How To Pass Your Scholarship Exam in 2023

It is never too early to begin proper preparation for a scholarship exam. There are a lot of students who do not give concern about scholarship until they are getting ready for their final class.

This, however, is not the best way to take the bull by its horns. Winning a scholarship in the future will surely seem arduous if one fails to take appropriate actions now.

In fact, No matter how old or young you are as a student, there are steps you can follow NOW which will help you to win college scholarship whenever you’re ready to apply for it.

Considering the enormous cost of tuition fee, you will agree with me that, indeed, “Knowledge is power”. So get ready as I unravel in this article the essential tips you need to pass your scholarship exams.

On the flip side of the coin, Attaining scholarship does not totally revolve around passing the exams alone, not at all, there are quite a number of necessary factors to consider before, during and after applying for a scholarship – either home or abroad. If you’re a student or a parent and your plan for your child is to attain a scholarship, this is certainly for you.

Helpful Tips To Pass Your First Scholarship Exam


In most cases, our mindset is what we eventually get. When you begin to place the prospect of attaining scholarship on a scale of option using the word “if” instead of “when”, there’s a tendency that it will eventually end up being unattainable.

There’s every need to make it a ‘certainty’ in your discussions because it can be hard for you as a student to concentrate on schemes that would grant your scholarship and at the same time face the theoretical aspect of going to college. Well, whatever way the case may be, do not let your consideration make you feel like it’s an option or rather impossible.


This is, in fact, one of the crucial tips to pass scholarship exams. Encouraging good grades while in preschool. After making your consideration on scholarship a certainty as explained in the first point, a student should also be encouraged by their parents to begin to have good grades even while at preschools.

And as they gradually grow into having grades in letters, they should be also encouraged to focus on having tangible numbers of ‘As’ and ‘Bs’ in their results as this will enable such student to be enlisted in the academic honor roll. This should be an expectation and a goal for any student who wishes to pass scholarship exams.

Many scholarship committees want to see that a student is academically sound and hungers for more knowledge. And so, Having poor grades brutally undermines such requirement.

Remember, A scholarship exam is not like the customary school-based test. It is an exceptionally-prepared exam of assessment to determine a student’s level of proficiency and how sound he/she is intellectual.


It is advisable that parents should encourage their children in volunteering for community services. When you help others, it’s not only for their good or what you will get in return, volunteering also help in scholarship applications.

Some college scholarship which is offered by some organization is also considering this factor.

The most committee wants to know how that student has worked for community service and how it has impacted his/her life as a student.

Therefore, you should volunteer yourself, create a significant relationship with these people and, who knows? they might just end up being among those who will help in writing good remark and recommendations in your scholarship application form.

Any school that offers college scholarship are looking for students who can intellectually apply their knowledge vastly on a range of ways.

There are preferable ways in which you can volunteer such as: offering help to family, volunteering at your local school, organizing a yard sale for charity, visiting a senior center, coaching a local youth team or even tutoring a student.

All these can also broaden the knowledge of such student in the process. Committees love to see work experience on the student application. Responsibility and disciple are what they look out for in this case.


Any activity that you love doing in your spare time can be said to be your hobby.

Most scholarship committees want to see that a student is versatile and interested in things which are outside schoolwork. Examples of hobbies such as drawing, running, skating and a host of others can give them leverage in the jostling-competition in terms of applying for a scholarship or even writing the exams.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time on this as it may distract you from studying for the exams. However, being able to give a valid response to the question of “what do you do outside school” matters a lot.

Although, General bursaries are looking for well-rounded students, however, there are exceptions where institutions are looking for either sporting, acting, musicality expertise or the capability to excel in a particular subject. Having a hobby comes into play in this case.

Having put all these factors into consideration, you don’t want all of this to end up being futile simply because you didn’t meet up with the examination required mark, do you?. Now, below are some vital tips to look at while preparing for a scholarship exam in order to pass outstandingly.


Unlike every other ordinary test that looks to questions and evaluates a student’s memorized and practiced knowledge, scholarship exams are specifically designed to access complex intellectual abilities, problem-solving and logical knowledge that drive the bonds of an assessment which are, obviously, not able to be easily memorized and assimilated within the rage of twenty-four hours before the commencement of the scholarship exam.

Hence, accurate preparation for this kind of exam is too frequently left to chance, rather than spending time to totally understand the process as well as what the exam entails.

Moreover, as lucky as it may seem, there’s every need to be well-equipped and informed. I believe, hopefully, this article will be of help to both students and parents.

In this vein, every individual learns differently, knowing the conditions under which you study best will help you most effectively learn and retain information that you need for your exam. Some prefer reading at night, some, otherwise. You need to understand your best study pattern.


It is common to find a textbook or notes with text from previous years. This can be immensely helpful and needful as it gives you the opportunity to see how complex your test are and, in fact, shows you what area to study and possible questions that can be asked.

In addition, there are some organizations created by some institutions who offer scholarships. They also provide a plethora of resources and text that could help you and facilitate your learning while you prepare for them.

There are also a collection of practiced test, open question, and past paper to choose from in order to be rest assured that you’re fully aware of the manner in which questions are asked and most importantly, one hundred percent sure of your appropriateness towards the exam.

Needless to say, this aspect of preparation is absolutely inevitable. Prior to your scholarship exams, you’ll need to test yourself once in a while using past papers and other study materials.

Studying past texts helps you to identify the pattern and style which the certain institution requires answers to their questions. Failure to do so can attract failure. In addition, when you study past text and materials, it’s the best way to discover how prepared you are.


As a matter of fact, scholarship exams look at how well a student can understand, analyze and interpret the ideas that they have read in a piece in language art.

This may involve visual and written materials. This greatly relies on the student’s ability to use abridgment reasoning in order to understand relationships and to detect ideas at a theoretical level.

In this connection, such a student must be willing and ready to follow all these few tips which will surely grant you an outstanding pass in scholarship exams.

If you do well in the exams, you may be called for an interview. I shall be sharing with you some common questions that might be asked in your interview, this I believe, some other articles will not provide…

– You’ll be asked why you’ve chosen to attend this school/University
– You’ll also be asked why you think that you deserve such scholarship/placements.

On final grounds, relax, try your best and study hard. Do not entertain doubt or fear as you will only be tested on general knowledge.

Scholarships are awesome opportunities to study in wonderful universities that you may not be able to afford. To get a Scholarship, you have to get past a test.

And I hope that this article has explicitly provided you with necessary tips that are needed to pass your scholarship exam in 2023.

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