STR (Subject to Regularization). Looking at the exchange rate quoted at the time of writing, it means the visa fee will cost you NGN20,317.

Suppose you are currently in Nigeria and thinking of taking a trip to the beautiful country of Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage, business, or tourism. In that case, there are a few other things you should be aware of beyond the visa fees.

In the rest of this post, I will share with you the types of Saudi Arabia visas available for Nigerian passport holders and their respective costs.

We will also look at where and how to pay Saudi Arabia visa fees in Nigeria, Saudi Arabian Visa Requirements For Nigerian Citizens, and the step-by-step process involved in applying for a Saudi Arabian Tourist visa.

Where To Pay Saudi Arabia Visa Fees in Nigeria?

All visa application is filed and processed in the Saudi Arabia embassy in Nigeria. They have the consulate office in Abuja and Kano state.

While submitting your visa application, you will be required to pay the visa fee, depending on your visa type.

Saudi Arabia embassy in Abuja is located at Number 6, Orange close, Off Thames Street, Off Alvan lkoku Way, Ministers’ Hill Maitama, Abuja. I will recommend you shoot them an email at [email protected].

Alternatively, you could visit their official website to find out the intricacies of booking an appointment so that you don’t waste time and money in vain. The Royal Embassy can also be reached via Phone: at +234-709-8221442 or +23497822675

There is another Saudi Arabia Consulate in Kano located at Number 11, Ahmad Bello Road, Kano, Nigeria. The email of the consulate is [email protected], but you can alternatively reach them by Phone at: 234-641-31880, +234-641-36532

Saudi Arabian Visa Requirements For Nigerian Citizens

There is quite a complex list of documents that one is expected to gather when applying for a Saudi Arabian Visa. However, it is easier to accomplish once you have it on a list.

To begin with, every Nigerian taking a trip to Saudi Arabian and needing a visa must first fill out and sign the Visa application form in Block letters. Also, the applicant must have a valid international passport with two free pages and a validity period that will cover their entire stay in Saudi Arabia.

Another essential requirement is for the applicant to have two recently taken passport photographs with a white background that meets the visa passport photograph requirements.

You will also need to provide a well-written cover letter that clearly states your purpose of travel to Saudi Arabia or a Letter of confirmation for holiday insurance that covers your trip, as the case may be.

Some of the other requirements are based on the peculiar visa type you are pursuing. However, documents like the proof of Hotel Reservations that cover the period of your stay, evidence of your financial capacity to sponsor your trip, and your flight itinerary with both the dates of departure to and exit from Saudi Arabia from Nigeria are inevitable.

Nigerians applying for Saudi Arabian Visitor or business visa must provide an original invitation letter from the host in Saudi Arabia as well as evidence of their previous trade relations with the business entity in Saudi Arabia (for business visa)

Documents like a certificate of employment and a Recent stamped Bank statement from the past six months are peculiar requirements for a Work visa.

Types of Saudi Arabia Visa in Nigeria

Nigerian passport holders can enter Saudi Arabia for different reasons. There are permits put in place to categorize these other travel purposes.  

The main Saudi Arabia visas available for Nigerians are Business, Diplomatic and Official Visas, Employment Visa, Escort Visa (for the spouse and children of the principal traveler), and Family Visit Visa.

Other major visa types include Government Visit Visa, Residence Visa, Student Visa, Work Visit Visa, Hajj Visa, and Umrah Visa.

Saudi Arabia visitor visa for Nigerians

As it implies, this is the visa for applicants in Nigeria intending to travel to Saudi Arabia solely to meet with family members or friends there. The visa type also covers tourism purposes.

Saudi Arabia Business visa for Nigerians

Nigerians who must fly to Saudi Arabia for Business deals, commercial deals, trips, and conferences will apply for the Saudi Arabia Business Visa. The requirement in this visa category stretches compared to a Visit visa.

Saudi Arabia Transit visa for Nigerians

Some Nigerians are headed to destinations that intercept routes with Saudi Arabia. And so this visa gives this individual a permit to stay in the country for 48 hours before the flight is ready to take off to the actual destination.

Saudi Arabia Study visa for Nigerians

Nigerian students interested in furthering their education at academic institutions based in Saudi Arabia can apply for a student visa in Nigeria.

The visa types come with additional requirements beyond the general, including presenting an admission letter from the school in Saudi Arabia that will include the details of the course to be studied and how long the program will last.

Applicants will also need to provide Medical Certificate when applying for a Saudi Arabia Student visa.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa for Nigerians

The work visa is for those for a company that has given employment in Saudi Arabia. The employee based in Nigeria now has to migrate to work with the company in Saudi Arabia physically.

As you’d expect, a letter of employment is an example of a requirement peculiar to the visa.

How To Apply For Saudi Arabia Visa In Nigeria – Snappy Guide

The entire process involved in applying for a Saudi Arabia visa from Nigeria can be divided into these different phases.

Step 1: Visit the Saudi Arabia Embassy

The first step is to visit the nearest Saudi Arabia Embassy in Nigeria. As mentioned, there is a consulate in Kano and an embassy in Abuja. When you contact these offices and further visit, you will be briefed by the staff on what you need to get for the appointment.

Step 2: Get and Fill out the application form

The next thing is to obtain and fill out the visa application form, providing accurate and genuine answers to the question so that they add up with your other documents.

Speaking of documents, the application form should be attached to your passport, and then the receipt of the visa processing fee that you must have obtained from the embassy after making the payment.

Step 3: Get Notified of the Approval via Email

The email address you added to your form will be used to inform you of the status of your visa. If it has been approved, you can pick up your passport from the Saudi Arabia embassy on the allotted date, after which you can now travel to Saudi Arabia and enjoy your stay there.

What are the Eligibility & Requirements for Saudi Arabia Student Visa?

Nigerians traveling to Saudi Arabia to study should concern themselves with the Students Visa. And the main requirement is for the applicant to provide original copies of previous academic degrees attained.

The consulate office will also demand three copies of the medical report and three (3) passport-size color pictures.

As mentioned earlier, applicants of this visa category need to provide a medical report that a licensed physician issues as proof that the applicant is free of any contagious disease. Children under the age of sixteen are exempted from this requirement.

Bottom Line

Saudi Arabia has general ballpark visa fees for Nigerian passport holders planning to enter the country in a single entry, multiple entries, TWP, and STR visa category.

It is safe to conclude that most Nigerians apply for Saudi Arabia visas from Nigeria during the Hajj season, which signifies increased demand for a permit.

Aside from being the world’s center for Muslim pilgrimage, the country is one of the biggest markets for Jewelry, clothing, and many other luxury goods.

The excellent guess is that many Nigerian passport holders will be more interested in Saudi Arabia Visit Visa fees and Business Visa fees than most other visa types.

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