TOP 10 Cheap Universities In Belgium

Belgium is an exciting and worthy country for students to pursue higher education. From the well-developed economy to housing the most renowned universities in the world, students who attend colleges in Belgium are in for outstanding opportunities.

However, tuition costs could be a barrier.

Many of the universities in Belgium are well-established and offer high-quality study programs that you won’t expect to come at a cheap tuition cost.

To help prospective students, we have reviewed a series of Belgian universities offering the cheapest tuition fee, many of which would favor international students.

In addition, we have included references on the application requirement, processes for these cheap universities in Belgium, and more details on sponsorship, accommodation, and overall expenses while studying in any of these universities.

10 Best, Affordable Universities in Belgium

The truth is that many students are interested in Belgium but would be spending through their noses to afford the tuition fee required by most of the best Belgian schools.

The good news is that some schools in the country have waived tuition fees for international students who want to get their qualifications there while offering reasonable tuition for domestic students.

We have done in-depth research to present a list of some of the cheapest schools in the European country that do not sacrifice quality education for affordability.

  1. University of Namur
  2. UCLouvain University
  3. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  4. UC Leuven-Limburg
  5. Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles
  6. Ghent University
  7. University of Antwerp
  8. Flanders Business School
  9. University of Liege
  10. Vesalius College

University of Namur

We begin the review of the cheapest universities in Belgium with the University of Namur. It is a French-dominant private university based in central Belgium.

The institution has six faculties – fields of law, science, medicine, computer science, economics/management sciences, and philosophy – through which research and teaching are carried out.

The University of Namur is very affordable compared to most other Belgian universities of its standard. The school boast of student enrolment that is well above 6,000, with more than 150 degrees of study offered for undergraduate and postgraduate students

 Studying at the University of Namur would cost you as low as EUR 800. However, the tuition cost may go up a little, depending on the specifics of your degree or program.

UCLouvain University

Another reputable Belgian university that is very affordable is UCLouvain University. It is a famous French-speaking institution flaunts its state-of-the-art research centers and cutting-edge laboratories.

International students (non-EU students) must pay as low as €835 as tuition fee. But students can meet specific criteria to lower the price, such as proof of assimilation to a Belgian student, origin, and acquisition of the PAE (Annual Student Program) up to 75 percent.

Despite the low tuition rate, the university is often lauded for its provision of top-quality education. It was opened in 1834 and now has a solid reputation as one of the best and most affordable in the European country.

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

This is a university in Belgium where students are granted access to facilities such as one of Belgium’s most extensive library systems. The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven is one of the most affordable universities in the country, with a student population of more than 58,000.

Here, teaching and research training in various degrees such as medicine, natural sciences, law, engineering, and the social sciences are conducted.

The university is the Catholic University of Leuven or KU Leuven. It is an independent research university based in Leuven in the Flanders region of Belgium – a Dutch-speaking clime.

The school was founded in 1834 and has rapidly paved its way to the top 100 universities in the world. International students should take note that most of the courses are taught in Dutch, but some specific courses, such as graduate courses, are administered in English.

UC Leuven-Limburg

Another university in Belgium with a convenient price point for tuition fees is the UC Leuven Limburg university. Despite the affordability, the institution is high quality and is located in the city of Leuven in Belgium.

Here, the primary focus is applied science and high-profile research programs. As such, students interested in the such field but on a low budget would find it appealing. 

Meanwhile, the UCLL is a public institution with more than 15,000 students that operates ten different campuses.

At UC Leuven Limburg University, there are more than 100 different courses of study for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The popular courses are management, welfare, teacher training, and health.

Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles

The average tuition fee at this university for full-time students is €835, which is very affordable compared to most other Belgian universities.

If you do not reside in Belgium but aspire to study and work there, then this university is the best option, especially in terms of affordability.

At the Universite Saint-Louis, a wide range of Bachelor’s, Master’s, Specialized Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs are offered to students, but the school majors in social and human science.

Meanwhile, the public university is a good option for international students. This is why more than 18 percent of its student body comprises foreigners from over 80 countries.

