9 Things to do in Sandwich MA 2023

Sandwich is a town located in Massachusetts’s Barnstaple region. It has a very long and rich history, and it was first known as the home of the Eastern Algonquian-speaking Wampanoag First Nation. Sandwich is a charming city full of seaside charm and historical romance.

In this article, we will be looking at the top places and the best things to do if you intend to visit Sandwich, MA, for a vacation.

Checkout Heritage Museums And Gardens

The Heritage Museum & Gardens is one of the best things to visit in Sandwich because it blends history and beautiful outdoor landscapes. There’s so much to see and do here, with 100 acres of gardens and paths to explore outside and amazing exhibits inside the museum.

Outside the Heritage Museum’s gardens, you’ll find a 200-year-old windmill, a walking labyrinth, a treehouse for kids, a maze garden, and many seasonal gardens with hydrangeas and rhododendrons.

Inside the museum, there’s a hand-carved carousel from 1908, an exhibit about automobiles throughout history, and rotating exhibits that transform each year and season, so there’s always something new to discover.

Location: 67 Grove St, Sandwich, MA 02563, USA

Website: https://heritagemuseumsandgardens.org/

Get Some Homemade Jam At Green Briar Nature Center & Jam Kitchen

Sandwich’s Green Briar Nature Center & Jam Kitchen is one place that makes Sandwich extra special. This amazing little destination, just a few miles outside of town, is a mercantile, nature center, and children’s storybook land.

Green Briar Nature Center’s Jam Kitchen and Mercantile are one of the most special things to do in Sandwich, MA.

The jam kitchen and mercantile will be the main sources of attraction for most visitors. In addition, visitors can book a jam-making class in Green Briar’s turn-of-the-century kitchen, making this one of the most enjoyable stuff to do in Sandwich, MA.

Location: 6 Discovery Hill Rd, East Sandwich, MA 02537, USA

Website: https://thorntonburgess.org/

See A Live Glass-Blowing Show At The Sandwich Glass Museum

Seeing a glass-blowing show at the Sandwich Glass Museum is one of the more interesting things to do in Sandwich, MA. This event may seem strange to do while on vacation, but if you’ve never seen a glass-blowing show before, it’s a thrilling experience. That experience is available at the Sandwich Glass Museum.

The museum hosts a glass-blowing demonstration every hour, so you’ll be sure to attract one during your visit. In addition, the museum does an excellent job of displaying the town’s history through glass pieces.

Location: 129 Main St, Sandwich, MA 02563, USA

Website: https://sandwichglassmuseum.org/

Visit The Titcomb Bookshop

If you enjoy bookstores, Titcomb’s Bookshop should be on your list when deciding what to do in Sandwich, MA. This beautiful three-story bookshop began in an old, abandoned barn and now thrives as a beautiful new release and gift shop, as well as used and rare books and magazines. They also have a Literary Rock Garden, where visitors are encouraged to write the title of their favorite book on a stone and place it in the garden.

Titcomb also hosts numerous author readings, discussions, and signings throughout the year.

Location: 432 MA-6A, East Sandwich, MA 02537, USA

Website: https://www.titcombsbookshop.com/

Explore Town Neck Beach

The beach is one of the favorite places to explore in Sandwich, MA. For many, it is their favorite place to visit. You’ll be greeted with picturesque Cape Cod landscape and stunning scenery from the stairs leading down to the water, even before you pull into the parking lot.

Town Neck Beach should undoubtedly be on your list of things to do in Sandwich, MA.

This beach is about a half-mile large and has soft sand, making it ideal for a scenic beach walk or camping out for the day.

Location: – 7-99 Wood Ave, Sandwich, MA

Visit their Facebook Page to get more information.

Visit The Historical Dexter Grist Mill

The lovely Dexter Grist Mill, in the middle of town, seems to belong in a picture book. This mill, built in 1654 and renovated in 1961, is still in operation, making it a cool sight to see in person.

The grounds of the grist mill are accessible year-round and can be walked up to and around without cost. You may visit the grist mill to witness how a functional mill operates on the inside and learn about its history and significance during the 1850s glass-making boom. When in season, you may purchase freshly ground corn and the mill’s renowned cornbread recipe.

Location: 2 Water St, Sandwich, MA 02563, USA

Website: https://sandwichma.myrec.com/info/default.aspx

Enjoy The Special Shipwreck Ice-cream

When making a list of everything you want to do in Sandwich, MA, Shipwreck Ice Cream is necessary. They serve homemade ice cream in various flavors and make custard for their hot fudge sundaes. Additionally, they offer a sizable seating area on their front lawn where you may relax while savoring whatever delectable food you choose.

Location: 2 Freezer Rd, Sandwich, MA 02563, USA

Check out more details on Shipwreck Ice-cream’s Facebook Page

Eat At The Fishermen’s View Restaurant

Arguably one of Sandwich’s best restaurants, Fishermen’s View, which also has a cool indoor bar and dining area, is one of the top places to visit in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

The Fishermen’s View offers a fantastic patio in the back that looks out directly onto the water, a conventional interior dining room, and an inside dining room with big windows that view the water. With all types of seaside decor hanging from the ceiling, including fishing nets and lobster traps, the bar is also a great entertaining location to enjoy a drink.

Location: 20 Freezer Rd, Sandwich, MA 02563, USA

Website: https://www.fishermensview.com/

Visit The Historical Hoxie Mansion

One of the top things to do in Sandwich, MA, when visiting, is to tour Hoxie Mansion, the oldest house on Cape Cod, which dates back to the mid-1600s. Before being purchased by the town in the 1950s, this old saltbox-style house was inhabited without electricity or plumbing. It underwent some renovations to reflect its actual existence from the 17th century.

Hoxie House is now on exhibit for everyone to view to understand what life was like for our early settlers in the area. Even though it’s a tiny house and won’t take long to view, visitors can tour the interior during the summer, and the grounds are accessible all year.

Location: 18 Water St, Sandwich, MA 02563, United States

Website: https://sandwichhistory.org/landmarks/


Sandwich is a place to visit for couples looking for the perfect place for their honeymoon. The ambiance and surroundings portray a naturally romantic atmosphere which makes every moment perfect for just you and her. We have even suggested the top places to make the experience even lovelier.

It would be a great experience to visit Sandwich to witness the interplay of environmental emotions and historical perfection in Massachusetts. 

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