Free Universities in Italy To Attend

The University of Padua, the University of Bologna, and the Sapienza University of Rome have long remained among the best free universities in Italy for international and domestic students to get free education.

But the options to get tuition-free higher education in the European country go beyond these three, given that Italy is one of the most affordable countries to study.

We have put together some of the best Italian Universities that maintain high academic standards, focus majorly on research and development, and offer free (or the cheapest) tuition costs.

10 Best Free Italian Universities to Attend

Italy has always been a common choice amongst students who wish to study in Europe without spending much. And so, popular queries like “does Italy offer free education?” has an obvious answer, YES.

What matters is that you are applying for a free university that offers the right programs you intend to study in the preferred language. On all considerations, here are our top recommendations for anyone looking for free universities in Italy:

  1. University of Brescia
  2. University of Milano-Bicocca
  3. University of Trieste
  4. University of Eastern Piedmont
  5. University of Teramo
  6. Parthenope University of Naples
  7. Scuola Normale Superiore
  8. University of Macerata
  9. University of Bergamo
  10. Polytechnic University of Milan

Meanwhile, it would help if you considered the cost of living as a student in Italy (as an international student) because no scholarship or tuition waiver may cover your living expenses.

The popular way free education happens in Italian universities is through application for the scholarships offered in all the fields of study by the said universities. Here are the full details of these best free Italian universities.

University of Brescia

The Bachelor’s tuition for international and domestic students at the University of Brescia ranges from zero to 1,100 EUR per academic year.

In other words, free education at the University of Brescia is possible. Abbreviated as UNIBS, the public research university was established in1982 as an initiative by the Chamber of Commerce.

First-year students at this university may not need to pay any tuition fees. Even if they have to, it would be 1,100 maximum, depending on the program. This makes UNIBS a very affordable option compared to other schools in Italy.

The University of Brescia comprises four main areas: Economics, Engineering, Law, and Medicine.

Despite the affordability of UNIBS, it is constantly ranked as the best for its teaching and research quality.

University of Milano-Bicocca

For international and domestic students, the University of Milano-Bicocca charges no tuition fees. But, depending on the nature of your program and other academic expenses, international students could pay 2,520 EUR or 4,114 EUR for an international Bachelor and a Domestic Bachelor, respectively.

Located in the saturated city –of Milan, the University of Milano-Bicocca has been operating since 1998.

The institution boasts cutting-edge research laboratories and large study areas and offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

University of Trieste

It is not only the affordability, and potential free education offered to students that the University of Trieste takes pride in. The university also boasts beautiful architecture and a rich academic history.

Here, international and domestic students don’t have to pay tuition fees. But depending on the course and specified programs, the tuition fee can grow from 0 EUR to 2,567 EUR for Bachelor’s tuition.

The local name for this institution is Università Degli Studi di Trieste. This is an excellent option if you want to study in Italy for free at an outstanding public research university.

The university offers various courses and programs in multiple fields, just like every other outstanding European university.

University of Eastern Piedmont

Regarding undergraduate studies, the University of Eastern Piedmont is the most affordable option in Italy. International Enrollees at this educational institution are expected to pay as low as 0 EUR

However, the Bachelor’s tuition can swell from 0 to 2,622 EUR for international and domestic students depending on the academic intricacies.

The student body and the University of Eastern Piedmont are shy of 15,000, and these students are taught on three different university campuses, all located in Italy. The university has been operating since 1998 in Vercelli, Novara, and Alessandria.

Applicants looking to study free of charge in Italy Economics Medicine, Natural Sciences, or Law can consider the University of Eastern Piedmont.

University of Teramo

The University of Teramo in Italy has a quoted tuition fee for international students between 150 to 300 EUR, making it among the cheapest universities in Italy.

However, students can still study here without paying a cent for tuition since the educational institution offers specific financial aid programs.

The public research university operates with ten departments through which it offers 24-degree courses and 35 Master’s programs.

It is a popular choice for prospectives who want to study law and communication in Italy at little or no tuition cost.

The University of Teramo started as a branch of the D’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara but became a stand-alone in 1993.

Parthenope University of Naples

The Parthenope University of Naples is known for launching graduates into an avalanche of career opportunities after completing their studies. The university collaborates with over a thousand global public and private enterprises.

Yet, the tuition fee at the Parthenope University of Naples ranges from 0 to 1,000 EUR per academic year. The institution boast of its robust internationalization since it can prepare students for future careers.

It is one of the best free universities to consider in Italy.

Scuola Normale Superiore

The education at Scuola Normale Superiore university is entirely free. The school quotes 0 EUR for both domestic and international Bachelor’s tuition.

Despite this incredible affordability, the school is known for its first-class quality of training and research. Little wonder why graduates of the institute quickly scale into top positions to become global leaders, experts, and innovators.

It is one of the cheapest yet most prestigious universities in Italy. If this place piques your interest, keep in mind that the admission process would require you to admission competition or call.

In other words, admission is based on the selection of qualified individuals each year.

University of Macerata

Apart from being one of the oldest universities in Europe (its origin can be traced to as far back as 1290), the University of Macerata has evolved through the years to become one of Italy’s finest educational institutions that is very affordable for both domestic and international students.

Although the school has a quoted tuition fee of between 156 Euros to 1,600 Euros and 455 Euros to 1,600 Euros for international and domestic Bachelor’s programs, respectively, it is still a free university due to the fully funded scholarship opportunities.

The University of Macerata has marked its legacy of academic excellence in Italian history, and it is good that students can become part of that reputation without breaking the bank.

University of Bergamo

The tuition fee for a bachelor program at the University of Bergamo ranges from 0 to 2,563 for international and local students.

The school was founded in 1968 and used to be referred to as the Institute of Foreign Languages and Literature until it became a state institution in 1992.

The Bergamo university is likened to an international community in Italy because they have many international students applying every year (primarily due to its affordability)

The institution is rapidly gaining stride in the world academic map for its high standards of teaching and research.

Polytechnic University of Milan

Is your area of study around science and research education? Would you like to study for free in Italy in these fields? Then the Polytechnic University of Milan might be your best option.

The university has 12 departments that cater to more than 40,000 students annually. It used to be different from when the university opened its doors. For instance, the institution started as an institute that offered courses only in civil and industrial engineering but has metamorphosed over the years.

Students in this university pay between 0 to 3 726 each year as Bachelor’s tuition.

Before You Go

More is needed to have an avalanche of information about the top free Italian universities. A conscious effort has to be made while applying for any of these institutions (especially as an international student)

As mentioned, most of these tuition-free universities extend their free education opportunity mainly through scholarships sponsored by the government of Italy, private organizations, or the universities themselves.

Since these scholarship offers are only available for graduate, postgraduate and doctoral students, these three levels of education are the only platform through which you can study for free.

The scholarship or financial aid offered to students at these free Italian universities that lead to free education are purely based on merit, and the duration and amount vary from university to university.

Based on our experience helping students secure admission into these free universities, it is much better to apply for national and local-level government scholarships to get free education in Italy.

Although Private organization scholarships are great, they are often given for specific courses or programs. Some are not fully funded as the price varies from organization to organization.


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