IU Bloomington Acceptance Rate 2023

Indiana University—Bloomington, or IU Bloomington as it is famously called, is a public research university in the United States. It is also one of the oldest universities in the country, established in 1820, and currently boasts over 40,000 students.

As its name implies, it is located in Bloomington, Indiana, which is an urban setting, providing a conducive learning environment for students. IU Bloomington is the flagship campus of Indiana University and is also its largest campus.

You might have heard somewhere about the competition at Indiana University—Bloomington. First, you shouldn’t be quick to believe all those without verifying for yourself. In this article, I will show you the IU Bloomington acceptance rate.

It is recognized as one of the best colleges in the country, currently ranking the 72nd. In addition to its acceptance rate, I will also reveal every other thing you need to know about the university’s admission process and how you can go about it easily.

What is IU Bloomington Acceptance Rate?

Contrary to many other sources online, IU Bloomington has a very high acceptance rate. The university’s acceptance rate is 85%, which is considered high for a college of its reputation. However, its admission is still very selective.

To get admitted to Indiana University—Bloomington, you need to meet up with the laid-down criteria and beat many other applicants at it. More than half of the applicants who get admitted to IU Bloomington have an average SAT score of 1270.

For admission candidates applying with ACT, more than half of the admitted applicants have an average score of 29. However, this does not mean limiting yourself to these score ranges. I will let you know why.

One-quarter of applicants admitted to Indiana University—Bloomington scored above average and were considered for admission first. If you also want to be in this class, you should aim for higher SAT and ACT scores.

How hard is it to get into Indiana University—Bloomington?

Indiana University—Bloomington has one of the highest acceptance rates in the United States, but it is still very hard to get into the university. Applicant selectivity at Indiana University—Bloomington is very high.

However, before you can be admitted to study at IU Bloomington, you must meet up with the laid-down requirements and also beat many other applicants. Trust me, the selection process for applicants at IU Bloomington is very competitive, even with its high acceptance rate.

Most of the students accepted to study at Indiana University—Bloomington have even more than average high school GPA. Therefore, if you also want to be admitted this year, you should be ready to perform excellently and come out with a very high GPA from high school.

Also, the students accepted scored in the top percentiles on standardized tests like the ACT or SAT exam. Usually, you are only required to have passed one of these two exams, as admission officers highly consider them at IU Bloomington.

What academic factors are considered for admission?

Before you begin the application process to Indiana University—Bloomington, it is important that you are fully aware of the academic factors primarily considered for admission. Knowledge of this will help you determine the chances you have of getting admitted.

The most important academic factor considered by admissions officials at Indiana University—Bloomington is the GPA of applicants. As an applicant, you must have a very good GPA score before you can be optimistic about admission to IU Bloomington.

In some cases, the high school class rank of the applicants is considered and used as an important academic factor in providing admissions. If you are sure that you have impressive stats on these factors, then you have greater chance of getting admitted.

In addition, letters of recommendation are held in high regard when it comes to offering admissions to applicants. Please find out how many letters of recommendation you are told to present for your program and provide them to boost your chances of admission.

How much is the IU Bloomington Application fee?

Before you can obtain and fill out the application form for Indiana University—Bloomington, you must pay a specified sum as an application fee. After paying this fee, you will be able to take the form, fill it and also submit your application back to the school.

The application fee at Indiana University—Bloomington is a fixed sum of $65. While applying for admission, you will be redirected to a section where you have to make this payment. After payment, you can then fill out the application form.

Important Information for Transfer Students

In some cases, you might be applying to Indiana University—Bloomington as a transfer student rather than a freshman. If such is your case, then there are some things you should have in mind before you proceed to fill out the application form.

Firstly, before you can apply to Indiana University—Bloomington, you must have a minimum of 12 credits from your previous college. If you have less than the specified number, you do not stand a chance of getting accepted, so you shouldn’t bother to apply.

Secondly, you must have at least a GPA of 2.5 on a GPA scale of 4.0 before you apply for transfer to Indiana University—Bloomington. Please keep in mind that you stand a higher chance of getting admitted with a greater GPA. Do not limit yourself to 2.5.

Other factors that can help increase your admission chances

Just as I mentioned earlier, the major academic factor considered during admission to Indiana University—Bloomington is the GPA of students. If you have a very high GPA from high school, you have a great chance of getting admitted.

On average, most students who apply to Indiana University—Bloomington have a GPA of 3.73 on a 4.0 scale. If you have close to or greater than this GPA, you can be confident about securing admission into the university. Although, some students might score lower.

If you are having a very low GPA, less than 3.0, I will not advise that you proceed with your application to Indiana University—Bloomington unless, of course, you have a very good SAT or ACT score. So what scores are considered “very good”? Let’s find out.

If you can meet up with a SAT score of around 1350 on a SAT scale of 1600, then your score is considered “very good.” You can stand a better chance of getting admitted into Indiana University—Bloomington with these scores, even if you have an average GPA.

If you have a very low SAT score or below 1150, I recommend that you retake the exam if you are very serious about getting admitted to Indiana University—Bloomington. You can have a better score and also increase your chances of admission.

If you have taken the ACT exam instead of the SAT, you should know what a good ACT score is too. Later in this article, I will also mention why ACT is better than SAT exams. So what is a good ACT score to increase your admission chances at IU Bloomington?

If you can meet up with a score of 31 or above on your ACT exam, you stand a better chance of getting admitted into Indiana University—Bloomington, even if you have a low GPA. However, I advise you to retake your ACT if you have a low score.

Applications with extremely low ACT scores like 24 or below might not even get considered if used in applications to Indiana University—Bloomington. So it is better to retake the exam if you feel your score is too low.

SAT or ACT, Which is better at IU Bloomington?

If you are applying to Indiana University—Bloomington, you must submit your GPA alongside one SAT or ACT result. The GPA is compulsory, while you are allowed to send just one of the ACT or SAT.

To increase your admission chances, you should know which of these exams are better or give you better odds at getting admitted to IU Bloomington. For IU Bloomington, it is better to have ACT results than SAT results. Here is why

When you are sending SAT results, you are required to provide all the SAT results you have ever partaken in, irrespective of the year. As long as the result has your name on it, then you should send it all to the Admissions desk with your application.

On the other hand, you have total control over which result you are sending for your ACT exam. You can write five ACT exams and send only one with the highest score. I believe this gives you an advantage over the former with SAT.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the IU Bloomington acceptance rate, as well as the major academic factors considered for admission, your application process should be easier.

Also, keep in mind that you have to pay an application fee of $65 before you will be allowed to fill out and submit your application. Irrespective of your studentship status, you must pay the application fee to apply.

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