Remember that other fees may be added to the average amount indicated above, especially if you are from non-EU countries. So don’t get confused when you see in other rankings that the tuition fee is around €4,100.

Université Saint-Louis is located in Brussels.

Ghent University

Next on our list of cheap universities in Belgium is Ghent University. It began operation in 1817 and is peculiar for being pluralist. In other words, unlike most higher institutions, Ghent is not in liaison with any religious institution.

The university offers 11 significant faculties with more than 100 sub-departments that constitute the academic organization of the university. With the affordable fees, students can choose to study science and medicine, law, and even engineering courses.

Ghent University has more than 45,000 students currently studying there and is considered among the hugest Flemish universities Belgium has ever had with its solid academic prowess.

University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp is another university in Belgium with a relaxed tuition fee. Here, students are offered 30 academic bachelor programs, 69 master programs, 20 master-after-master programs, and 22 postgraduates through 9 faculties.

Most of the undergraduate programs are entirely taught in English. But only one Bachelor’s, 16 master’s, six master-after-master, and three postgraduate programs are also trained in the same language. All in all, it is a good fit for international students.

 Antwerp is a major Belgian university and has more than 20,000 students. Regardless of the low tuition cost, the university has high standards in education, especially in research and entrepreneurship training.

Flanders Business School

Many of the cheap Belgian universities we have been reviewing usually have a spike in their tuition fees for students who are not from EU countries. But, the Flanders Business School in Belgium is different. 

It is among the best affordable tuition in the country for both students from EU/EEA and not. However, depending on the program and course involved, the fee can range from €947 to €6,000.

The business school started in 1977 and is focused on teaching students business, entrepreneurship, and management.

The university announced its affiliation with Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), a Catholic research university, in 2013.

University of Liege

The official language at the University of Liege is French. So, it may be one of the cheapest in Belgium, but the language may be a barrier for international students who cannot speak the language.

Located in Liège, Wallonia, Belgium, the university of Liege is a major public university of the French community in Belgium.

The institution has more than 24,000 students with about 4,000 staff members. Students are offered different academic programs through 11 faculties, and it is among the most affordable higher institution in the European country.

Vesalius College

Vesalius College is a young university with only 300 students and a reasonable number of employees. It is a tuition-free university in Belgium for international students and is located in Brussels, Belgium.

It is an excellent choice for international students since it is the only higher institution in Belgium that teaches exclusively English.

Otherwise known as Veco, Vesalius college is regulated in association with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and offers a three-year Bachelor’s degree program.

It is necessary to admit that Veco seems to be a pricey option when it comes to obtaining a master’s degree in Belgium.

What You Should Know Before Applying For Cheap Universities In Belgium

By now, chances are you have one or two Belgian universities in the above list that you would like to apply for due to the reasonable tuition cost. Before applying, you should know that there are conditions for enrolling at some Belgian universities, especially those with highly affordable fees.

For students from European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, there are no complicated requirements for application. But one of the salient things to first consider is the language requirement of the course of study in any of these cheap universities.

If you pay attention to the courses offered in the universities reviewed above, you will realize that they are either French or English.

With this understanding, you can identify which test will be written for the application. For instance, an English course would likely require IELTS.

For international students looking to study in any of these cheap Belgian universities, essential documents like a passport, Bachelor’s degree certificate or high school certificate and result, and proof of language proficiency, among others, should be prepared for submission during application.


Studying in Belgium has many advantages, especially for international students. The cost of living is generally low, which is admirable. Students in this European country are allowed to work while studying to reduce financial pressure.

In addition, Belgium is recognized as a home to some of the best universities in the world due to the solid educational system they operate with. About six universities in Belgium are among the top world’s best universities.

On top of that, the multilingual societal advantage of the country is another reason why studying there is easy, especially for students from other parts of the world.

Due to the high reputation of Belgium’s educational system on the global view, it may be hard to realize that there are cheap universities in the country.

Some of the best Belgian universities have throat-cutting tuition costs for the average prospective student. But in the above article, we have narrowed and filtered the search of the best universities in Belgium to those with the most affordable tuition cost.

I hope you found this helpful.

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