List of 6 Things to do in Grand Island, Nebraska

Nebraska was not inhabited until the 1800s when German settlers came and established a community on the Grand Island. This event led to the construction of a railroad in the area and encouraged the development of several production facilities, which contributed to the city’s rapid growth. One of the most notable museums in the Midwestern United States is in Grand Island, which tells the story of the pioneer migration.

Nowadays, the city is well-known for being the site of the Nebraska State Fair and the Fonner horse races. Interestingly, visitors also see the great sandhill crane migrate during the winter. Grand Island even holds festivals to enable residents and visitors to watch the 500 000 birds flying over the area.

Things to do in Grand Island, Nebraska

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Watching Films At The Rivoli 3 Movie Theatre

Rivoli 3 is a long-running movie theater chain owned by the same family for many years. It features first-run films and provides concessions. This lovely theater has been renovated to exude a bygone era, but it still maintains its new facilities. The seats are extremely comfortable, and there is plenty of room to stretch.

The main auditorium of the Rivoli Theater is stunning, and its outlook depicts the splendor of movie theaters in the early 20th century. The other two auditorium sizes are smaller, and both have a more contemporary feel. In addition, during the summer months, they host balcony nights and provide free movies for children.


Location: 528 W 2nd St, Hastings, NE 68901, United States


Exploring The Crane Trust Nature And Visitor Center

The Crane Trust Nature and Visitor Center is the ideal place to spend time outdoors at any time of the year. The center is an excellent spot for viewing cranes during the season and is located close to the Platte River, which features a network of over 10 miles of hiking trails. Additionally, the center is home to an observation tower that is 35 feet tall and can be utilized to get a breathtaking view of the valley.

Aside from serving as a nature and visitor center, the Crane Trust is home to a herd of purebred bison that helps keep the vegetation along the riverbanks. During your time at the nature center, you can look at the murals of art painted on the walls, participate in the interactive exhibits, and browse the souvenirs sold in the gift shop.


Location: 9325 S Alda Rd, Wood River, NE 68883, United States


The Railside District Is One Of The Places To Shop

Downtown Grand Island has established itself as a pleasant place to stroll around and shop, all thanks to the expansion of the Railside district. Railside is the place to go if you want to pick up some vintage items or home accessories since it is concentrated with antique stores like Railroad Towne Antique Mall, as well as boutiques and specialty shops.

Along Merchandise Mile, which is also home to various shops, you can find quality Western wear at a Western Edge store. You can also find top-quality garden wear since agriculture has significantly influenced the region.


Location: 201 WEST 3RD STREET, Suite 2 / GRAND ISLAND, NE 68801


Camp At The Platte River With Friends And Family

The Platte River flows more than 300 miles before emptying into Missouri. The river drains a significant portion of the Great Plains and provides a wide variety of opportunities for recreation in Grand Island. You can take your whole family swimming, tubing, fishing, and camping along the riverbanks.

At the Platte River in Nebraska, you never know what kind of treasures you might uncover. The river is both a thing of beauty and peril because it is so wide and fast-moving. For instance, there are times when you can observe trees and other debris moving with force due to flooding, and you should be prepared for the undertow.

Be sure to know how to swim before stepping into the river because the Platte River is not a practice pool.


Location: 14421 346th St, Louisville, NE 68037, United States


Drive To Explore The Lincoln Highway

Grand Island is home to the remaining paved road along the Seedling Mile. The Seedling Mile was the second paved road to be created for the initial length of U.S. Highway 30, which is currently known as the Lincoln Highway. This highway stretches from New York City to San Francisco.

Amazingly, you can visit the historical marker and view the road, which includes advertising signs commonly found along the 100-year-old highway in its early days.   A short distance away is the classic Kensinger Filling Station, which first started operating in 1933 and is still in business today.

Also, the Grand Theatre is an art deco structure that has been used as a movie theater in downtown Grand Island for many years. Its history may be traced back to the Lincoln Highway.



Spend Quality Time At The Oasis Water Park

The Island Oasis Water Park comprises a children’s area, high-speed slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river. In addition, the city maintains and staffs a large number of lifeguards at the park, making it an exceptionally secure location.

There is something for each person there to enjoy. There are slides of varying lengths, a section for younger children with spray fountains and splash pads, a section for older children, an entertaining wave pool, and the Lazy Mile River. A beach volleyball court is also available in the park and picnic space.


Location: 321 E Fonner Park Rd, Grand Island, NE 68801, USA



Grand Island was established in 1866, a few miles west of the German colony, due to the Railroad Act of 1862. Most people in Grand Island own homes, giving the town an atmosphere similar to suburban communities. A large number of parks and bars and pubs may be found there. Grand Island is home to many families, and its inhabitants tend toward conservatism.

However, this does not stop visitors from getting a lifetime experience and enjoying every bit of their stay in the city. Therefore, it would be best if you tried every to-do activity we discussed. 

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