List Of 6 Exciting Things to do in Arnold CA 

Fine eating, historic lodging, and distinctive boutique shopping are some of the many exciting activities you can do in Arnold, California. Additionally, the area hosts free live music events all summer long with some arts and crafts fairs. Calaveras Big Trees State Park, another fascinating attraction, is a few miles outside the town’s center and is a place to go. 

It provides various outdoor activities, such as golf, fishing, off-roading, hiking, biking, and excellent winter recreation. Nonetheless, this article will look extensively at some of the fascinating places to visit in Arnold, CA. 

6 Fascinating Things To Do In Arnold California

1. First-timers Should Not Miss Calaveras Big Trees State Park 

The North and South Groves of the world’s tallest trees, enormous sequoias, are preserved in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, founded in 1931. It is a mixed-conifer forest where you can find the Stanislaus River, Beaver Creek, historic volcanic structures, natural meadows, and enormous trees. Also, you may explore the natural splendor of the park’s various trails.

The entrance cost at Calaveras Big Trees State Park is $10 (as of 2017), but you do not need a permit to climb the North Grove – Big Trees Trail, which means you can always get inside and have a good time. 

It takes two hours to drive to Calaveras Big Trees State Park from Sacramento, where the trailhead is located.


Location: 1170 CA-4, Arnold, CA 95223, United States


2. Explore the Arnold Rim Trail

In the middle of the central Sierra Nevada Mountains, there is a special route network called the Arnold Rim Trail (ART). It is a network of non-motorized trails built for horseback riders, mountain bikers, and hikers.

Visitors to this historic site would enjoy the high rocky promontories, natural acorn-grinding rocks, stunning waterfall, numerous birds and other animals, and lake located along the currently finished stretch of the Stanislaus National Forest.

Do not forget to bring your safety wears when visiting the Rim Trail so you can be protected while trekking. But, overall, it is a pleasant place to be.


Location: 2158 Dunbar Rd, Arnold, CA 95223, United States


3. Visit the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum

The Sierra Nevada Logging Museum contains the history of loggers and logging-related businesses in the Californian Sierra Nevada Mountains, starting with the California Gold Rush in 1848 and continuing to the present. The Museum’s coverage area spans the 18 counties that make up the Sierra Nevada mountain range, from Lassen County in the north to Kern County in the south.

The logging business and its employees made significant contributions to the region’s economy, technology, society, and culture, which are highlighted in museum exhibitions. For example, working models of logging camps and sawmills are on display inside, with old photographs and dioramas showing how logging has changed over time. You can check all this in real time at the Sierra Nevada Museum in Arnold, CA.

One can visit Sierra Nevada City and check out history as a newbie. People would be treated with a first-hand view of artifacts. In addition, they’ll be a person who will accompany you as you walk down.


Location: 2148 Dunbar Rd, Arnold, CA 95223, United States


4. Discover History At Oak Hollow Campground

The established fir forest surrounding the campground offers lots of shade. The campground has miles of hiking routes, many of which pass through Giant Sequoias. The Stanislaus River and Beaver Creek both provide good fishing.

Tent-only campsites are dispersed and could necessitate a short stroll to transport camping gear to the spots.

Campground opening and closing dates are simply estimates and typically based on snow cover. It’s not always possible to park an RV or trailer at a campsite.

Note that firewood from outside the area is not allowed to stop invading insects’ spread.


Location: 3415 N Centennial St, High Point, NC 27265, United States


5. Take A Walk Down To San Antonio Creek Falls

As you journey the trail, explore the beautiful surroundings and raise your heart rate.

It might not be the best place for kids and puppies because certain areas of the land get very slick when it rains. Also, because of the obstruction caused by the trees, the views of the cascades are not particularly impressive. However, climb to the overlook if you want to see better pictures.

Allow the cooling mist to refresh you while the soothing sounds of the raging rivers help you unwind. Retrace your steps along the trail back to the trailhead once you have finished taking in the view.

Having known somebody who has gone to San Antonio Creek Falls, the experience was wonderful. The works of art there are among the best in the city of Arnold, CA. Experience it too!


Location: Sierra Nevada, Arnold, CA 95223, United States


6. Explore the White Pines Park

The park’s vehicular river crossings are one of the park’s most distinctive and well-known features. Fords were built in three locations where Pine Creek needed to be crossed. Hikers must use pedestrian bridges or stepping stones in the torrent. An emergency exit from the campground due to periodic flooding on Pine Creek.

The site-seeing experience in the park will likely entertain visitors. This park contains more than five tourist attractions that will feed your eye to mouthwatering and jaw-dropping attractions.


Location: Lyons Park, Arnold, CA 95223, USA



Overall, Arnold, CA, is a great place to be, especially if you visit the state for the first time. Ensure you get to all the exciting places we have suggested to make the first impression you get about the state matter a lot. 

However, it is always wise to wear safety gear, prepare your first aid items when visiting the place, and adhere to all rules and regulations to have a stress-free time. Enjoy your visit to Arnold. 

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